Democrats and Republicans Share One Thing They Actually Agree With The Other About.

Democrats and Republicans on Reddit were asked: "What is a stance from the opposite side that you support?" These are some of the best answers.

It's not exactly a party line thing, but I am very much for greatly expanding our use of nuclear power, which tends to be more popular among Republicans. I believe it is my far the best energy source available at this time and that the fear of it is greatly overblown.


I respect Democrats for actually understanding that global climate change is a problem. Any Republican who says it isn't is an idiot.

It should be noted that I am for the most part Republican.


Abortion is bad. Though, instead of outlawing it, I'd rather see an investment in sex ed and preventative measures. Don't need an abortion if you don't get pregnant. Abstinence only has been proven, many times, to be utter garbage.


Bill Clinton agreeing to the GOP's deficit reduction plan and wanting to work across the aisle with Republicans, namely Speaker Gingrich, was very admirable.


I am a conservative. I really admire how Barack Obama is so social and outgoing. I saw a video where he just took a stroll around the White House, and took multiple pictures with people. He seems like a genuinely good guy.


That the popular media/Hollywood unequivocally hails Democratic views in positive light, not so much with Republican.


I'm a Republican. I'd say they are more "for" [insert-cause-here] where Republicans are, overall, more "against" [its inverse].


I think pulling out of the TPP was a good idea.


do believe global warming is a huge problem, but I also understand how power grids work, and I know that nuclear power and natural gas are keeping way more CO2 out of the atmosphere than solar panels are right now. Also, I think a lot of people underestimate the value of low oil prices depriving a lot of terrible governments of easy financing.


I respect the effort that Democrats put in to helping other people. That is something that, if used in the right amount, can be extremely beneficial to America.


I wouldn't call myself a strong Democrat, but I agree with Republicans who say our welfare system needs to be improved. There are too many people abusing the system. I've personally seen it happen, and continuing to allow it is unfair to the people who are following the rules.


Obama had the balls to acutally get Bin Laden and now, for the most part, is taking action against ISIS; possibly preventing a small problem from getting too big.


I'm a Republican. I do not support the death penalty.

For me it's a many fold answer. First, I don't believe it to be moral (I'm a Christian). Second, I do not believe it is an effective deterrent. It's not evenly applied (more men than women get it, certain courts do so more often than others). Third, there are too many deficiencies in the justice system that put innocent people on death row. Lastly, the prison as a whole needs to be revamped to reduce recidivism.


Term limits for congress. Or at least that was one of the few campaign ideas of Donald Trump I really agreed with.


I'm a Republican who fully supports gay marriage. We are the party for freedom from government, and it's not consistent that we would want the government to dictate who we can marry.


A few things but one that comes to mind is the Estate Tax (or Death Tax as it's often branded). Basically if you have an excessive amount of wealth when you die the government taxes it as it's being inherited.

I get that it's an easy target, how much cash does a rich dead guy need? But this money was already taxed. They paid their income tax already when they earned it and now the government gets to double dip just because you're not around anymore. Many Republicans want to abolish this tax or reduce it in general and I agree with that.


I'm a former Democrat, now Green.

That said, I oppose illegal immigration. A nation has a right to enforce it's borders and preserve it's culture.


I am a conservative Republican who is vehemently opposed to Democrats on almost every issue all the way down the line, but I will give them this. The public health epidemic that began with the government endorsing low-fat high sugar diets in collusion with the sugar lobby and USDA and the 'food' conglomerates has been a disaster of epic proportions and it is being fought against by, sadly, almost entirely left leaning groups. I believe in small government involvement in our everyday lives and I'm no fan of a nanny state, but more Republicans need to acknowledge the disastrous path we're on as a country where health is concerned and speak out about it.


One thing I tend to agree with Republicans on is that political correctness (on the verbal front, anyway) might be starting to go a little bit too far.

Like, if something is genuinely cruel or offensive and directed at someone, sure, be mad, maybe even speak up against it. Just because people have the right to be dongs doesn't mean you can't call them a dong. HOWEVER, to devolve into calls for personal attacks, to sue people for words, or to act like a dong yourself in response just isn't okay.


Sometimes I wish Republicans were as united as Democrats. Part of the problem with having a "big tent" party is that there is so much disagreement within your own party that you can't effectively combat the other party.

Just look at healthcare reform- sure, all Republicans were against the ACA, but no one could agree on an alternative solution. It's not enough to always just be "against" the Democrats. If you're not "for" something as a unified force than real change isn't going to happen.


Pay equity. As a conservative I'm all for people building businesses and doing the best they can for themselves, but I feel successful businesses are morally obligated to help those people who have helped the business grow. Democrats get this right. Republicans generally do not.


I actually agree with Republicans in that any non-vital service should be able to refuse service to a person for any reason. You own a bakery and don't want to make cakes for a gay wedding? You do you, homophobic bakery.

The caveat there is 'non-vital service.' So anything medical-related (hospitals, doctor's offices, etc.), run by the government (public schools, the DMV, any government office, etc.), utilities, services required by law (health insurance, car insurance), or some other subset of businesses that is declared 'vital' would not be able to refuse service to someone.


I think the Democrats have kept the environment from getting completely obliterated. I think there are definitely environmental extremists that want too much but all in all, if the Republicans had their way with the environment, there wouldn't be much left.


Guns. I am considered something of a gun toting liberal, I grew up around them and just happen to believe in a polite society is an armed society.


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