Disturbing True Facts That You Can Pull Out To Ruin Someone's Day.

Most of the time I enjoy spreading joy and making others feel just a little better about their lives. When I'm not busy spreading good vibes, I live to make others uncomfortable or cringe (even in the slightest). With that being said...terrible people everywhere, UNITE! 

The following AskRedditors shared responses to the question, "What can you tell me right now that I'll regret learning?" 

Warning: A few of these facts may be unsettling thus reader discretion is advised.

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Hamsters are cannibalistic.


Entomologists who study cockroaches often become allergic to them. At the same time, they become allergic to most brands of pre-ground coffee.


The fairy tale of Hansel & Gretel is based on a period of famine where people really did lead their kids into the woods and leave them there because they couldn't feed them.


The 9-11 search rescue dogs were getting extremely depressed from only finding dead bodies. So depressed that they couldn't work anymore. So the firemen hid in the rubble for the dogs to find them, so they can at least cheer them up and at least help their future PTSD. 


You can get bed bugs from a movie theater seat.


To become the oldest person in the world, every single person alive when you were born has to die.


The anus can stretch to the size of a compact disk or DVD. 


You can disembowel yourself by lifting weights that are too heavy.


There is probably a combination of foods/flavors on some distant corner of the world that you would ABSOLUTELY LOVE but you may never get to taste it in your lifetime.

Same goes with music.


Among other things, alcohol consumption may lead to cancer of the rectum. *takes drink*


You know the little girl who voice acted Ducky from The Land Before Time? Her father shot and burned her, as well as her mother, then killed himself.


Odds are, one of the things you do as a part of your daily routine will likely cause your demise.


Baby chickens at factory farms are checked for gender once they are hatched and tossed immediately into a meat grinder if they're male.


One day your parents put you down, and they never picked you up again.


The astronauts aboard the Challenger were most likely alive and conscious after the rocket exploded and they were hurtling to their deaths.


A large percent (if not the majority) of the population have mites that live in your eyebrow hair follicles which come out at night and lay eggs on your forehead. 


During pregnancy, at roughly 16 weeks, the fetus develops a soft downy mustache. This hair (known as lanugo) then spreads across the rest of the fetus and by 20(ish) weeks it should cover the entire body. This hair can be seen on many premature babies as some may be born/delivered before they'd naturally shed the hair. However, when they do stay in long enough to shed the hair, they then EAT it while in the womb. This first meal of their own fur makes up a child's first dump. 


Once every year, you pass the future anniversary of your death.


The amount of pressure exerted when you pinch your thumb and forefinger together is enough to pop a human testicle.


Some people do not wash their hands after using the restroom/masturbating, and there is a good chance you have touched one of those people's hands directly.


There is a legal limit (per ton) for the number of mouse droppings that can be found in flour. Flour that is used for food production and human consumption. That limit is not 0.


There are more slaves right now than were ever in slave owning America.


Most people consider themselves to be at least 30% more attractive than other people find them to be.


Birds have no ring muscle... Meaning when a bird flies over you, you are -always- in danger.


There's still poop in the shrimp you eat unless properly cleaned which chain restaurants don't do.



Breaking up is hard to do.

And when you get the law involved, it's even worse. But sometimes people don't need the law's help to make things overcomplicated, they just have a grand ole time making that happen themselves.

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