Employees Reveal The Most Outrageous Reasons A Coworker Got Fired

There are so many reasons to fire a person but these take the cake. Here, people share the most outrageous person they've seen a coworker get fired, and bosses share the most ridiculous reasons they've had to say buh-bye to an employee. Enjoy!

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Because being a hostess and telling the guest to shut up and wait for their effing table like an adult is frowned upon, even though we all want to do it.


He kept "thinking" with his head on his folded hands, on his desk. For three hours a day, after lunch. 


An underage employee was caught stealing liquor and drinking it on the job. He got so drunk that he couldn't stand on his own and he was trying to put a chair in the dishwasher.


Farmer here.

Mr "guy" decided it was best to throw a 3/4" wrench at my head as hard as he could, after I got after him for not paying attention while running machinery in the field. He wouldn't put his phone down and plugged up the baler multiple times.

The best part was that he was so angry about me telling him what to do that even though I offered to drive him back to his car, he persisted on giving me the finger indefinitely and walking back to his car that 6 miles away.

We had a good laugh over that kid.


We had a kid at our department store who got marched out of the store in handcuffs on a busy Saturday, after they figured out he was stealing merchandise and cash from two stores.

We got a new CEO a couple years ago who instituted a return policy where you didn't need a receipt to make a return. This kid, who was a cashier in the men's department, would go to the closest store to the one he worked at, shoplift a bunch of merchandise, come to the store he did work at, and return it for cash.


I'm no longer a boss there and this was over a decade ago, but was my only firing ever. I used to be a supervisor in a warehouse.

We're looking for this guy to help unload a truck, we can't find him anywhere. So I try the bathroom, door is locked with no answer when I knock. I go grab the key, open it up, and there he is, fast asleep on the bathroom floor, shirt off, using his rolled up shirt as a pillow.

I yell his name and he comes out of his slumber, I tell him to get his arse to the dock and we'll deal with this later. I go to my boss and tell him what happened. He says to fire him. So, I did.

Also, I've never seen so many bubble wrap beds and pillows up on high shelves. That place was a disaster.


I was a manager with the ability to fire and help hire.

Poor kid. He was 20 something and had bipolar disorder. At first he was great. He performed his duties and what not. Soon, he started coming up with reasons not to be there. "I forgot to take my meds." So I'd tell him to go take them and come back. He never showed up that day. The excuses got more and more off the charts, though. "I'm chaffing." "I have blisters on my groin and need to see a Dr immediately." "I crapped my pants and am too embarrassed to stay here."

Poor guy. He was finally terminated for not calling or showing up to work 2 days. I hope he does alright.


Had an employee leaving work. Had a seizure while still in the parking lot. By rule, we had to drug test. He failed and got fired. 


I got drunk with someone who worked below me, they showed up for work still drunk, and I was told to fire them.


ot me, but my boss had to fire a wman who fell asleep in her chair tht faced a window next to the Vice resident's office, who caught her snoozing whle he walked by.

It was her first dy on the job.


I once had to fire a delivery guy for disappearing for 2 hours on a delivery. We were a busy lunch place in midtown Manhattan, so it really left us backed up. When he came back he still had the food, had lost the bike, (which we provided), and was fall-down drunk. He then proceeded to lock himself in the bathroom, (our only one), where he passed out for an hour while I scrambled to find a key. I fired him on the spot, but he came in the next day, either because he had been too drunk to remember, our because he didn't speak much English. I got someone to help me translate while I fired him.


I worked on the management team for a large retailer. HR hired this guy to work the frozen foods department in the afternoons and evenings. The department manager complained that nothing ever got done when this guy worked. We tried to talk to him, but could never find him. We could see he was clocking in, according to the payroll system. We watched the cameras...he would come in for his shift, clock in, and promptly leave the store. When his shift ended, he would return, clock out, and go home. He successfully did this for TWO WEEKS! Heck, we had to refer to our cameras in order to identify him so we could fire him. Honestly, I had a hard time keeping a straight face during the firing. I kinda wanted to say, "Well played, kid."

Yep, he still got paid. He didn't deserve it, but it's our fault for not catching it sooner.


A guy had intercourse with another employee in the staff washroom and broke the sink. Water came rushing out and it made a huge crash, which made everyone run in. It was awkward for everyone.


We had a brand new hire, who I fired half way through his first day. We worked in a secure government facility, and he was found digging through a random employee's trash cans.

He told his trainer he was using the bathroom, and disappeared for twenty minutes. Security found him on the fourth floor of the building - having swept every trash can in every office suite before he was stopped.

He had been looking for bottle caps from Coke products to win a contest. This guy, who gave a perfect interview, threw a tantrum like a child when I let him go. He kicked holes in the walls and let his body go dead weight as security literally carried him out.

To clarify, he didn't start acting poorly until we took the bottle tops from him. Priorities, man...


There once was a couple of guys at my job who were fired because they wrote the entire maintenance log in Klingon and refused to translate it.


My previous job was at a transportation company. One of the drivers took the flatbed truck down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and used the truck as a float in a parade without asking. A drunk girl fell off of the float and there was a police report made. That was the weirdest phone call to receive.


I work a fly-in fly-out job in northern Canada, so workers bring their own tools and clothes. The rest is provided: food, shelter, and transportation to and from site.

So this job had communal washrooms and we lost 4-5 people for peeing in water bottles instead of getting out of bed & walking down the hall. I can understand to a degree, you don't wanna have to let your eyes adjust then not be able to get back to sleep, but at least throw it away and don't leave it for the maids.

One guy took the cake by hiding them in the air vent! Once, one heated up to the point of exploding, 9 full were found in the vent with a 2 way radio and a hotdog still in its cellophane from the cafeteria.


One of my coworkers at a previous job got fired for poisoning a fellow coworker. He filled the guy's can Coke a quarter of the way full with laxatives, which it turns out the guy was allergic too. He spent three days in the hospital. The guy that got fired said it was just a "prank" and they had no right to fire him. He was lucky that he wasn't arrested.


While in college, I knew a guy who worked at a sub shop. He was working a slow shift and thought it would be a good time to grab a snack on the company. He proceeded to go to the back area where the meats were stored, (I assume a cooler of some type), and tear into the packages of meats and cheeses. I'm talking double fisting anything he can get his hands on. He thought he was pretty clever until he looked up and saw a security camera watching him.


I'm a nurse who did contract dialysis at different hospitals. I got banned from the Florida Hospital Chain that are all owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church-banned-for having  a disoriented, oxygen deprived patient count backwards from 10 to 1 in order to slow his breathing. I was told "WE DO NOT PERFORM METAPHYSICAL ACTS IN THIS HOSPITAL", and they called it hypnosis? What about women in labor who use lamas and breathing techniques during birth? Plus, they banned bacon for all employees, which is just wrong.


One guy was bragging that he had a pound of weed in his car to his co-workers. When he come back into the warehouse from 2nd break, someone broke into his car and stole his weed.

He wanted me to call the police and have a police report filed. With zero tolerance work place, admitted drug use is the same as using drugs and he was fired the next day.


I had to fire a girl for taking semi-nude selfies in the bathroom at work. They gave me printed copies of the photos beforehand, in case she tried to argue that the "allegations" weren't true, which she did. After showing her the photos, she accused me of stalking her social media to find these, and threatened to press sexual harassment charges against me for printing out her personal photos.

I honestly had no idea that any of this was going on until an hour before. I was asked to fire her to avoid sexual harassment claims because I was the only female manager.


Technically she quit before we could fire her, but we had a young lady suspected of stealing money deposit bags. She was supposed to be taking them to another location for later deposit, but dozens of them ended up missing. This took months to find out.

An investigation turned up every single missing bag, unopened. Some were in her car, others at her home. She wasn't stealing the money to steal it, just too lazy to deliver them.

We have better oversight now.


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