Dog Was Brought To Trial Over Who It's Owner Was And The Most Adorable Thing Happened.

Leave it up to none other than the beloved Judge Judy to take no crap from anyone - ever. And to also rule over a verdict that most viewers agree with.

This week, a 2012 episode of Judy's self-entitled courtroom saga went viral on the internet. Go figure, as this has got to be one of the most heartfelt episodes yet.

This adorable dog named 'Baby Boy' was seemingly up for grabs after a dispute over ownership of the canine.

In the heartfelt episode the dog owner fought to get his dog back from a woman who claimed that she bought the dog through a legitimate sale.

The real owner became obvious once Judy ordered for Baby Boy to be brought into the courtroom and released, to determine the own once and for all. 

It looks like that's all it took for the dog to be returned to it's rightful owner. Congrats to him and Baby Boy. 

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