32 Men And Women Reveal The One Sensation The Other Gender Will Never Truly Experience.

People on Reddit were asked: "What's one sensation the opposite sex will truly never get to experience?" These are some of the best answers.

1/32 A 1,500% decrease in toilet aim in the morning and/or after sex.


2/32 When you go over a small hill in your car and your testicles experience microgravity.


3/32 Concentrating really hard during sex to NOT orgasm. I really wish I could just lose myself within the moment but that would lead to some very disappointed women.


4/32 When you fart and rolls up into your vagina instead of back and out.


5/32 When you sneeze while on your period and you feel a bunch of blood pumped/slide out....


6/32 When your genitals accidentally brush the inside of the toilet when you're trying to poop.


7/32 When your balls stick to your legs.


8/32 Morning wood.


9/32 Pulling out a dry tampon and feeling like you're ripping your insides out.


10/32 The pain of the inside of a zipper.


11/32 Being President. Ayoooo!


12/32 Having drops of urine soak your pants after you repeatedly shook your member in a vain attempt at avoiding having drops of urine soak your pants.


13/32 When you can feel a sizeable blood clot passing its way down & out. 1/10 do not want to repeat.


14/32 When you flush the toilet mid piss and time it perfectly so when your done all the piss is already flushed away.


15/32 Slap Dancing. That's when us guys keep our feet planted and twist our upper bodies rapidly to make our dongs swing back and forth, slapping our thighs. It's a riot!


16/32 Having to secure your boner under your belt or waist band when in public.


17/32 That satisfying feeling of semen rushing out of your urethra. Then the inexplicable shame that immediately follows.


18/32 I can't fathom the idea of my significant other being able to, without a weapon, kick my ass. That physical vulnerability is something I doubt I'll ever feel with a girlfriend unless Ronda Rousey would like to go out with me.


19/32 Trying to get the biggest arch possible on your flow mid-pee.


20/32 That feeling during sex when the guy goes a little too deep and hits your cervix. Ouch!


21/32 Random erections.


22/32 The great relief brought upon by the pinch and roll technique.


23/32 Trying to take a shit with an erection.


24/32 Having a nice warm face in winter because of the magnificence of your facial hair.


25/32 The terrible fear that there's a bloodstain on your pants every second you're on your period.


26/32 Testicular torsion... whimpers


27/32 Period shits.


28/32 Being scared to death that you're completely misreading the signals she's throwing and you don't wanna come off rapey or make it awkward.


29/32 When peeing outside: "Hit the target!"


30/32 That warm, slippery hug of a feeling when entering a vagina.


31/32 My gf gets "jello legs" after sexy time. I don't think males get that.


32/32 As you are sitting down into a bathtub of hot water and your balls emerge into water before your torso or thighs. It's such a weird and ticklish feeling.




"It wasn't me!"

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