'He Fell Asleep At Family Dinner': Skeptical Parents Share Questionable Things Their Children's Partners Have Done

I don't know about any of you but my parents sure as hell aren't taking no b.s from no significant other of mine. In fact, at that point they wouldn't even be significant to me (or my parents) at all. Rather dust particles roaming the earth...

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He tried to steal my car, dog, and VCR at about three in the morning. When I caught him about to pull out of the driveway, his excuse was:

"I have to run to my place really quick to grab a bite to eat. Would you like anything?"

When I asked about Sasha [my dog], and my VCR, he said he was worried someone would steal them while he was gone, so he was bringing them with him to keep them safe...

My little girl dumped him and I let him keep the VCR.


Step dad of a 16 year old girl here.

I tried to like the little guy she is dating, I really did. However, after just a couple of months together he got caught in enough lies trying to get into her pants that I didn't like the kid much. 

The latest shenanigan was threatening to break up with her unless she gave her virginity to him on short notice after calling her a whore and a slut over her Halloween costume. When we had his mother confront him, he admitted it and then he 'grounded himself' because he felt so badly about it. 

My step daughter has turned her back on her family for him and he is so beyond not worth it. When we had to move three hours away for work, she refused to go because of him and is now living with my wife's mother. Thankfully she is about as fond of the boy as I am so their contact remains minimal.


When my son was 15 to 18 he dated a young woman who didn't like me (single mom) and repeatedly tried to get him to disobey and disrespect me. 

Honestly, I never did anything to her, but she never let up. I would say to young people, never get serious with someone who encourages you to hate your family, unless of course the people in your family are abusive.


My son and his ex-girlfriend had been dating for about three years. We needed help with our rent due to my husband's health problems and not being able to work, so they decided to build an apartment in our basement for them and their two young children. He had just finished the framing when she showed up, unannounced, with a u-haul full of her stuff, ready to move in.

She quit her job when she moved (we lived 2 states away) so she was 'looking' for a new one. My son would leave in the morning to go to his job, and she wouldn't get out of bed until at LEAST 2 in the afternoon. Meanwhile, I would go downstairs and get her two young boys out of bed, get them dressed, feed them breakfast and lunch, do their laundry, bring them outside to play and make them dinner. When she finally got out of bed all she would do was sit in front of the T.V and play around on her phone. My son was working double shifts to make up for her lack of a job, so he would get home around 9 p.m., right as my husband and I would be going to bed.

He would help her put the boys to bed, watch a little T.V while he ate dinner (which I cooked) and then they would go to bed around 10. I overheard her one night talking (lying) about how she filled out sooo many applications and even how she got a couple of calls back to set up interviews.

After a month of this my husband and I had had enough, and we told my son everything. He couldn't believe it. That weekend he asked her about it and she denied everything. I told her, I told him what she had been doing and how she had been acting and she started screaming and got in my face, calling me a names and threatening to kill me. The kids were crying, she was crying, I was crying and my son was obviously very upset. He ended up calling her mother to come get her and bring her back to live with her and then rented a u-haul and drove all of her belongings to her.

Turns out she had a drug problem when they started dating and had told my son that she had quit a year prior to her moving in with us, when in fact she was using even more while she was in our house. Obviously they broke up, which didn't bother my son too much when he found out exactly how she had been acting towards us all and how she wouldn't even offer to do the dishes or the laundry, never mind how much she neglected her children. 

The only thing that bothered my son, and still does to this day (they broke up about 2 years ago and he practically raised her children since their father never saw them) is that she won't let him to talk to her two boys, even a quick call to say happy birthday or Merry Christmas. She even returns the gifts and cards he sends in the mail.


My sons, no problems with the girls they date or have dated. My daughter has attracted some odd ones. We always kept quiet about not liking them, trusting that she'll see them for what they were eventually and we have been lucky. 

The one before the current one (which we really like) was really a lost boy. He wasn't a take charge person and was totally helpless. Almost set our house on fire and when our daughter was seriously ill, he didn't get that she needed to rest and be left alone. She finally convinced him it was over when she moved across the country for school.


Lots of things. But what really sent him over the edge was stranding her (she's American) in Prague alone for a week. I dislike him so much.

I still haven't heard the whole story. She was traumatized enough and she refuses to talk about it. Here's what I do know. They had a tumultuous relationship all through college. I thought it was finally over (sigh). But he went on a study abroad trip to Prague and invited her over. I groaned when she told me she was going, but she's grown and thus can make her own decisons.

She gets there. Within 2 days I'm getting alarming messages. At some point they fought (again) and he kicked her out of his flat. Luckily he comes from money (another nightmare) so he puts her up in a crappy hotel until she can leave.

I have infinite gratitude for the people she met there who were willing to help her. They seemed to know how much trouble she was in.

But if I ever run into him it will take a lot to not get physical.


My son's relationship with his wife has been nothing but chaos for him and our family. They've been married four years this year.

My son and wife are the conspirators behind why my son was less than honourably discharged from the military a few weeks after graduating basic. I blame them both to some extent, but I think she caused him a lot of heart break and encouraged him to attempt to leave the military. Coming from a long line of those who served in the military, it makes me extraordinarily angry when she goes out of her way to "thank him for his service in the military."

Then during their third year of marriage, while they were trying to get pregnant, she was out of control. She cheats on my son with her ex-boyfriend, told my son she's been cheating for a month on Valentine's Day and moves out. Gets pregnant by this guy, sells (or he stole) her wedding ring, maxes out her credit card, and tanks her credit score. On the day they go to sign their divorce papers, she tells my son she's pregnant, lies to him and says it might be his, and asks that he take her back. He did.

To say the least, I'm angry. It's a lot of anger directed at her, some anger directed at him for being so pathetic  and lenient with her, but also admiration for him for choosing to raise the child with her. There's a lot more going on in their relationship, and their behavior towards the rest of the family makes it very difficult to help or give advice in any meaningful way.


He Stole my wife's credit card and bought himself shoes and an iPhone. Also took $150 to go party. 

What made me not like or be able to tolerate him anymore was stealing $10 from his little brother's wallet. 

Steal from me all you want, I'm an adult. Stealing from your little brother just shows that you are a douchebag.


Convinced her to sneak out of our house in the middle of night. Then cut work. Then cut school. Then drop out of high school and run away.

Eventually she left him and found a new person and got married in a month. Now mostly she sits around collecting food stamps and smoking. In my opinion smoke all you want, but if you don't have enough money for food, you shouldn't have enough money for drugs.


My oldest son (in his 20s) brought his new girlfriend over to meet me  his dad and younger brother. 

She proceeded to advise my youngest son (14-year-old) to sign up for Sugar Daddy sites to talk to men for money. She didn't get invited back to the house and they eventually broke up a few months later.


She was 20, my daughter was 16. My ex thought it would be a good idea for the girlfriend to move in together. So she was living with her girlfriend.

 When they broke up, and the girlfriend moved out, she spread lies about why they broke up and screwed with my daughter's reputation. Then she damaged my daughter's car and threatened her friends. 

Now they're back together, and the girlfriend can't understand why I wouldn't have her over for Thanksgiving.


He was a registered sex offender. Years before he met my daughter, he was seeing an underaged girl and chaos resulted. 

I hate that my daughter's life is difficult. I think I'm like other parents; I want her life to be bettered by her significant other. It's not and that makes me not warm up to him. 


Repeatedly infected my teenage son with lice. Every time he came home with them, he'd say they broke up, we'd go through the whole delousing process, then they'd be back together the next week. Repeat.

I've spent a fortune this year on pesticides, shampoos and combs. I wanted to report her parents to the Centre for Disease Control, but my wife didn't want to make waves.

I feel compelled to mention this isn't the only thing she's done that pisses me off. She also encouraged him to skip school and broke his phone. Frankly, he's not much better being a surly teenager with a constant attitude. Also, we're divorcing, he's my stepson (so no child support), I'm moving out this week and it won't be my problem anymore.


On Thanksgiving day, my daughter brings her new boyfriend over and they are dozing off at the table (clearly high). I offer to take them home saying "if you're so tired maybe you should go home." Her new boyfriend gets angry and starts swearing at me. I had to shove him out the door and as he tries to get back in I kick him in the chest. Then the cops came and took him away.

I couldn't stand that guy.


They got together when he was 15, she was 19 at the time, every time they broke up she would sleep with one of his friends. My son is no saint, but she brought out the worst in him with drugs and booze all the time, they would fist fight non-stop. 

When he was 17 he moved out and got a place with her, a very nice place in the suburbs that she pays for with her exotic dancing and drug dealing money. She also got pregnant when he was 18, continued to dance and take pills. Had a miscarriage at 5 months, well not exactly, she actually gave birth and the baby lived for a few hours, then the passed. 

I just hate her, and I hate that we all have to pretend we like her or he doesn't come around the family at all.


Starting when my son just turned 15 he would be persuaded to sneak out at night by a girl who was 18. What made me angry was that I caught him sneaking out one night and he eluded to having done things with her and never went into more detail. 

From that day forward I did not like her, but I wasn't mad at my son because she got him to sneak out possibly have sex and at the time I thought he was a boy and his hormones were raging so I just told him never sneak out again. However, being bias and not the greatest parent when he got older he explained that she forced him into having sex with her one of those nights, then persuaded him that this meant that they were in a relationship and continued on "dating" for a couple years. Ever since then, I've been upset and do not take things for granted.

My son is a great kid and he's pretty open with me now, but as he got older he realized his story was an outlier and his guy friends and especially some girls he dated later down the road made fun of him for his experience. They would say things like, "You're a boy of course you liked it", "She forced you? That's kinky, well sounds like your dreams came true", and "So you like when and older girl dominates you?" 

All of these remarks made me absolutely livid. However, I learned that when I brushed off my son's situation with his past significant other as just "raging hormones" I was no better than his friends and latest girlfriends mocking him and have tried my best to make it up to him.


I might have one of the strangest reasons for disliking my daughter's boyfriend, it's actually not even his fault. My daughter is dating the son of a rival politician.

With most political rivals, I don't hate them on a personal level, but with this guy, my dislike for him is personal, he dislikes me on a personal level too. I think he's a treasonous jerk who'd sell out his country for the sake of his ideology, but that's not relevant here. Before anyone asks, I'm not American.

Anyway, they both go to the same school. The children of a lot of politicians go to that school, and she tells me they met in drama class. They're both completely enamoured with each other. I can guarantee you, every time my daughter sighs it's because she's thinking about her boyfriend, he's all she ever thinks about anymore. I think "puppy love" is what most people call it.

I hate the kid because of who his dad is. I know it's ridiculously unfair to him, but I can't help it. He does well in school, is well behaved, and keeps in shape.

The only think he's done that's caused me to dislike him is that balcony conversation b.s they pulled a few days ago. He snuck into my yard, and he talked to my daughter while she was in her balcony. Like it was Romeo and Juliet or something.  I chased him off and my daughter insists that it wasn't his fault.

I should probably have a face to face conversation with him one day. See how close to his dad he really is. Screw his dad though. I'm told he said my daughter was promiscuous and told his son not to date her.



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