Exasperated Cashiers Reveal The One Thing Customers Do That Annoys Them The Most.

Cashiers of Reddit were asked: "What's some annoying stuff customers do that just makes you go bananas inside?" These are some of the best answers.


1. Hahaha... so funny! (NOT)

"Oh the barcode isn't scanning properly? Guess it must be free! haha HA HA HAH!"



2. Lucky number 13

If you've ever worked at a gas station/convenience store where lottery is popular, lottery players and their idiotic superstitions holding up the line. The really hardcore ones will only play scratch-offs (which are numbered) with a prime number, or one that ends in 13, or some nonsense, and will make you read off every ticket's #. And for the numbers games some of them will just memorize their #s and list them off quickly for you to screw up-can't write their magic lucky #s down because then someone else will steal them!



3. Guess what? We're not the only restaurant in town!

I've been a cashier at two different fast food places. It's the worst when they complain about the prices. I don't make the prices and I can't give you a discount. Just leave if you don't want to eat here.



4. You can picture steam coming out of this cashier's ears

When grocery store shoppers arrive with 2-3 carts overflowing with food items and stand there asking "How much did that ring-up for?" as each and every item passes through.

Then, at the very end, they hand you piles of coupons, many of which have expired, or that are for items the customer did not buy. Meanwhile, everyone else standing in line behind them watches their ice cream melt as tempers rise...



5. We're all in this together

If the computer/register [screws] up sometimes they get mad over it. Dude, did I do something ON PURPOSE so the computer would [screw] up and ruin your day? Believe me, I want to leave this place as soon as possible just like you do.



6. When you try to be courteous and it smacks you in the face

"Hello! How are you doing si-"

"Pack of special blend light"



7. A helpful tip on how not to be a jerk

I work at a gas station. We have a lot of pumps and you can't see all of them from the checkout. But almost everyone that comes in for gas asks me to put $20 on 'the black Toyota' or some similarly vague car description.

I can't see all the cars at the pumps well enough to determine which one is 'the black Toyota. Even if I could see them well, I really don't know that I could tell your black Toyota rav4 from the black honda crv on another pump upon a quick glance. Sometimes there is more than one car that fits the description given, causing more confusion.

When I inform them that I don't know what pump their car is on, they inevitably get huffy and start wildly pointing in the direction of all the pumps. 'Its right there! Right there, that one!' As if I can tell their vehicle out of the 6 in the same vague direction, which I may or may not even be able to see.

Even with all this trouble they still sometimes manage to be confusing enough to end up with their gas put on someone else's pump, and then accuse me of trying to rip them off.

By the way, I'm the only person on register, so by this point there is a huge line of people and they are all in a hurry and pissed at us both for taking so damn long to finish what should be a 2 second transaction. Here's a hint. Before you go in to prepay for your gas, look at the pump number. Your cashier will be grateful.



8. There should be a policy: if you can't pay, you can't pay

Couple pulls up 2 carts of [stuff]. Realize they don't have enough money. "Oh we'll be back, we live 5 minutes away" Hours go by. Store's closed, I finish putting all their stuff away. Couple comes up bamming on the door "let us in! let us in! we need our stuff we have $$!" OR they just don't show up. I don't care when they don't show up except when before they leave they get an attitude and be like, "You better not put our stuff away. We're gonna be right back."



9. Treat others how you'd like to be treated. It's not that hard.

Getting sweaty boob money! That and people tossing their money or card on the counter, I always wanted to toss it back so they could see how rude it was.



10. But this never happens to me!

Sometimes a customers debit card will get declined upwards of 6 times and they consistently want to keep trying as if its magically going to work after the 15th time.



11. There's no use crying over spilled milk

Yelling at me regardless of what I do with your stupid milk.

If I bag it without asking, I've had a lady rip it out of the bag, shove it in my face and go "Ummmmmm it has a HANDLE!"

If I don't bag it and don't ask, I've had someone slam it so hard into the self bagging thing that it started leaking. You sure showed me.

If I ask and they don't want it bagged, I've had someone look very offended and say, "I'm pretty sure I can handle a gallon of milk."

If I ask and they do want it, I've had someone say "Um. Yes? That's why I gave you bags?" And then proceed to say "yes I want that bagged" to every item I scanned afterwards.

Please don't be condescending to me about your milk, it's not my fault that I can't read your mind about your exact preferences. I literally can't do anything without someone being a [jerk] to me about it.

It's just milk. Pls.



12. If you love it so much, why don't you actually go shop there?!

The ones who think it's MY fault something costs more than it would at Walmart. Of COURSE it costs more than it does at Walmart! Everything will ALWAYS cost more at a gas station. They just stare at me in disbelief and anger as I tell them I don't set the prices and there's literally a Walmart 1 minute's drive away. And then they complain some more.



13. Let's keep the line moving folks!

Talking on the phone and completely forgetting that they're in the middle of a transaction and slow the entire process down.



14. Patience is a virtue

When an old person is obviously struggling with counting money and putting stuff in their cart (I help in any way I can), and somebody behind them sighs very loud, looks at their watch, and/or taps their foot. I get it, you're in a rush. But this is an old person. We're all gonna be old and decrepit someday, be a little nicer.



15. Did you even try to be helpful?

Put my hand out to receive payment method - They put the cash on the counter. :|



16. Excuse me miss? It's me! I'm baaaack!

There's a long line. Customer is taking forever and counting the exact change. "Oh poo! I need 10 more cents, I'LL BE RIGHT BACK" 8 times out of 10, can't void the sale without manager's approval. Go to other register, waits on other people, original customer comes back "YOOHOO IM BACK WAIT ON ME FIRST"



17. This...is...taking...forever...

Hands over two coupons, "How much is my total?" Hands over two more coupons, "How much is my total?" Hands over two more coupons "How much is my total?" Hands over two more coupons, "How much is my total?"........10 minutes later they are still handing two coupons at a time, and when they are done they still have to dig their wallet out of their purse.



18. I see what you're trying to do there

Personally, the most annoying thing is when you see a customer shopping around in the store for 2hrs, they wait in line for 15mins and then when they get to the register they start to decide what they want and do not want. In the process handing you back half of the items in their cart.



19. This is the most frustrating one

Had a customer come in with their kid so he could buy something. They get to the register, and I ring them through and tell them their total (something around $17.50). She put her debit card down like that was her payment method, so I start putting in the total on the debit machine. But she snaps at me and says "No, we're paying in cash". Okay, no problem.

Until I see what cash they're paying in.

She slaps down a gallon zip-loc bag full of quarters, nickels and dimes. And makes. me. count. everything. She watched me the entire time, and finally (surprise surprise) I finish, but it isn't enough to cover the total.

And guess what? She tells me "Oh I'll just pay on debit then."

screams internally



20. I thought this was just common sense

Camping at the register. At really small stores where you're the only customer, it might be okay to stop and go back (transaction half-rung) because you just remembered you need ointment or whatever. Once there's a line, knock that off. I once had to hold up a 20+ person line because two people from the group were continuing to shop and bring items up, arguing about it, shouting across the store at each other, etc. Just... stop.



21. You have to lie in the bed you made

Entitled customers. You know, the ones who say "this donut's a bit stale, it should be free." Hell, it's only been there for 12 hours. Don't buy donuts from a convenience store gas station if you want them to be perfectly fresh.



22. This is so smart

Used to work [as a cashier] when I was 16 and hated when I would turn off my light to take my break and people would keep queuing up, pretending like they don't see that it's off. Got to the point where I'd just flip that sucker to flashing. No one would get in your lane if they thought someone was signing up for a Visa.



23. You had your chance and you lost it

When I'm already handing their cash back and they say "Oh I have exact change" and proceed to stand their for twenty minutes fiddling through their purse or European mens travel bag looking for 69 cents. Once the money is out of the register you shouldn't be allowed to do that.



24. You knew you were coming to the register, be prepared!

Not being at all ready to pay for your stuff. I hate when people stand there and watch everything get rung up and then start searching for their credit card or cash. It's infuriating for the cashier and the next person in line.




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