Desperate Professions That Will Take Just About Anyone.


There was a group I was in (years ago) with this guy named Mike in it. Mike was a very nice guy, not a mean bone in his body. Married with 3 kids, but unemployed so his wife worked. He could never get a job anywhere because he had no qualifications, and he just couldn't see patterns in stuff. Even in our group he'd just sit there happily without saying anything for hours. We tried to ask him a few times if he'd like to chime in, or what he was thinking, and he genuinely had nothing going on upstairs.

Suddenly, he applied to the Sheriff's department and got hired, and they loved him. He's been there for years. That changed my view of the Sheriff's dept.


Transportation Security Administration employees. I don't think half of them even have their GEDs or high school diplomas. Every time I go, I have to explain the concept of "dual citizenship" at least four times.


Cooks in the Navy.

When you enlist in the Navy, they test your aptitude and give you a list of jobs available to you based on your results.

If you score in the bottom 5th percentile, you have one job available to you: Cook.

Cooks in the Navy generally aren't the brightest apples in the bunch. 


Guitar center salesman. You need 5 of them and 2 managers to buy a kazoo.


From my experience, real estate. They can be great at their job but I've met agents that make me wonder how they can function in the rest of their life.



Source: I'm not very bright. Work in one.

In all seriousness they tend to hire anyone, so while not everyone who works in one is under qualified or smart, you get a lot of them.


How are Multi Level Marketing and Pyramid Scheme workers are at the top of the list.


Not really a 'profession' but people who work in sport shops.

Anyone that has been to Sports Direct will know what I mean.


The food service industry hires some of the most oddest people out there. It's a constant battle between lack of common sense and inability to perform the easiest tasks. 

I worked for Buffalo Wild Wings them for a while and saw it first hand.


Those who work as a Sales Representative for every industry I've been a part of were terrible with computers.



We have no educational requirements at all. We have people who are functionally illiterate and Health and Safety Briefs have to be read out to them.

In addition we do not vet new staff members at all really, our training procedures are laid out to in theory make them 100% fool proof (200% checks, remote and physical supervision etc), yet we still get people who have been employed for 3+ years making week one mistakes as they "forgot" how to do a task they had completed a few hundred times before.

One guy's ability to follow tasks was so bad, we physically had to print out his work sheets (with multiple copies for when he lost the first two...or three...) and make him read the instructions back to us to make sure he got it.

Honestly I reckon if I was to remove around 10-15% of the workforce, we'd either have no loss in production or even a marginal gain in stock accuracy.


So, I work in a porn store. Some of my coworkers who have been there forever are real smart cookies, but a majority of applicants..not so much. When I first walked in and asked for an application, I was handed a sheet of paper and told to read it before I could have an application. It said that you shouldn't apply if you're prone to oversleeping, frequently get flat tires, don't have steady child care, and a bunch of other common-sense things that apply to pretty much any job. My first thought was, "what kind of people do they usually get applying for this job?"


Oil sand workers (outside of trade and professional jobs). Some of the most unequipped people who get paid astronomical amounts of money to basically lift heavy things and drive vehicles. And then when the economy crashes they blame the evil government because nobody wants to hire somebody without a drug habit, a 70 IQ and a lifted truck with brass testicles on the hitch.


Uber. Some kind of vetting would be nice.


Middle Management at nearly every major company. These are people that typically have failed upwards. They are not decision makers and they weren't irreplaceable enough in their previous role. They have enough power to interfere with daily operations without the foresight to understand the impact of their power trip.


For some reason every single oil refinery has a couple of engineers and operators who don't really do anything, been their forever, and have very strong views that are almost hilarious - both liberal and conservative wackos. Usually job title like safety engineer, or maintenance planner 3.


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