30 Embarrassed People Share A Moment When Their Brains Completely Failed Them.

The human brain is a complex apparatus, which means it can glitch every now and then. Here, 30 embarrassed people share a moment when their brains completely failed them.

1/30. Was walking to the bus station and lit up a smoke on the way. There was wind blowing towards me so I turned around to light up the smoke, and walked straight back home. It was only when I was standing at my front door that I realized I changed directions. Missed my bus.


2/30. The other day I was sweeping out a freezer at work and when I went to leave, I realized I was locked in there. I sat in there for ten minutes trying to pull open the door until someone walked by. I banged on the glass until he opened the door for me. That was when I discovered the freezer door was a push not a pull.


3/30. Last night I went to the gym and discovered that my bike was stolen. I went outside to the bike rack and the bike was gone. I immediately panicked a little as it is not insured and it is quite an expensive bike.

Then I got angry and jogged for ten minutes around the general area to try and find it.

Admitting defeat I went back inside the gym to ask for help but the cameras were only around the entrance and the reception area, so no luck there.

I decided to head to the police station and while I was walking it started to dawn on me that maybe I did not take the bike this time.

Got home and the bike is tucked up nice and safe in the cellar.


4/30. I was driving to work, which was about 15-20 minutes away when I realized that I forgot my keys. Even though I was halfway there and I was going to be late, I went ahead and turned around. When I got back home and looked for my keys, I was frustrated that I couldn't find them.

Then I realized I was holding them. Because I had been driving.


5/30. Once I made chicken soup - simmered the carcass for hours with lots of vegetables. Then, when it was all nice and tasty I grabbed a colander and poured all the liquid down the sink. I just stood there for about 5 minutes, staring at the bones trying to remember what the next step in soup-making was.


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6/30. The pipe underneath the sink was leaking so I had placed a bucket to catch all the water. When the bucket was getting full, I emptied it out on the same sink.


7/30. Went to the bank and tried to make a deposit. Teller in training says she can't find my account. I begin to get irritated. I always seem to get the new guy. I ask her to search by my name. Still nothing. Then I realize I'm at the wrong bank.


8/30. I recently went to a gas station near my apartment with the intention of buying gas. It was a rare occasion, as I actually had cash (I normally pay for everything on debit). I walked up to the station and gave the man $10. I then proceeded to walk back to my car, get inside, and drive away.

It was about five minutes later, on the highway, that I realized that I hadn't actually pumped any gas. I was too ashamed to go back.


9/30. Almost every damn day I pull out my phone to look at the time, only to put it back in my pocket because I forgot what I wanted it for.


10/30. I realized that I'd forgotten to put my watch on when leaving the house to meet a friend and looked down at my wrist to check whether I had time to go home and get it.


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11/30. While sorting out the garage, I spent 10 minutes looking for something to tie a bunch of tie-wraps together.


12/30. I once forgot to take out my contacts before going to bed.

I woke up, put on my glasses as usual, and freaked out, because everything was blurry. Tried cleaning my glasses, nothing would help.

Spent about 5 minutes freaking out, thinking I was going blind or something.


13/30. I'm on exam break and preparing for several upcoming big scary exams. I'd been sitting at my desk for about 6 hours straight and decided to go out for a walk to clear my head. 15 minutes out I started freaking out because I realized I hadn't saved my work before leaving the house, so i immediately turned around and headed home to save it (because, you know, the one time you don't, there's a power surge). I was nearly home when it dawned on me I'd been hand writing my notes.


14/30. Using my cell phone to call my cell phone to find my cell phone.


15/30. Not me but happened toy uncle. He goes to the cinemas with his wife and parks his car in multilevel car park. Returns to the car park after the movie but he cannot locate his car. He searches all over but has no luck. Gets home by taxi and calls up the police to report his "stolen" car.

Police investigation starts and insurance process begins as well. 2 weeks go by and by now he has a courtesy car given from the insurance company. A day before his payout is due, he receives a phone call from the police saying that the mall security reported a car that has been parked in the same location for 3 weeks which turns out to be his car. The bad part is that when he is on the way to return back the insurance car, he ends up T-boning another car at an intersection. My uncle is found at fault for the accident and the insurance car is a write off. Ends up costing him $1850 Australia dollars in excess for the written off car.


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16/30. I make eggs most mornings. I usually like to crack them near the garbage so i can throw the shells away easily. one day my brain thought it would be funny to crack my eggs into the garbage, and then keep the shells.


17/30. Was watching TV but felt like a drink, so I got up and walked with the remote to the fridge. I looked in the fridge and saw a bottle of milk that I wanted so I placed the remote in the fridge, closed the door, and walked back to the television.

When I got back in the living room I had the feeling something was off, and remembered I didn't drink any milk yet. So I turn around, open the fridge, took a big sip of milk straight from the bottle, and place the bottle back next to the remote. I go back to sit on the couch. Half an hour later the show's over and I want to change the channel but I can't find my remote.

I looked under all the cushions of the couch and chairs, I scoured through every last inch of the living room before giving up and switching channels manually.

I only found out where I left the remote when my brother opened the fridge to make himself a sandwich.


18/30. I had to post a letter and figured I could do it and take the dog for a walk at the same time. I got to the door then realized, "Shoot, I forgot the letter."

So I turn around, go back to get it and then choose a song to listen to on my phone as I'm walking.

I'm walking for about ten minutes before I realize I never actually picked the envelope up - despite having already forgotten it and gone back for it once before. I still managed to forget it, even though I was literally stood right next to it.

So I walked back and got it - and actually picked it up that time. The dog was pretty confused.


19/30. One time there was 100 dollars missing out of my bank account. I went to the bank to see what happened and they told me when and where it was taken out of my account. I couldn't remember going to that ATM as it was on the other side of town and I rarely went there. The lady at the bank kept grilling me about who I let access my card and kept insinuating that I gave my pin to someone. I got angry and insisted that it was stolen or there was a bank error. S

he finally agreed to open up an investigation, saying that they have cameras at all ATMs and they would find out, but if it turned out to be legit then I would be held accountable for the costs of investigations. When I was on my way home from the bank I remembered when I took that money out. I felt like such an asshole and I was too embarrassed to go back. I waited until after the bank closed and left a voicemail explaining that I figured it out and never went back to that branch again.


20/30. I used to park at a garage for work and every day I would have to inch past this car who would park in such a way that the car would stick out into the path. It would make me so mad! So finally I wrote a snot gram note telling the owner of the car that if the car got hit, it was their fault, and they need to learn how to park. It was nasty. I went to work and told my (very sweet) coworker what I did and why. Turns out it was her car.


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21/30. I do not like Del Taco, but I was in California on business, there was one right next to my hotel, and I was very tired and very hungry. Long line at the drive in inches forward slowly and I'm trying not to fall asleep in my car. I pay for my meal, collect the food, and drive off before realizing that I never ordered. I had driven right by the order box and paid for/collected the meal of whoever was behind me in line.


22/30. I went to turn my dishwasher on and it would not work. Called for warranty work, and they asked if it maybe popped a breaker and I said no as it does not have a separate breaker. My wife spent a week washing dishes by hand, and I was pissed that my dishwasher broke for the third time in two years. An hour before the repairman showed up I went to the basement breaker box to shut the power off to the kitchen only to find that my memory was wrong. The dishwasher does have it's own breaker, and it had popped and there was nothing wrong with the dishwasher at all.


23/30. I had to be at work in the morning at 8, and when I woke up and looked at my clock, it was half past and I knew I was late. I hopped up in a panic, quickly dressed, and bolted out the door. About halfway to work, after looking at the clock in my car, it finally registered that it was in fact half past. Half past 2. I had been in such a daze when I woke up that for some reason I just invented what time it was in my head.


24/30. At this point I had been wearing glasses regularly for at least 5 years. I was in the middle of class and started freaking out. I called my parents. " OH GOD DID I LEAVE MY GLASSES AT HOME?" they looked everywhere around the house and swore they could not find them. I almost started crying, because I really can't see without my glasses.

Yeah I was wearing them.


25/30. I had a very nice bike stolen from my backyard (it was chained and u-bolted to a support beam and they cut the support beam to get it). I was walking on campus one day and saw my frame but it was painted differently and the components were changed. I ran across this field and jumped right in front of the guy riding it. I stopped the bike by grabbing the handlebars head on and standing right in front, luckily the guy was riding fairly slow.

He looked terrified as I held the bike (and him) and inspected it to see if it was mine. He says, "What the hell m--" and I quickly cut him off "--I think you stole my bike but I hope you didn't." I am/was far more intimidating that this skinny dude so he was terrified.

After about 20s I realized it wasn't my frame and I apologized. I said, "Sorry dude I thought this was my bike and someone wrecked my house when they stole it from me." He responds, "I'm just happy you didn't beat me up!"

I felt terrible.


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26/30. I insisted to a police officer that I had been pick-pocketed, made a report, then got a call from my bank as a kind lady had seen my wallet on the ground, found my bank card, and called her son who worked at my bank so that he could find me. Then I went to pick it up from her. All the cash was still in it and she refused any kind of reward. I went back to the police officer to explain that I'd made a mistake. All this was done in a foreign country and a foreign language, so I probably sounded like even more of an ass than I felt like.


27/30. I left work (big huge downtown city), and took the train home for a much needed weekend. Got to my stop, and discovered I had driven. Had to catch another train back to work, get car, drive home. Entire transit time went from 30 minutes to 3 hours and 30 min.


28/30. At the ATM, checking my balance. See some amount. A few days later, check again. More money ! Omg, cool I wonder who sent that to me.

A few days later : wow, more and more money on my bank account !

I called the customer service to ask who was sending me money.

The guy tells me "Sir, there is a little "minus" next to that number. Your balance is negative."

I was at -1000 $ .



29/30. Once I lost my car keys. Couldn't for the life of me find them. Started to panic, got my family and my friend who was with me, to look all over the house. Had to use my spares to get around, but the set of key i lost had my padlock keys on them too. Anyway, the next day i found them, in the freezer! Had to use a hair dryer to unstick them from the shelf. I have no idea why i put them in the freezer


30/30. Freshmen year of college, came home for fall break. Tuesday morning comes and I wake up in my bed at 6 AM, get showered, dressed, even grab my (old) back pack hanging where I hung it before, went out to stand at the bus stop in front of my house. Suddenly, see the yellow light glare and strobe in the distance and realize, "Wait...I'm in college and live in an apartment now" ran as fast as I could back into the house before anybody on said bus saw me.



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