Disgusting Social Norms That These People Can’t Believe Others Are Okay With.

From the texture of lotions, to people spitting on the street and sidewalks, people share disgusting social norms that they can't believe others are okay with.

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How everyone shows up to loot a dead person's belongings. It's horrible to watch how greedy people get when they see an opportunity. After my stepmom died, my step sister broke into my dad's house while we were at the funeral home making arrangements and stole everything of value. Some of it was my dad's family heirlooms. She refuses to give any of it back because it reminds her of her mom. I could list a dozen more examples but it makes me sick to think about.


While I don't think it's the majority everywhere, but it is here in the South; giving soda/pop to children.

Little 2 year-olds downing Mountain Dew at Wal-Mart. I die a little on the inside.


If you dump your ashtray out on the street while you are stopped at a light, you're a jerk squared.

I have friends and relatives who would NEVER drop a paper napkin or cup on the sidewalk, but think nothing of dropping a butt and stomping it out.


When parents constantly complain about and resent their children because of the things they have to do for their children as a parent. You had to provide food for the child you brought into the world?!?! You had to make lunch?! No way! How horrible!! How dare they require you to provide them food! Probably should have considered the needs of a child before you had one.


How most of the "hits" on the radio romanticize binge drinking and prescription drugs. I recently came to the realization that I'm alcoholic, and I started noticing this everywhere. Songs about passing out from drinking and taking care of people that have had too much as if it's a totally normal bonding experience. It bothers me even more to know that the pop station's main audience is probably in middle/high school. Alcoholism, if not vigilantly monitored, can ruin every aspect of your life. Unchecked, you can lose literally everything, including your life.


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The amount of people with blatant disregard for human life is disgusting. It's seriously like 50% of people I see on the road.


It didn't bother me much when I was younger and watched a lot of television. I haven't even had a TV in my room for over 10 years now; I watch most stuff online and have ad blockers, or just download stuff, and I also don't listen to the radio at all, so there's very little "active" advertising in my life. I recently spent some time at someone else's house and watched quite a bit of TV while I was there and all of the ads were incredibly grating and made me very uncomfortable. The idea that we're so passive to these companies trying to manipulate our behaviors so we'll buy their awful products that we don't need, and the way they target kids in particular, is barbaric and disgusting.


I hate that greasy, oily texture it leaves behind. I have found some that leave less residue, but they all leave something and it just feels dirty and gross.


People who spit on sidewalks and public walkways - including spitting out their gum for others to step on.


The fact that politicians are all bought by corporate interests, and if they don't adhere to those corporate interests then their re-election won't be funded, and another politician will come into power who does bend the knee to those that paid for them. Essentially, the fact that bribery is legal in the US and that nobody cares. A ton of the problems in the American democracy stem from this single issue alone, not liberals or conservatives, not democrats or republicans, just the fact that both parties are owned by corporate interests.


Lived in Ireland all my life and got used to it. Then I moved to Sydney for 3 years and it was pretty much non existent wherever I went. Came back to Ireland and I would say I see nearly 10 times as many smokers here.


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Why do you get a 5-15 minute break every hour ?

But if I'm 5 minutes past 8am I get a stern talking. Even though I work thru the entire day.


I hate it when I go to a grocery store and find shopping carts all over the parking lot when there are plenty of docking stations available. You're just a lazy piece of trash.

Also "Thank you" cards. I hate those with a passion.


So many people seem to be OK with using the toilet (usually for number 1) and not washing their hands afterwards, completely baffles me, it's not even that you might have got any of it on your hands, but public bathrooms tend to not be the cleanest of places anyway, who knows what's on your hands after you've been in there.


News teams shoving cameras in people's faces after a tragedy. They just want shots of people breaking down into tears and it just feels so wrong.


A bunch of typically good pages on Facebook I follow will post this kinda stuff on occasion, so it feels common: the cheating culture. "I got five boyfriends and they don't know each other!" "Oh my god that's so funny, who cares about those dudes, you deserve to do that kind of thing!"

Look, if you want five boyfriends, have your polyamorous relationship, but cheating is some of the lowest thing you can do. You aren't funny, you aren't empowering yourself and feminism, you're being a terrible person to a person/people who trust you.


Having an affair or abandoning your family to live a more enjoyable life, a la 'A Dollhouse' or "Eat Pray Love.


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That the US is so obsessed with work that taking days off/sick days that they have earned is looked down upon. Everyone gets that guilty feeling when they take the vacation they are supposed to have, or call in sick with that 100 degree fever. It starts in school with the "how dare your kids miss a day of school to go do something educational/fun!". All the awards for perfect attendance, come on the kid came to sick some day. In so many other countries it is kind of the opposite, Why do you keep coming to work? Take a vacation! They get two to three times as much vacation as we do. Kids are expected to do something with their family. I just hate the fact we are OK with people being totally obsessed with work. Think of the people you know that have weeks worth of time off built up, I remember family who had months of time that they got paid for when they retired because they just had it sitting there. I love having some time built up in case the kids get sick, but I shouldn't get made to feel guilty because someone thinks taking time off (that you have) is just a terrible thing.


USE TURN SIGNALS! Is the minuscule effort to move your hand a few inches worth possibly killing someone? It infuriates me.


I was just at Santa Monica Pier last week and the amount of trash everywhere was completely disgusting.

The trash bins were overflowing, so people were just throwing entire bags of chips, plastic deli sandwiches boxes, paper subway sods cups and napkins on the ground.

I couldn't take more than fifteen steps without kicking a pile of trash. What  is wrong with people? I was absolutely furious.


Usually in the bath, but I've seen housemates eating while on the toilet. I don't know if the majority of people are fine with this, but I know far too many people who do it and it's just nasty.


I, like many others, enjoy hiking in the mountains. I, like many others, like to bring my dog. I, like many others, bring bags to pick up my dog's poop while hiking. I, un-like many others, pack the bags of poop back out with me, instead of just leaving them beside trees, etc; all the while, I assume, making some absurd self-assurance that some other person will be responsible for packing out my dogs poop.

Why would you bother to put your dog's crap in a plastic bag, just to leave it in the woods. If you aren't going to pack it out, it would honestly be better not to bag it up. I don't get it.


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People pretend they want it legalized for those medically in need, but in actuality they are selfish and want it legalized for their own desires. We're headed down a path where your daily commute will be affected by stoned drivers; attempts to make a purchase at Walmart or Subway will be hindered by a high employee; and where people will quit pursuing PhDs to get into the business of THCs. And that skunky scent...it's bad enough smelling it at concerts. I don't want to smell it everywhere.


I can't stand their business model and the clientele they attract. The Walton's are grossly rich yet employ lowly people and keep them low by paying them just enough to be able to afford shopping at Wal-Mart so in the end Wal-Mart is getting their money back.

Yet, the general public feeds off shopping at Wal-Mart. I don't blame society for wanting low prices but the quality of the product is terrible. Have some pride. Support your local hardware store, tire shop, subway, eye doctor, nail salon, boutiques and clothing stores before Wal-Mart runs them out of business.


Maybe I'm just a sour puss but seriously, how is that supposed to be funny? Especially for grown adults. Is the sound of your sphincter opening up really all that entertaining?


You walk with those on the sidewalk,that is covered in dirt, spit, dog poop, piss, and you smear it all over the inside of your house.


Not to sound like a "Grandpa" here (I'm only 35) but here's a few things that I've seen parents be acceptable with that I can't help but think are bad for kids. For your information, I have 3 of my own so I'm not just being the childless adult who thinks they know everything about having kids:

Using smart devices as pacifiers. I've seen kids as young as 2 years old using phones and tablets while out in public. It's like their parents want ZERO interaction with their kids and view them coming with them as some sort of obligation and thus they are given these devices to quiet them. And of course the kids then get so into them that when you try to take them away they throw a fit. I understand that it can be annoying to keep your kid(s) entertained while they wait for food to arrive at a restaurant, but I have to imagine that there are other useful alternatives other than a smart device screen.

Pushing their kids around in shopping carts when they're too big for them. When I was a kid, once you were too big for the small basket seat it meant that you were expected to walk everywhere. Nowadays I see kids that are closer to 10 than they are to 5 in the big basket of the cart while getting pushed around by their parents. Is it too much to ask that the kid walk once in a while? If anything, our kids need to walk around more.


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I use my legs where possible to open the door, and if not, I use a tissue to pull the handle. Not hygiene conscious, I'm a pretty filthy person when by myself. But I'm not going to touch something that is the literally the lever to a poop station.


I think they're stupid. People say caffeine is bad - this is caffeine on steroids yet I know people who have 5 a day. That can't be good for your poor organs- especially when they use it to wake up because they've been out all night. Be smart, sleep.


You know, things like bragging about cheating, then you have to cover for the guy if asked. It disgusts me that some people act like that's a social obligation. I'm glad that that mindset is slowly dying out.


I have a problem with openly and deliberately lying to children, and I don't understand why its okay for us to lie about a magical man who brings them gifts. Isn't it better for them to know that the parents are the ones who decide if they've been good enough for presents? Why impress a magical imaginary fat man?


Only complaining or being snarky about an issue on social media doesn't help anyone. You're not a better person for it. It's one thing to have a discussion and even more so you go out and do something about it. But don't begin to lecture me when all you have are generic platitudes.



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