An Incredible Twitter Response To The Charlottesville White Supremacy Riots.

You may have all heard or read about the events that took place this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

And if not, have no fear here's the scoop and a unique twist on the events that took place by '@JuliusGoat' on Twitter. 

On Saturday, White Nationalists gathered in protest for the "Unite the Right" rally. No surprise that they were met by counter protestors, where the rally evidently turned into a riot with fire torches. 

It has been reported that the basis of all of this was due to the state of Virginia's plan to take down a statue of a Confederate general from a city park.

As you could imagine social media and twitter were in an uproar. We can almost always rely on the good ol' internet to at the very least provide a unique perspective on world news.

Take a look at this particular Twitter thread:

And there's more...

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