Hair Stylists Share The One Thing A Client Said That They Should Have Told Their Therapist Instead.

Barbers and stylists of Reddit were asked: "What is something someone in the chair told you that they really should have told their therapist instead?" These are some of the best answers.

2/21 Client had told me her (pastor) husband had given her an std. Apparently, he was sneaking around with a couple of the unwed young mothers that he started a support group for. She was sobbing uncontrollably and I could only hug her and tell her how sorry I was.


3/21 A lady told me that she and her boyfriend were seeing a therapist to fix their relationship and the therapist actually ended up ending the relationship for the boyfriend, like the therapist gave her a break up letter and everything. It was like something out of middle school. Poor lady.


4/21 Once had this lady that wanted just a root touch up of her red hair. She started to explain that she used to be blond but when her husband shot himself while they were in bed one night and the blood spattered on to her hair she liked how it looked...


5/21 I had a lady who would come in and tell me all about the men she was bangin while her husband was deployed in Afghanistan. It made me uncomfortable to say the least, I drew the line when she sent her husband in to get his hair cut when he came back. I quit a week later.


6/21 I think my all time most mentally disturbed client would be the woman that claimed someone kept breaking into her house at night and rearranging stuff. Not stealing anything, or harming anyone, just rearranging stuff. She claimed this went on nightly while her husband was working the night shift. She said it as if it were a normal issue to be having. I didn't really know how to respond.

She was one of those people that after talking to her for a few minutes you knew something was not quite right upstairs. She also once tipped me with a horse head on a stick. Not an actual horse head (thank god) but one of those toy horse heads that if you pinched the ear it makes horse sounds and galloping noises. The horse head was actually a pretty decent tip, I took turns with my coworkers riding it around the parking lot after work.


7/21 One of my clients with hair to her butt started crying sobbing because her last experience 10 years prior had scared her to the point of not getting it done for that long. They chemically burned off her hair with bleach, she was shaking so bad and terrified the whole cut. She also was newly divorced and had just moved to my town so she knew no one here and was a nervous wreck about her ex finding out where she had moved to. Now she won't go to anyone else because she trusts me not to eff up her hair finally. But her last appointment with me she told me not to cut too much because her new boyfriend likes to use her hair to choke her while they bang. She's a mess. But I kind of like her lol.


8/21 Client asks me if I was pregnant with a boy (yes) she then proceeded to tell me how her 4 month old son had recently died of SIDS. She laid him in his crib, asleep and left to go to the store. Her parents were over to help watch him. They checked on him 20 minutes later and he was gone. I was pregnant with my first child and didn't know how to react. I comforted her and cancelled the rest of my appointments for the day. I went home, held my stomach and cried.


9/21 I did have one crazy customer, his name was Frank. He was obsessed with this Illuminati bullsh*t. Reptilians, the apocalypse. Guy was a well paid Drug Rep for a big company, played basketball in college. But the amount of stupidity that came out of his mouth still boggles my mind. He stopped coming because the shop owner was really religious, and they got into an argument because according to Frank, Christmas trees are a phallic symbol and Santa Claus is actually Satan.


10/21 When I was in beauty school I was paired with a nervous, mousey woman who spent half the haircut frantically texting with her husband who was clearly laying on the pressure to control her. Every message was where are you, how much are you cutting off, you said you be done by now. He started calling her nonstop when she let it slip that a guy was doing her hair. By the end she was even more of a wreck than when she came in, and I felt with absolute certainty that he was gonna beat her sometime a little later. It was absolutely chilling, I felt so helpless to help her :-(


11/21 Last week a guy decked out in all Marines stuff comes to the front desk and says "I don't have two nickels to rub together but I have tools worth a lot of money in my truck, could I maybe get a cut, I'm starting a job at the VA Monday". So I take the guy, he wants a straight razor skin fade to a flat top, a pretty in depth haircut, we're talking he's a little weird, probably has alcohol in his thermos. The next thing I know he's telling me he got in a construction accident and the cement blocks "crushed his manhood" and now he's divorced. Came back after the Monday he was allegedly supposed to have a job. Asked me for a free haircut, I shelled out the money for the cut last time, I couldn't do it again.


12/21 Crying, telling me about how she used to be independent when she was my age. She had gone through abusive relationships, even moving in with someone in another state after I think a month of long distance dating. She doesn't need me or a motivational speaker, but a psychiatrist.


13/21 Well once an older lady like 60ish told me about how the father of her daughter had sex the first time they met. They are divorced now because I guess he's an a**hole but that they always had really great sex. Not too terrible just not something I want a mental image of.


14/21 I had a client in beauty school who told me about how she randomly decided to abandon her young children (she was a single parent) with no note and no one to take care of them to go be homeless twenty years prior, and how one of them only just found her and were angry at her for abandoning them and she thought it was unfair that they hold that grudge against her. She was still homeless. Really picky. Always requested me. Found out I waxed my friend from school's snatch and got mad that I refused to wax hers. Sent me a letter on my last day of school saying I was her best friend with her phone number in it.


15/21 I have a client who is so interesting that I'm not sure where to begin. She has been coming into the salon for the past five years, and she is the kind of person that always talks in riddles so she is hard to understand sometimes, but this is what I am sure of. First of all, she has had 6 kids, all of which have had some sort of severe mental illness. Only one of them is alive today, and she always leaves him in the car the whole time she tans or gets her hair done. She has told me several times that apparently her ex husband threw lighter fluid on one of her children and then threw a match on him, burning down the house as well. She says she runs into him quite often in town and she swears one day she will get her revenge and that he is a true psychopath, and that she still lives in fear but apparently there is nothing she can do.

She had to find out about her own sisters funeral, who she used to be close with, from the newspaper. Her family completely ignored her and when she showed up and sat in the back of the church by herself, she had to be forcibly escorted out. According to her, she never did anything wrong, and they had no reason to act that way. It really makes me wonder how bad of something would you have to do to to be thrown out of a funeral.

She told me in the fall that she wouldn't be in until spring because she was saving her money so that come spring she could rent a uhaul to move her and her son to Louisiana to find the people from Duck Dynasy, and stay with them. She really thinks that they would get along great and be good friends.

She does home health care, and she's always told me about this man that she has taken care of for years. She recently told me she was fired but couldn't give me a clear reason why besides the mans family being crazy.

She really is out there, and I always wonder how much is truth and how much she makes up. She's always polite, friendly, and definitely interesting.


16/21 I had a client come in, and while I was shampooing her hair she began to cry. I turned off the water and asked her if she was ok or in pain (she was in her mid to late 50's and shampoo sinks can be quite painful on the neck). She replied with "I don't know why these feelings are coming out now, but I can't stop crying. My best friend, who I considered my sister, was murdered by her son last month." I had read about that story in the newspaper a few weeks prior and honestly I was at a complete lose for words.

She continued "I was suppose to pick up my best friend that morning to give her a ride to work. When she didn't answer the door, or her phone, I knew something was wrong. Her son always had a lot of mental issues and she had opened up to me recently that she was getting very worried. I then called her husband to let him know that she was not answering the door or my phone calls. He came home and found her dead on the living room floor. Their son was still home. He stabbed her multiple times."

I was still in shock because of what I was hearing, and I am normally not an emotional person at all, but I just began to cry. We hugged and cried a bit together. She kept apologizing for telling me this story and for making me cry. I tried my best to comfort her and tell to be strong. It was actually quite the moving and eye opening experience.


17/21 I'm 18 my first week in my chair, and a disheveled guy sits down. I make the mistake of asking him how he is, he goes on a tangent about how his wife dumped him, and he wants to jump off a bridge. Never saw him again.


18/21 Complaining the whole time about being single, saying sexist things about men. Of course, the issue is with them insert_sexismand not with her. She would have ridiculous requirements that almost no one could actually meet and anyone that could probably doesn't want to deal with her. She would do extensive background checks on dates (her job gives her that ability) and then complain that they were too intimidated by her.


19/21 Talking about her emotionally abusive husband, in denial that he's abusive. The entire family takes advantage of her and she's slowly, so slowly, realizing it. I, of course, don't know what I'm talking about when I bluntly tell her not to put up with it, because I am too young to understand.


20/21 It was around Xmas and as I was washing an elderly client's hair, I asked her what she was doing for Xmas day. She said nothing, she doesn't have any kids because her husband was castrated when he was 11 by his brother, but they're both dead now anyway. She didn't give me any warning on this information, just told me. My only response was "Oh, that's a pity."


21/21 I had this lady that came in for a haircut, she was probably late 20's or so. She seemed a little off and really talkative, which is great because I love talking with everyone. I don't remember how the conversation started, I think maybe she mentioned her daughter. Usually if it's a younger person and they say they have a child I ask how old they are. Keeps the conversation ball rolling. Here's what happened.

Client: Yeah, my daughter is 11 but she lives with my aunt.

Me: Gotcha. (There is no way I'm opening that can of worms.)

Client: Yeah, she's there because my dad raped me and I was afraid he might rape her too.

Me: (Nothing. I have literally lost any ability to speak.)

She then goes on to explain how her daughter may be her dad's, but she still lives with him. All I want to do at this point is get her cut finished and talk to my teacher. I'm one if the older students (mid 30's) but I absolutely do not know what to do. Should I call CPS? The cops? I don't know. Afterwards I talk to my teacher and she said not to get involved, the lady is kind of crazy and the child does not live in the house.

But the most I unnerving part was that this lady regularly came in, with her dad. So I have also cut his hair. And he is creepy as f*ck.



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