48 Of The Most Profound Scientific Questions Ever Asked.

Do you have a question that mainstream science refuses to answer? Are your theories and experiments so bizarre that sensible people tell you they will never be published? Then look no further!

The subreddit Crappy Ask Science is just for you! Here's a compilation of our favourite questions.

The first dog in space died of stress. Was that because of all the vacuums up there?


My girlfriend says she needs time and distance. Is she calculating velocity?


In America, someone is shot every 15 seconds. How is that person still alive?


Why does this 2 pound coin only weigh 0.02 pounds?


Are there any long term environmental effects to removing so many Pokemon from the wild?


Maybe the reason aliens haven't visited our solar system yet is because we only have 1 star? They'd probably only look for systems that received at least a 4 out of 5 stars rating, right?


Why do you hear of celebrities dying, but you never hear of them being born?


I was told to set my clock back an hour when it showed 2AM on November 1st. I've done this 8 times now. When can I stop setting the clock back?


Britain is officially leaving Europe. Where are they going to go/how hard is it to move an island?


How many calories does my girlfriend burn by jumping to conclusions?


Do spiders in europe have 2.4384 meters instead of 8 feet?


If the camera adds 10 pounds, could the NSA's surveillance camera system be the cause of American obesity?


Why hasn't Ryan Gosling become Ryan Goose yet?


Lost my house in the flood. Friends and family have been offering support over Facebook. Does anyone know how to convert 'Thoughts and Prayers' into USD?


I got an F in sex on my ID. How long do I need to study before I get an A?


The human body is 70% water, so in case of fire, is the best course of action to throw your body directly onto it?


People say microwaves are invisible but I can still see them in my kitchen. Am I a genetically engineered superhuman who will save the human race?


If the gas station is 2 km away, and my dad can travel at 60 km/hr, why hasn't he returned from getting cigarettes for 6 years?


I heard Mars has no atmosphere. Could we create an atmosphere by dimming the lights and playing smooth jazz?


Now that gay marriage is legal in all states, should I get married in gas, liquid or solid state?


In most countries water boils at 100, but in the USA it doesn't boil until 212. What's so different about American water?


I just drank a whole bottle of Johnson & Johnson No More Tears. How long until my depression goes away?


Why didn't the inventor of the pillow just make both sides cold instead of only one?


Skylight stops working at night. All other lights work 24/7. Any electricians that can help me with this anomaly?


Why do people come back from baby changing stations with the same baby?


Is the ocean salty because the land doesn't wave back?


How can I bake my cake at 150 degrees without making a mess?


I bought a "Smart" TV, but I'm still able to watch Duck Dynasty. Why isn't it working?


Why did people used to build ruins?


My pizza says to bake for 18-21 minutes. How do I bake something for -3 minutes?


When we use ad-block software that blocks 99.99% of ads, are we not just selecting only the strongest and most resistant ads to repopulate our internets?


If it takes 66 days to form a habit can I smoke cigarettes for 65 days, take a day off, then resume smoking for another 65 days to avoid becoming addicted?


Pizza has crust. Earth has crust. Pizza is flat. Doesn't this prove that Earth is flat?


My doctor said he's been practicing for 30 years. When will he start doing his job for real?


How often should I change my gender fluid?


Today I learned that women are 99% more likely to die during childbirth than men. Why hasn't modern medicine addressed this issue?


If I take LSD and go to a dubstep concert, will the bass neutralize the acid?


If it's good to stop smoking, should I start smoking first?


I accidentally swallowed an ice cube whole yesterday and still have not passed it. Should I be concerned?


If 1 in 5 kids faces hunger, why don't we just turn every fifth kid around?


If smoking is so bad for you, how come it cures salmon?


The puzzle I bought says "5-6 years", yet I finished it in only 2 years; is there a test I can take to determine how much of a genius I am?


I'm 30 years old and I still have my kidneys. When will my adultneys develop?


How do gay people get their logo in the sky like that?


If Jesus died for our sin, then who died for our cos and tan? 


I heard one beer= 7 slices of bread, but I ate a whole loaf and I'm not drunk yet. Did I do it wrong?


Can I use y=mx+b to measure the slope of how downhill my life is going?


Instead of CPR, should a drowning victim be placed in a bag of rice for 24 hours?



Some of this material has been edited for clarity.

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