Dozens Of Women Are Now Coming Forward To Talk About Workplace Sexism And Pay Inequity At Google.

Oh no, we love you Google... say it ain't so.

It looks like our favourite search engine, homepage, innovative technology and well the answer to all our incredibly inappropriate life altering questions has fallen from grace with recent accusations of sexism and pay inequality at the workplace.

The news broke when a 10-page internal company memo criticizing Google's race and gender diversity leaked and went viral. 

We've heard these sorts of stories time and time again, except this time the male engineer Google employee responsible for circulating the memo was fired. 

Perhaps because Google couldn't keep this one under wraps. Nonetheless, apparently the Sexism Association have been paying particularly close attention to Google for some time now.

As reported by The Guardian, over 60 current and former women at Google are in the works of filing a class action lawsuit against the company claiming they experience(d) sexism and pay disparities.

These women are suing Google as they believe they have been paid unfairly and less than their male counterparts for the same work - no surprise there. Some also claim they've even had difficulty getting promotions as a result of an overall misogynistic work culture.

It turns of this is not the first sexist uproar that has taken place at Google. In April, the Department of Labor revealed that they had evidence of systemic compensation disparities towards women "across the board" that do not align with federal employment laws. 

Civil rights attorney James Finberg reported this latest potential lawsuit against Google by the mistreated women said their male colleagues made a whoping $40 000 more per year for doing the exact same work.

Since recent accusations Google has denied any mere inkling of a gendered wage discrepancy. A Google representative even went so far as to mention that "60 women is a very small sample size" in a company as large as Google.

Ugh... say what now? 

No one should feel discriminated against on any grounds at their place of employment, ever. 

Google we are going to need you to get it together because Yahoo search and AskJeeves can make a come back quick fast. And well how many people own solely google appliances anyway...

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