'Germany Didn't Really Exist After WWII': People Share The Cringiest Conspiracy Theory Someone Has Tried To Sell Them On

There are a few things I've been skeptical about for years but I wouldn't go so far as to say they were conspiracy theories. Just things that raise an eyebrow every now and then. I mean really, what if Tupac was alive and trolling us all?

The following Ask Redditors responded to the question, "Which conspiracy theory makes you cringe the most?" 

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My favourite is the hollow earth theory. 

It's that a race of some type of species lives in the centre of the earth and I think they claim that they'll send people up to scope out how we're doing and that all the people in positions of power here are actually part of the hollow earth species.


I was talking to this guy and jokingly said, "The moon landings weren't even real." Instead of laughing along with me, he just looked me dead in the eye and responded, "Well, of course not. The moon isn't real."

He wasn't joking. He even brought it up a year later. He thinks the moon just doesn't exist.


There was a show on Discovery channel, where a guy said that Hitler escaped and lived under the Atlantic Ocean where he cloned himself. The Hitler clones were making U.F.Os and they would travel through underground tunnels and fly out of caves into the air.


Google "Reichsbrger".

Basically a whole lot of people saying Germany was dissolved in WW2, the "new Germany" is unlawful and thus everyone who wants can rightfully claim his property as a sovereign country.



Seriously though, it's less the theory itself, and more-so the slew of b.s conspiracy theories required to validate the original claim.

You say: "But we've had footage taken of Earth from space."

They return with: "computer generated imagery/film studio...it's all effects"

Or even: "How do you explain vanishing points or a curved Earth while flying?"

Them: "Ohh you just can't see that far / That's just the water bending the light like how things look shorter in water"

The funny part is the moment you bring up "but telescopes... other planets are round and obviously orbiting the sun" they almost exclusively answer "I've never seen any planets, just stars and the moon/sun, which obviously orbit the Earth since you see them every day".

 It's funny and sad because it's at this point you realize the majority of them only believe the theory based heavily on the fact that CGI exists, giving them any leg to stand on besides just being ignorant. 

Before the internet, it was just "I don't know, the ground is flat, so I guess the Earth is too" but now it's "CGI bro, they can make CGI look so real that it will fool you! Don't be a sheep!"


I was at a friends house with 5 other people when someone decided to put it put National Geographic or the Animal Channel on the TV. Cut to an hour later when I'm the only person who doesn't believe in mermaids and everyone is giving me crap for it. 

I'm still kind of jaded after that fiasco. The amount of people I knew and considered fairly reasonable that were 100% convinced that mermaids were real, blew my mind. I felt like I was living in The Twilight Zone at the time.


'Anti-vaxxers' have gone a little overboard. Everything negative health wise is a vaccine injury. Sudden infant death syndrome? Vaccine injury. Shaken baby died? That wasn't murder, it was a vaccine injury. Cancer at 65 years old? Caused by childhood vaccines of course.

Anything even remotely normal is a vaccine injury too. Six month old stops sleeping through the night? Vaccine injury. Toddler throwing tantrums? Vaccine injury.

Good news though, there's ways to detox. Urine therapy where you drink and bathe in urine. Colloidal silver. Something about cabbages. Some kind of enema.

Also, apparently the government now is spreading the flu virus via chemtrails to boost flu vax rates. That's why the Influenza A outbreak in Australia is so bad this year.



That Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike.

It has always struck me just how the Beatles managed to pull this off and keep the secret for so long. Like... how?

They managed to find an absolutely perfect look-alike and sound-alike, as if he had an identical twin. Not only that, this impostor was also left handed and had an extraordinary level of musical talent in his own right. The impostor has gone on to become a Sterling near-billionaire, is still producing records and touring even into his mid-70s.

This is a true stroke of genius and I can only conclude 'the Establishment' helped them somehow.

Nottheonlyone92 & Eddie_Hitler

Tupac is still alive.

Sorry, he's not. Autopsy picture of him filleted and all.


How about any genocide deniers. 

I'm Armenian and three times I've mentioned that to an acquaintance and saw them practically bursting, trying to find some excuse to mention how the Armenian genocide didn't actually happen. 

They wanted nothing more than to tell me about how the families of my great grandparents weren't slaughtered.


Probably how the government set up an elaborate conspiracy to fake the moon landings. 

With movie editing and people comparing shadow lengths in the pictures. It was just so damn desperate.


Sandy Hook is my "cringe" conspiracy theory. Some are hilarious and stupid (flat earth, moon landing), some make me angry (most 9/11 conspiracies), but holy hell. 

The Sandy Hook shooting involves the deaths of a bunch of 6-year-olds, and there's literally no reason to disbelieve it. Not only that, but these people literally harass the parents of a bunch of deceased first graders about it, over some nonsense.


The one about Michelle Obama being a man

Or the one about Lady Gaga being a man.

I don't understand in general what is so fascinating about searching for a bulge on pictures of female celebrities.


Just one week ago I met somebody who truly believed that people can feed on sunlight. I mean only sunlight. 

He told me there was an old Indian Yogi who didn't eat and drink and it was even proven by a hospital... I have already heard stories about Breatharians and Inedians but I've never met "a believer" in person. 

He, of course, was eating.


There was a show on Discovery where a guy told that Hitler escaped and lived under the Atlantic Ocean where he cloned himself. 

The Hitler clones were making U.F.Os and they would travel through underground tunnels and fly out of caves into the air or something like this.


I am absolutely sick to death of these conspiracy theories about reptilian aliens.

They're racist, xenophobic, and incredibly bigoted.

First and foremost, the Schraschz are not aliens. They were the first sentient species to evolve on Earth, and they were rescued by the "Greys" just before the cataclysm that killed off their reptilian cousins. They were transported to Fszst (what we call GJ 667Cc), where they lived for millions of years, eventually evolving into the humanoid reptilian species we know today. While they may very well have inhabited an alien planet, their ancestors were as terrestrial as yours or mine.

With that said, they're still not hidden overlords or anything.

What makes that particular conspiracy theory so confounding and aggravating is this ridiculous notion that the Schraschz are somehow secretly in control of our society. Personally, I think we would have noticed if every one of our leaders had a projecting snout, green scales, and soft feathers instead of hair. Of course, that doesn't stop the theorists, who claim that the Schraschz use some kind of hologram technology, or that they surgically alter themselves to appear more human.

Oh, but it gets worse. Apparently, the Schraschz are here to enslave humanity (or use them for food, or other equally outrageous suggestions), but they're doing it by allowing us to develop newer and better technologies than they currently have access to? 

I mean, we're talking about a species that due to humankind's xenophobia is forced to live exclusively in regions that we find inhospitable. Even those small tribes of humans they do regularly interact with are forced to remain cut off from the outside world as a result.

Look, I understand that they're a bit scary at first sight. The idea of competing physically against a seven-foot-tall lizard is a pretty frightening one. Seriously, though, I dated a Schraschz for about a year and a half, and other than the obvious difficulties (like sex, which was a bit... interesting), I found the young lady to be both intelligent and incredibly witty. (Hell, even the accent is pretty sexy, I'll admit.) The only reason we broke up was because of ignorant bigots who would yell at her, threaten her, or even physically attack her any time she went out in public with me. (For those that care, she's living happily in the Amazon Basin now, though we don't keep in touch as much as either of us would like.)

So, yeah, this idea that they're a marauding group of malicious aliens really angers me, and I wish humanity would just learn to accept the Schraschz for who they are. They're a hell of a lot more evolved than us, and we could learn a thing or two from them.


People that believe dinosaurs never existed.

We had a lesson at church about how dinosaurs were real, one of the girls in youth group yelled out telling the youth leader he's wrong and lying.

Then like two weeks later she was talking about how ghosts were real.

Mindful-O-Melancholy & IamBatman777

I was in the main room of the shelter and this guy looked over at me and started telling me how you could shoot up crystal meth into people and bring them back to life, for up to two weeks because crystal meth is just diamond dust and gasoline and it's exclusively used by the military. 

Odd people in here, i'll tell ya.


The theory is that the trails of exhaust left by airliners are actually mind-control chemicals used by the government to control us.

My brother's a flight attendant. He makes so many jokes about chemtrails. We were flying to the U.S from the U.K together (family holiday, he wasn't working) and every time we hit turbulence he would loudly announce that the crew were faking the turbulence to hide the fact the plane was now leaving chemtrails. It amused me greatly.

commandrix & AccioRincewind

My mom's friend believes that Michael Jackson left subliminal messages in all of his music just for her. Specifically for her.

That's not even the tip of the iceberg, I think her mind's been gone for years.



"It wasn't me!"

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