31 People Share Facts They Are SICK Of Having To Explain To People.

There are common misconceptions about known facts that must be laid to rest!

Below are 31 facts that people are tired of explaining to others. Check them out!

1. The infamous McDonald's coffee case.

The "Frivolous McDonalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit."

It was a 79 year old grandma, sitting in a parked car. The coffee was 180-190 degrees. She suffered 3rd degree burns on her crotch, spent a week in the hospital, and had permanent disfigurement. She repeatedly tried to settle for the cost of her medical bills, to which McDonalds offered $800 to cover her bills. Finally she sued them for gross negligence as documents showed that McDonalds not only knew about the danger, including 700 reports of similar incidents, but had repeatedly refused to implement any changes.

She was awarded massive punitive damages because a large company completely refused to take any action to address a well known danger.

Not because she was greedy and filed a 'frivolous lawsuit'.


2. The tax bracket truth.

That when you earn more money that puts you "into a higher tax bracket" only the amount above that bracket gets taxed at the higher rate, not your entire income.


3. The real weight loss.

That losing weight really is just calories in vs calories out.

No fad diets or gimmicks are going to work in the long run.


4. Climate change is for us.

Climate Change is not about 'Saving the planet' it's actually about saving Humanity. Our planet will be fine.


5. Sit-ups aren't the only answer.

That you can't specifically lose belly fat by doing sit-ups. Yes, the sit-ups will strengthen and tone your abs, but...(Continued)

But the definition won't show through the fat. And you'll still have a belly.


6. Computers 101.

The monitor is not the computer, turning off the monitor will do literally nothing to the computer.


7. The common cold won't fall for that.

That antibiotics treat bacterial infections, not viral ones. No, antibiotics won't help your cold.


8. Getting older.

Hair does not grow longer and thicker because you have shaved it. It grows longer and thicker because you are no longer 11 years old.


9. Chemicals. EVERYWHERE!!!

Everything is a chemical. Food is made of chemicals. You are made of chemicals.


10. Innocent until proven guilty.

I constantly get asked how I feel about defending guilty people or that i'm a monster for doing so. Just so everyone understands,THEY ARE NOT GUILTY TILL 12 OF THEIR PEERS SAY THEY ARE.It's so frustrating when I have a (more public) case and everyone,(the news,my friends, my family,) say that somebody totally did it and guess what? The evidence is poor, the witnesses are contradictory, my client's alibi is solid, and he gets off (because even the jury realized that the guy didn't do it). Then the news comes on and suddenly i'm the asshole for doing my job correctly.


11. Bisexuality.

Bisexuality... I'm attracted to both genders, that's literally it. Doesn't mean I'm attracted to everyone, want to have a...(Continued)

Want to have a threesome, I'm not more likely to cheat.


12. Phone number confusion.


I moved to Canada 2 years ago and on my second day in Toronto I purchased a SIM card from Koodo with a phone number that begins with 437. Little did I know 437 was a new Ontario area code that had only just been made active.

EVERYONE in Toronto has a phone number that begins with either 416 or 647, so when I begin quoting my number to someone as "437..." I'm either met with a blank/confused face, or I get asked "You mean 647?" It happens every time, without doubt.

It got even worse when I moved to Montreal. The two main area codes here are 514 and 438, so you can imagine the reactions I get when I quote 437. Recently I emailed my cell number to a group of colleagues and one of them even replied all simply saying "*438". Yikes.


13. That's a popular opinion.

That just because an opinion is popular doesn't mean it is correct.


14. Battery knowledge is power.

You shouldn't fully drain batteries to make them last longer. That was old info that only applied to nicad and not modern lithium batteries.


15. Animal welfare is important.

That they should spay and neuter their pets.

That a "no kill" shelter will still euthanize extremely ill or extremely aggressive animals.

That the $700 dog they just adopted from a puppy mill is probably no more "pure bred" or healthy than a rescue or shelter animal, and that they should stop supporting people who bring more animals into the world, which results in animal overpopulation and higher euthanasia rates.

God I love working in animal welfare.


16. Knowledge is NOT power?

Knowledge does not equal intelligence.

Just because somebody was never taught how to do something or how something works, doesn't mean they're dumb. Hell, they could even be...(Continued)

Hell, they could even be much smarter that you.


17. Don't let snow feel you!

That snow in the winter doesn't mean global warming is a lie. Weather and climate are not the same thing!


18. Understanding is important.

I have depression. I am sad. All the time.

I know I have a great life. Telling me I shouldn't be so sad with my awesome life makes me feel worse.

No, trying to cheer myself up doesn't work.

No this is not just a phase. Depression isn't like emo. I don't wear eye-liner or tight jeans. I did like My Chemical Romance, but that's besides the point.

Yes. I have tried changing my diet.

Exercise? never heard of that word. You are literally the first person to suggest it to me. It doesn't work. Yes, I have tried running. I know it helps you get the anger out. I'm not angry.


19. The proof is in the pudding!

Ibuprofen and Motrin are the SAME thing. Why the hell will no one believe that? They always insist on looking it up and Google never fails me so they just kinda glare at me.


20. Look past the stereotypes.

I'm not a "househusband" because I'm lazy and don't want to work. I chose to stay home and support my wife while she brings in the bread. I've accepted this and you should look past societal stereotypes and stop with the condescension.


21. Why we have the Electoral College.

The Electoral College was not created because they didn't have the technology to have an informed populace or to run an election. They could have had national elections where the President was elected by popular vote back then, if that's what they wanted to do.

It was created so that the smaller states would have a say in the presidency.


22. There's more to it than that.

Bipolar disorder is deeper than being mad 5 minutes ago and now being perfectly fine. Sure, some people do rapid cycle but it just isn't that simple. And the weather can not have bipolar disorder. And bipolar disorder is not the same thing as PMS, though symptoms can get worse while menstruating, they are completely unrelated. Also OCD can be...(Continued)

Also OCD can be obsessive intrusive thoughts, not everyone with OCD is so totes obsessed with cleaning. You can have OCD and be a slob, it is about obsessive behaviour that interferes with your life. Mental disorders are not cute and quirky, they are literally the worst.


23. Obama is just one person.

Obama is only one person. He doesn't make every governmental law, policy and decision. He isn't directly responsible for everything going wrong in your life.


24. The truth about Aspartame.

Aspartame is one of the best studied food additives in the world. It's not dangerous, it doesn't cause cancer. And it's not some mysterious "chemical" (whatever it is that layman health nuts think that word means), it's a peptide: An itty bitty protein. Our body is perfectly able to digest it, our tongue just thinks it's insanely sweet so we don't need much of it.

All that said, it's still not good for you either. It encourages your appetite so you eat more and as a result still gain weight while consuming it.


25. The first 48.

You must wait 48 hours before you can report someone missing is false. Those first 48 hours are some of the most important in an investigation.


26. Dispel the myths!

Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis. Soooo many people still believe this.


27. It's not blood.

"I want my steak well done. Don't want any BLOOD in my meat..."

There has never been any blood in any piece of steak you have ever eaten. When they kill the cow they slit the throat and hang it upside down draining all of the blood out. What you are seeing as "blood" in a steak is a combination of a...(Continued)

Saline type solution that is lightly colored red and a protein called myoglobin which helps to carry oxygen to muscle tissue.


28. Evolution's true purpose is...

That evolution should eventually create a "perfect" being, if it hasn't already.

Nope. Evolution by natural selection only produces something that can survive in a certain environment. If the environment changes and it can't adapt, it dies. Every trait, even the ones that seem like they only benefit, has tradeoffs. A species that's perfectly adapted for swimming can't also be perfectly adapted to run fast on land. A species that's perfectly adapted to a tropical rainforest can't also be perfectly adapted for Antarctica. Our big human brains? Those use a lot of energy to grow and function.


29. Break the conditioning!

Facebook is going to charge you unless you share this carefully worded legally binding paragraph. Complete bogus.


30. It's safer than you think!

That microwaves give you cancer. I lived with a guy who was completely adamant on this. He would bring it up every single time I used it. How hard is it to Google stuff?

For those of you who don't know, microwaves use non-ionizing radiation. It just vibrates water particles to heat up your food. Not to mention the faraday cage that makes sure that almost all of the radiation doesn't leave the microwave.


31. Columbus was NOT the first person to know the Earth wasn't flat.

Columbus was the first person to discover the Earth wasn't flat, and that was why he was the first to try to sail west to get to India.

Actually, everyone pretty much knew the earth was round, even the lower class. Columbus, however, believed that the earth was much smaller than the Greeks thousands of years earlier had proven it was. The reason he was rejected so many times by the nobility was because the earth was in fact as big as common knowledge dictated, and he was an idiot. He would've died out at sea or faced mutiny from his crew if he hadn't gotten lucky and stumbled onto the Caribbeans.

He wasn't even the first European to discover America. The vikings beat him by like 500 years, but the natives shut them down when they tried to start conquering because they forgot to bring enough smallpox.


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