35 Waiters & Waitresses Share The Worst Date They've Ever Witnessed.

"Check please!"

Waitresses of Reddit were asked: "What's the worst date you've ever waited on?" These are some of the best answers.

1/35 A couple came into the chain restaurant I worked at. Both looked like they were mid 30s. I go to take the order and the guys says "Hold on, let me call my mom. She can tell me what I would like better." The lady just looked at him like "I messed up... I messed up real bad".


2/35 A couple on a date, sitting having a meal and chatting, just a normal date. A guy comes in who turns out to be the woman's soon-to-be ex-husband and, at first, justs asks to talk to her. She refuses. He asks louder and she refuses louder. Lather, rinse, repeat, getting louder. The man on the date stands up and tries to calm the ex-husband down. He starts screeching at him and her and everyone around. The ex-husband sweeps all the food and drinks off the table on to the floor and wants to fight the male date. A nearby waiter steps forward to try to calm the ex-husband down. He takes a swing at the waiter. GAME ON! All the other waiters surround the guy, drag him to the ground and drag him out of the restaurant. Ex-husband is screaming profanities as he's being dragged out, woman on date is sitting in silence.

All is calm after the ex-husband is dragged out. After a few seconds of stunned silence the woman on the date smiles nicely to her date and says, "So... Do you like movies? Have you seen any good ones lately?"


3/35 So I'm a server at Red Robin and I once served a teenage couple probably around 17 or 18 (easily seniors in high school). They had obviously been dating for a while since they already knew what they wanted and ordered for each other.

The "date night" seemed to go pretty well; they ordered their drinks, ordered an appetizer, then ordered their food. Only their drinks had come out yet when finally after holding hands for a long while the guy looks into the girl's eyes and apparently broke up with her. I had been standing from a distance keeping an eye on my tables when suddenly I see this happening and watch the girl's face just turn from happiness to just absolute horror. Tears well up and she started banging her fists on the table screaming out at him that he's an asshole and what not.

Everyone in the restaurant can hear it and everything just stops. As she's becoming more and more volatile, he's trying to calm her down. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Even my manager had come out and looked at me as if we both didn't know how to handle this. Finally, the guy yells, "FINE. FINE. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE CIVIL THEN I'LL GO." She begs him to stay, but he pries himself away and beelines for the door. She doesn't follow him.

He passes me on the way to the door, stops, and walks back towards me. He hands me 50 dollars and says, "You can already obviously see why I did what I did. I just apologize that you had to deal with this here and now. Take care of her, and make sure she's okay". He then leaves. She sat for the next three hours, not crying, but just staring blankly into the wall. She ate both of their meals AND the tower of onion rings.


4/35 The favorite date I ever got to see was a super hot chick and a pretty good looking guy. They ordered tons of drinks, several apps, two steak dinners and a lobster, then dessert. At this point the guy excuses himself to go to the bathroom. The dessert shows up and the girl waits for him to comeback from the bathroom. 10 minutes go by and she asks one of the busboys to check the restroom. The guy had bailed on her and left the check for her. All of that was about $150. She started crying, it was awful. Most of the waitstaff tossed in to cover the bill and one of the waitresses gave her a ride home. The guy was banned from the place and we got to toss him out 2 times trying to come back with other dates.


5/35 I used to wait on this guy and a woman who would come in and sit in the bar area every now and then. A great couple, always very sweet to each other like they were newly in love. They always ordered the same drinks, split an app and tipped very well.

One day I saw him in the restaurant on a very busy Friday night and I immediately start in with a friendly, "HEY!" and see that he's not eagerly smiling back. He's in the booth with a woman that I've never seen before who is looking over the menu leisurely, sitting across from 2 energetic kids asking their dad if they can have chocolate milk. It was beyond awkward. I have no idea why he'd bring his family to he and his mistress's favorite restaurant, but I didn't feel comfortable waiting on them and transferred the table.


6/35 My shift began at 7pm and when I arrived at the bar at 6, my manager told me there's a guy who wanted to propose to his girlfriend at this bar and he wanted me to help him with it. I said 'Sweet, no probs.' so the manager gave me a ring and told me to put it on top of her drink.

Fast forward to the date, the girl was wearing normal thing you would see at the bar, low cut top, black skirt and heels and shit. The bar was pretty busy. She ordered a Long Island, so I put the ring on the straw and hand it to him. She had the 'What the fuck mate?' look and then he dropped on his knees. Our manager put on some romantic songs. To my surprise she threw the drink at the poor bloke and ran out of the bar. Later I came to know that it was their second date.


7/35 We had an older lady come in on a Saturday morning. She happily informed the server that she was waiting for a date, and ordered a mimosa to drink. About three mimosas and forty-five minutes later, we start to think maybe her date is a no show. The waitress sits down and starts talking with the lady, trying to assess the situation, see if she still wants to order and what not.

That's when it gets strange. The lady says that her date was going to pay for the meal so she didn't have any money, and she wanted a fourth mimosa. Meanwhile she's cheerily looking out the window for her date, obviously nervous / excited to meet him, and very talkative. The server asks the manager what to do, so he sits down at the booth with the lady to talk with her. Turns out, her date was Lynyrd Skynyrd and she had dementia.


8/35 So I had a small table in my section made for 2 people. I had the hostess sit a young lady at the table by herself. She was early twenties, blonde, pretty black dress, cute heels, etc. I walk over to greet her and in the process of saying "Hey my nam- " "Water." "Okay, I'll go ge-" "I have a guy meeting me here too." "Okay Ma'am, no problem"

So I bring her water to her and she tells me she doesn't want to have to wait for him and orders a lobster by herself. Her food comes out about 15 minutes later. Still no guy there.

Once she's about half way done with her lobster, the guy comes in. She says she's upset he didn't show up early for their date. I can only assume he was on time, and she was 20 mins early. I go talk to him and he was the sweetest guy. Like gives boots to homeless people kinda sweet. Very handsome as well. So he orders some food while she's arms deep in her plate horking down her lobster.

I kept overhearing little bits of their conversation while waiting on nearby tables. All i can hear is him trying to be sweet and her just cutting him off, showering him with small bits of crustacean. I felt so bad for the guy. His food comes out and she's already done with her food. So she sits there playing on her phone while he tries to talk to her. She keeps responding with small little "Fine", "K", "Not really" kind of answers.

He asked me for a box and asked her if she wanted a desert. She says she wants a slice of cake for herself tonight. So I go in the back and get it for her to-go. He quietly pays and walks out with his head down, while she's on her phone.


9/35 A guy made a reservation saying he was going to propose. He asked for a special table and for dessert to come with a sparkler candle and "Will you marry me?" written on it. I bring out the cake, the manager follows me with two glasses of champagne, my co-workers are cheering. We set everything down and walk away.

They end up having a serious, quiet discussion and it is very obvious that she is rejecting the proposal. Then three of their friends show up and sit at the table, all excited thinking their friends just got engaged. But it quickly became apparent to them that it was not the case. It's very quiet and awkward at the table. The woman who was being proposed to left, and the reject and his friends got wasted. He gave me a 20% tip too, which was nice considering how shitty his night had been.


10/35 I had man come in for dinner (I work in a four star restaurant) sweating bullets from the time he sat down. He and the lady were obviously a couple and the entire staff guessed what would happen, especially after he ordered a $300.00 bottle of champagne to start the meal. She looked happy, but worried through the entire meal. When the dessert came he got down on one knee and I heard her say, "Please don't." Those two words stopped MY heart, I cannot imagine what this poor dude was going through. They had a hushed conversation and she ran out, literally ran, while he sat there still holding an open ring box. He finished the bottle of wine they had ordered during dinner, and pretty wasted turned to me and asked, "Why won't she let me love her?" Just like that. Like I am going to give him some kind of answer to explain the complex and painful thing that has just happened. I told him that sometimes we fall in love with the wrong people, and the only people worth anyone's time are the ones who give back what they get. He finished the bottle, paid his tab and walked slowly to the parking garage. I never saw him again.


11/35 I used to wait tables at a Bob Evans that was located across the street from a nursing home. Whoever chose that location was a genius because old people love the shit out of Bob Evans. I had an elderly couple who came in every day for lunch and ordered the same thing. It got to the point that they I would have their meal on the table by the time I saw them crossing the street from the window. (They usually only got applesauce/banana bread/mashed potatoes.) One day the old man came in alone after a week of absence. He never said it, but I knew she had died. He still ordered for her, and let the food sit on her side of the table. Every. Day. I cried more than one time delivering it. I hope one day my future husband loves me that much.


12/35 I worked in a restaurant that had a huge selection (150+) of hot sauces. We sold them by the bottle but customers could sample any of them and use them on their food. A couple came in, the guy started bragging about how much he loved hot sauce and how he never found one that was too hot. He asked for the hottest one we have. I brought the bottle to his table, he filled a spoon with the sauce and made a big production of how he was going to eat it. I told him not to, the hostess told him not to, the waitress serving the next table told him not to... he put it in his mouth, started choking and gagging, puked on the table then passed out and did a faceplant right into the puke!! We called 911. He woke up right away and kept gagging for a while. He refused treatment when the paramedics showed up. They left without even ordering a meal! The girl told one of the restaurant staff that it was their first date.


13/35 I had a table awhile ago that was obviously a first date with a black man and white woman, both probably in their late 30s or early 40s. The man was pretty rude to me, he'd do things like snap his fingers to get my attention and hound me for refills when his drink was 75% full. After he got his burger he returned it to the kitchen several times for reasons like 'it's not seasoned enough'. The woman didn't say anything the entire date and looked at the floor whenever I'd come by to check on them. The man got upset that I brought the check while they were still eating their dessert, complaining to my manager that I was rushing him. The manager took some percentage off of their bill and in the end they paid and tipped me two pennies. I was pretty irritated but people like that just come with the territory of waiting tables.

An hour later (after I had gone home) the woman came back in and asked for a manager. She apologized and said that it was the worst date she had ever been on and assured him that I didn't do anything wrong. She left $60 with the manager to give to me and wrote me a nice review on Yelp.


14/35 A guy in a wheelchair comes in at about a quarter till 1. Says he has a date at 3, but the only ride he had there was early. So I sat him at a table for two. He munches on bread for a while a decides to go outside a bit. He ends up coming back in about 20 minutes later and starts telling me and the host I'm working with cheesy jokes. He also mentions that he used to be a police man before he became wheelchair bound. He also told us his date is from Panama. The other host and I had a bad feeling about this situation at that point. Three o clock rolls around and I see the guy anxiously glancing between his phone and the door. About 45 minutes pass of this before he finally leaves. This was one of the saddest things I've ever seen.


15/35 I used to be a waitress in a diner. One day a young man comes in and sits down. He's smiling nervously. I go over and ask him what he wants to drink. He says water, and I go get it. When I drop it off and try to take his order, he tells me he's not ready to order because he's waiting for someone. Ok, I say, and wait for his joiner.

After about 10 minutes, he confesses to me that he was meeting a girl there. So he could break up with her. He was the only customer in the place at the time, and I immediately thought 'oh no!' And wondered how this girl would take it.

A few minutes later, here she comes. She's smiling, SUPER happy to see him, and comes and sits down as if its her best day ever. I felt awful. I knew in just a few minutes, her whole day is going to shit. It was awful. She orders him a sandwich, and something for herself. He didn't want the food, but she was kind of insistent. So, right after I drop off the food, the hammer drops. She's upset, crying, etc. She tried very hard to keep it together in light of what was being told to her.

After about 30 minutes, he gets up and leaves. She spends a minute collecting herself, and then comes to the register to pay. FOR BOTH MEALS. Yep, he broke up with her, and left her with the bill. I looked at her teary red eyes and told her to forget it. I paid for it. I just couldn't bear to watch her pay for his meal.


16/35 One night one of the servers I was working for (I was a busser) points out this table to me and just says "Listen in on this table, it's going to be a long night with them." The table had what looked like it was a pair of cousins out to dinner with both sets of parents, so I was originally confused why they were going to be such trouble. I went over to bring them bread, and I could immediately tell what he had been talking about. No one was talking, but they weren't even looking at their phones, everyone was just tensely staring at each other. It was so palpably awkward I left instantly.

I went about my menial duties for about another fifteen minutes when a conversation at the table finally came up, from the bits and pieces I put together, the two kids we thought were cousin were actually dating, and their parents were meeting each other for the first time.

So basically, nightmare situation for both kids (who looked about 14). At some point in the night the daughter decides she's comfortable with jokingly calling her boyfriend a "dumb jock," and, to this day, I refuse to believe that that girl has ever made a bigger mistake. Immediately after the words left her mouth, the boyfriend's mother loses her shit completely and starts driving into the girl, cussing her out, calling her a whore, a slut, and pretty much every single awful thing you can possibly say to a teenage girl. I was pouring water at the next table over at the time and I managed to spill it all over the table because of how loud her outburst was.

The girl and her parents left pretty quickly, seeing as the girl was crying her eyes out and looked absolutely terrified. And, wouldn't you know it, as soon as they left, the boy and the father turned on the mother and released a near identical stream of vitriol on her. It was so bad I wouldn't be surprised if they got a divorce.


17/35 One of the tables I worked once a few years ago had a guy (who was with a girl) I felt like I had met at a party. I asked him if I knew him. He looked up and fake smiled and said "No, I think you have me mistaken for someone else." I served their drinks and insisted "I know you," I said, and walking away I realized I did meet him at a party-- he was dating one of my friends-- a guy. I texted said guy that his bf was there with a girl, clearly in some kind of romantic way, and he was PISSED and said he was coming over. I had him hide in the galley until they handed me the check ( I didn't want the guy to stiff me for blowing his cover) and immediately thereafter my friend waltzes out to the table and says to the girl,"Hi. You don't know me, but your boytoy over here does. He is--no, WAS-- my boyfriend. And I'll have you know he's a total bottom. You've struck gold, honey." He then turned, wide-eyed and looked at the guy. "You're a prick. We're done, shitstain," snapped his fingers like a queen and vanished into a sparkly haze.


18/35 I was waiting on a couple once, had to be a first date. The guy was constantly a dick to me, and the girl was very apologetic. He asked for a well done filet mignon, when I started to advise him that it would be burnt as such and to ask if he'd like it butterflied, he he flipped his shit yelling "you don't tell me how I like my steak!"

She got up, pulled out a $20, handed it to me, and walked out without a word. He shouted after her to come back, didn't even get up til she was out the front door though. What a douchenozzle.


19/35 I had a regular sitting at my bar in a chain restaurant about two weeks ago. He sits there for an hour, leaves for 20 minutes or so, then comes back complaining that he'd been stood up. The date was supposed to have arrived an hour before he mentioned anything. Poor guy.

All of a sudden this woman appears, apparently his date. Nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that she was an hour late, so I continue making drinks for the restaurant.

Couple of minutes later and a waitress comes up asking if the woman was on a date with the guy at the bar. I respond yes and ask how she knew. She told me that the woman had just left her (the waitresses') section and had been on a date with another man.


20/35 I'm a bartender at a major chain restaurant. A couple stumbles in about 15 minutes before close. They're talking loudly and sit at the bar. I'm a little pissed off so I finish wiping down the bottles before acknowledging them. I can hear everything they're saying but it's all very coded language so I have no clue what they're fighting about.

"You promised me three times!" "I can't I can't, I just can't do it," the woman says.

When I turn around and ask them what they would like to drink the man orders 10 shots of the strongest liqueur we have (which is Rumplemintz). I tell him I can't serve that many shots to just two people.

He says, "There's three of us. I'm trying to make it two people," and pulls out a $100.00 bill and lays it on the bar.


21/35 At the end of the dinner, 2 couples on a double date dine and dash. I chased them down, and the girls had no clue, their dates had told them they already paid. The girls ended paying, the guys had no cash.


22/35 Alright so I had a 2 top table with a very handsome young guy and a super attractive young woman (early 20s I think). Anyways I proceed to go over and greet them and discuss the specials for the night. They seemed nice and it looked like it was their first or second date. I asked for their drink order and the guy gets an ice-tea while the woman orders a glass of wine. She then proceeds to tell the guy in the highest pitched voice to order alcohol because she will feel, "so naughty if she is the only one drinking, and she doesn't want to be a naughty girl". This goes on for a few minutes until the guy gives up and awkwardly just orders a vodka soda. That was the first weird exchange.

Next I bring them bread and they devour that shit fast. I ask if they would like some more and the woman says oh yes she would love some but she doesn't want to be a naughty girl again. She described herself as naughty again for another few minutes until I just left. They place their orders and she goes to order a steak with fries as her side. She again repeats how she is so so naughty for getting carbs as her side. The guy just looks so drained by the end of the night because this woman would not fucking stop saying the word naughty. I could tell he was just pushing through because she was wicked hot and apparently a "naughty girl", but god damn there is a point where the whole "high" pitched fake "I'm a naughty girl" shit gets so annoying.


23/35 Working at a big chain restaurant I've encountered several of these but the one that sticks out the most is one where there was this old overweight man and a younger woman probably half the mans age. Right from the get go the woman orders a Long Island and I could tell something was up with these two but didn't really think much of it at the time. It was when she proceeded to order not one but two more long islands (at this point I was regretting getting her that last one). They finished their meals, she was pretty intoxicated but not belligerent. I bring menus for dessert and as I'm presenting them the woman asks if they can order dessert to which the old man replies, "only if you call me daddy," as I'm standing there. He then gives her the I'm gonna fuck you eyes she starts this half hearted giggle and I decided that I stayed at the table probably 2 minutes too long and told them I'd be back. They ordered dessert so I'm assuming she called him daddy.

Fast forward about two weeks later the old man shows up with some other girl half his age so I'm assuming he has a lot of daughters he likes to take out to eat, or you know, hookers.


24/35 I once witnessed a blind date when I worked at a French restaurant that started like this:

Man: /already seated
Woman: /arrives, takes a seat
Me: /introduces self, asks what they would like
Man: let's start with a carafe of red, avec bread. He turns to the woman. That means with bread.
Woman kinda gave this look like, "Oh. God. Dammit."


25/35 Couple sits down at my table. Do the usual greeting. Ask them if they would like to start out with a beverage. The female replies, "Coke, please". The male stops her, interrupting "Uh, make that a diet coke. I'll take a jack and coke". The date didn't get any better.


26/35 I used to work on a little falafel house. This couple comes in- attractive, in their late 30's, had clearly just been exercising. The man orders a large falafel, and the woman with him orders the same. He turns and looks at her, and gives her the most scathing look. She turns back to me and says, "A small. I mean a small falafel."

But stupid me- I accidentally made two larges! Cause FUCK THAT GUY.


27/35 Worked at a breakfast diner. A couple came in. I remember almost exactly what they ordered: she had oatmeal and a fresh fruit cup, and he had banana french toast, three eggs, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast. She got a mimosa, too, and he just had coffee. Every time I went to check on them, he ordered something else. More bacon, more hashbrowns, etc.

The average bill for two people at this restaurant was between $15 and $20. This dude racked up a $40 bill. The time came to drop it off, and I went back and he said he forgot his wallet, so she put her card down. I went to the card machine and it got declined. I returned to the table and told her it had been declined. She called her bank and I assume they said "tough shit," so then she said she would call her mom for money to be deposited. The call got heated so she stepped outside. I could see her pacing and crying out front. She came back in tears and said something to the dude. Then she left.

I went over and said that he could run home and get his wallet. He looked at me and sighed irritably as if I had inconvenienced him. Then he reached in his back pocket, threw down some cash, and left.


28/35 Used to wait/tend bar at a chain restaurant where after a few weeks you would get to know the regulars. There was an elderly couple that would come in every Tuesday and Friday. After they arrive and order their usual, a couple seat themselves at the table next to theirs and begin their small talk. They were both twenty somethings and from their mannerisms it was clear that it was still early days for them.

The guy is talking just a little too loudly and the conversation was all about him. "Oh yeah I used to make loads of money playing poker at casinos, I made so much that I'm now barred from all the ones in town. "I can totally bench press like 300lbs." Basically the guy kept bragging about about shit the entire time and wouldn't shut up. The main thing he kept talking about was how much he could drink, since the girl ordered a beer as well and he latched onto it talking about how he could outdrink all his mates and he fucking LOVED beer. The elderly guy at the table next to his kept rolling his eyes at me every time I passed by, when I took their plates away his wife whispered "This is torture!"

Eventually the guy has started to get quite drunk from trying to drink pint after pint in the space of an hour or so. When I come over to clear their plates and ask if they want anything else the girl begins to ask for the bill before he cuts her of asking for another pint. She quietly reminds him that he's had five or so already and he tries to jokingly reply with "Bitch I can drink as much as I want." Without a word the girl immediately storms off leaving the guy looking shocked as hell. The elderly couple leave their money on the table but before they leave the man turns to the dumbfounded braggart and just says "Son, you're a fucking disgrace."


29/35 This younger lady comes in by herself, comes up to the bar, and says shed like a table in the back, alone. Its a slow night, I was working alone, so I sat her, brought her a drink, etc. She's there for about an hour, has a couple of drinks, and keeps checking her phone. I finally asked her if she was expecting someone, and her response was a sad smile, and a nod.

Almost immediately after that, this guy, early 30's comes in, asks for a table for 2. This guy reeks of douche canoe. On his arm is this slightly trashy, very early 20's girl who's already drunk, loud, and fucking obnoxious. She keeps talking about how lucky she is to finally get this guy out with her, how it's been the first best date ever. I get them their food order, and they can barely keep their hands off of each other. I also noticed that the lady sitting by herself has gone white as a ghost, and is shaking a little bit. She takes out her cell phone, and takes a few pictures.

About this point I know what's going on, and I just try to avoid it. Lady number one walks up, puts some papers down on the table, and says, "We're getting divorced." She then looks at the lady, who turns out to be her little sister, and tells her to never talk to her again. She then comes up, pays for her meal, and walks out, leaving the most utterly destroyed first date I have ever seen. It was phenomenal.


30/35 Guy comes into the bar at lunch time, orders a beer for himself and a glass of wine "For my girl, she's on the way." The guy was in his mid thirties, but he was giddy as a school girl waiting for his girlfriend. Then all of the sudden I notice he has a look of fear and dread smacked all over his face. So I ask him if everything is ok, and he responds:

"My girlfriend is gonna be here any minute and my wife's best friend just sat down over there in the dining room."


31/35 I once ended up waiting on my ex-girlfriend, who I was not over, and her boyfriend. After some extremely awkward small talk I went to grab her drinks and noticed her boyfriend was not there when I came back. Then, one of my co-workers told me he was outside the restaraunt crying because apparently they fought a lot and he was a crier. It was both satisfying and sad to see. Eventually, they made up but the whole experience was just a bucket of uncomfortable.


32/35 A few months ago I had a woman who was attractive in her mid 30's come in sit down and order a glass of wine. She was waiting for her husband for a date. I brought her wine, she waited 45 minutes and then put in an appetizer order, 15 minutes later ordered food, saying he'd be there soon. Almost an hour and a half later, as soon as I brought out dinner, she asked me to box it up and bring the check without touching her food. Husband bailed on a date with his wife. I felt awful, she was nice and patient and had a few glasses of wine while waiting for him. She held it together pretty well, so much so, that I can only assume it's happened before.


33/35 It was an engaged couple who were set to be married in a couple of days, out celebrating the groom-to-be's birthday. There were 6 other people with them who all seemed to be out of town guests coming for the wedding and all related to the woman. He was very shy and sweet, she was loud and bitchy. They were both about mid thirties.

Everything seems normal until the end. The man is the only one who ordered dessert, so I brought it out with a candle, wishing him happy birthday. The other guests ask for their bills as I dropped the cake off, so I brought everyone's bills out separated by couple.

As I dropped off the engaged couples bill to them the woman said loudly 'oh, no. We're paying separate.' Not a huge deal, I apologized profusely and went to fix it, feeling a little badly he had to pay his own way on his birthday, but I don't know the inner workings of their finances.

I brought them out their separated bills, and she was the only one left at the table besides the man. She then paid quickly and left, leaving him all alone to eat his birthday cake at this big empty table.

When he came up to pay debit after he had finished his lonely cake, his card said insufficient funds. I felt badly for this poor guy so I decreased the amount until his card was accepted, and paid the remainder out of my pocket. This was years ago, and I've never forgotten how sad he seemed!


34/35 A young couple was at my table, they were probably 16. She was WAY over dressed for Red Lobster and a movie but it was cute. He went to pay and his card was declined. I felt SO horrible walking back to the table. he said there should be plenty in his bank account and I asked if he had put gas in his car before the date. He said he filled up his truck, some gas stations here hold the amount twice on a debit card after a certain hour and it drops off the next day. The poor kid was so embarrassed he had no idea what to do. My boss paid for his meal, my tip, and gave him money for the movie they were planning to go to. Kid came back in 2 days later with all the money to pay my boss back.


35/35 This lady came in for lunch and let me know she was waiting for someone. When her lunch date got there I took his drink order, grabbed his coke and brought it to the table. As I'm placing it down I see a positive pregnancy test in a Ziploc on the table in front of the dude. Her excited face, his shocked, semi-disgusted but trying to look happy face, my what the actual fuck face. Awkward level went up 100%. I murmured something about congratulations and left the table as fast as I could.


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