Date Night! These Are Things Every Couple Has To Do At Least Once.

Relationships can greatly benefit from new experiences. If you need some fresh date ideas to spice up your relationship, then look no further!

Redditors were asked what fun things everyone should do with their significant other at least once, and these are their answers.

P.S. if you're single like me, you can totally grab a friend and do these things with them instead.

Have a living room Youtube karaoke night!


Worm Racing.

My SO and I tried it and have never laughed so hard. You put your head and torso inside a sleeping bag, your hands in your pockets and lie down on the floor on your stomach. Place your feet on the far wall of your house and race on your stomach (like a blind worm) without using hands across the house. Amazing.


I shaved his face for him. Not with a straight razor. I had to take it slow, and it was both incredibly funny and intimate to have to be that close and look at all the details of his face to make sure I didn't accidentally cut him at all.


Mario Kart.

No guarantee you'll still be a couple afterwards though.


Take a day to learn one of their hobbies (I learned Magic for him, he tried out painting for me). It's a good bonding experience and generates more activities you can do together regularly.

Or, if you already have loads of common hobbies, learn a new one together.


Staycation!! Get a nice hotel or air BnB for the night somewhere not too far away and go out together for a nice meal. Just the fact that you're not going back to your own home(s) after makes it feel like a real luxury experience.*

  • try to get somewhere with a nice bathtub. Nothing is better than taking a bath and drinking a bottle of wine with the person you love the most.

Chase the sky! Perhaps only do-able if you have a car, but the sky was turning a beautiful shade of pink and we got in the car and followed where the color was brightest. When we found a spot we were satisfied with, we pulled over, got out of the car, and just watched the sun set. One of my favorite memories ever.


I'm 71. She's gone now but at least twice a week we'd turn off the phones and tv. No distractions allowed. We'd just talk about anything on our minds that might be bothering us. No rules, no matter what. It was simple communication, and it worked for us.


Go to your local ethnic grocery store, buy strange food with labels you can't read, and go home and make a meal with it.


Go to an aquarium. The soft lighting makes it feel more romantic than the zoo (and it's less smelly). Bonus points if this means a road trip.



Even though my arse bone has PTSD it was something fun we had never done before.

Still smile years later thinking about it.


Read the same book and then talk about it. I am often surprised by how his brain works and what he takes away from a story that I never even noticed (and vice versa). If it's a book that was made into a movie you can then have a date night where you go see it (or watch at home).


Dress up for no apparent reason, and enjoy a day out.


My husband and I lived in a small town for a while before we got married. There wasn't much to do. One day we went to the weird corner store there that sold random crap. It's a cross between a grocery store, a dollar store, and a garage sale. We found a 20 year old shoe horn for sale there, that's how ridiculous I'm talking. Anyways, one day when we were bored we both went to the shop with the intention of buying each other the weirdest gifts. We each had a 10$ limit and ran around the store like dorks avoiding each other to keep our finds a surprise. When we got home we presented our gifts one at a time... things like a water gun, shells, a car garbage can, ramen noodles, a Roald Dahl novel, a plate, pudding... It was a lot of fun!


Travel. That's when you really get to know someone.


Spending at least a week apart. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I don't know about that, but it can be really eye opening to spend some time apart from your partner. 

Even if you still communicate regularly while you're apart, it gives each of you a chance to grow individually. I feel like it really strengthens the relationship.


Go on a pretend blind date. Pretend you don't know each other and act like it's your first date together. Pro tip- if you're married, make sure you take off your rings so you don't freak out your server if you go to a restaurant.


Go camping, in a tent, outside. No electronics, no spending time getting ready primping (i.e. Glamping is not the goal), no form of entertainment aside from the two of you.

Because when you spend a day focused on being together and not what you're going to look like when doing so, it's about appreciating each other, not how you look at all times.


Deal with a personal meltdown, have a fight or be around for some form of adversity. Everybody seems to think the secret to having a healthy relationship with someone revolves around cool adventures and fun games with your partner. Well those are great and all, but I can find a ton of people who want to get drunk and play strip Mario-Kart in my pillow fort. It's not so easy to find people who will be there for you when your world gets turned upside down.

This really goes both ways; if you have to be there to support your SO when they're anything but their normal, sane self, you'd better know what you're getting into and the best way to find out what that's going to look like is to put yourself in that situation.


Learn to dance! Not only is it good to know for when your friends are getting married, it's decent exercise and moving in sync with your partner just feels really good. Being able to lead, or be led, with body language and movements instead of words is a skill that takes practice to get down. Plus if you dance something like bachata or tango with your partner it can get really sexually charged, who doesn't want that?


Cook together! It's incredibly fun and you get to eat good food at the end.


Go the the grocery store purely to treat yo selves. My partner and I occasionally go down each aisle and encourage each other to get whatever the heck we want, sky is the limit. Can't choose between two items? Get both! See that giant orange octopus stuffed animal that's larger than you are? Buy that thing! We have a lot of fun.


Once a month, my wife and I both have to come up with one new thing for the two of us to try. It can be anything - as long as it is something that we never have done together before. Anything from watching a new tv show, to taking a walk at a different park, to trying a restaurant, seeing a film, listen to new music, planted something in the garden, play new games, walk into a store we never have been to, etc. It doesn't take a lot of effort but she and I really enjoy it.


Choose each other's outfits for one day!


Do something you both think you "hate" but have never actually tried.


Do something physical that requires cooperation. Tandem bike, double kayak, canoe for two—anything that will force you to work together toward a common goal in a playful way. It's risky because if you're not good at it together it can be super frustrating, but if you do well, you'll both feel really smug about your awesome relationship.


Go to IKEA. It is the truest test of any romantic bond.


Build a fort around the TV, order pizza, grab some beers or whatever you want to drink and settle down for some movie/show watching or video game playing. 


Play the food game.

Pick a food. Let's say you start with banana. Your SO has to say a food that's first letter starts with the last letter of the food you said. So from banana, you go to apple. From apple to egg. From egg to grapes.

Just spent three hours doing this last night and I haven't had so much fun with my SO in weeks. We spent twenty minutes debating if ice chips are different than ice and if either could be considered a food.



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