Hotel Clerks Share The Strangest Guests That Ever Stayed With Them.

Hotel clerks are in charge of checking guests in and out of their rooms, and generally keeping guests happy while they stay. But a lot of shady stuff can go on at hotels, so the job of hotel clerks is a lot harder than you'd think.

Hotel clerks of reddit shared their stories of the wildest guests they've had. Check out the source at the end of the article to read more!

So I'm checking in some random guy, probably in his mid 20's. I'm female, for reference here.

Just finishing up checking him in and I'm preparing his key cards when he suddenly says: "Hey, I'm really flattered, but don't do that".

I look up from what I'm doing totally confused and say: "I'm sorry?"

Guy: Really, I am very flattered, but I'm married.

Me: I'm sorry Sir, I'm not sure what you're talking about to be honest.

Guy: (he puts one eye brow up and says) "The key card packet?"

Me: (I'm so confused I honestly don't even know what to say next and just look down at the key cards and back at him)

Guy: It's ok, no need to be embarrassed, just give me a new card holder and we'll just go about our day.

Me: Honestly Sir, I'm terribly sorry but I seriously don't know what you're talking about.

Guy: Your phone number? Really, I mean no offense, you're an attractive woman, no offense at all, but like I said, I'm married and I don't need that kind of temptation in my life.

Then I finally realize what is happening. When I was writing down the password to the WIFI on the key card packet, as is standard procedure here, he thought that I was writing my phone number on it.

Me: Oh......actually, what I was writing on here is the password to the WIFI.

Guy: (face immediately turns fire engine red) Oh.

I hand him his keys so he can see and tell him that's the password and he quickly takes them and walks off without another word.

Oh awkward.


So, a few minutes ago, our janitor came to the front desk and said "Um... there's someone calling on the elevator?"

I was like "What do you mean? There's someone stuck in the elevator?" Which, y'know, wouldn't be the first time, but still.

He goes "I don't know, but they're talking on the speaker."

So I go to the elevator and step inside and sure enough, there's a lady's voice on the speaker going "Hello? Can you hear me?"

I say "Yes, I can hear you. Are you okay?" Because I'm thinking that maybe she's stuck in the other elevator and has somehow managed to call this one.

She goes "Yeah, is this the (hotel)?"

...Huh? "Yes, it is....?"

"I'd like to speak to someone about making a reservation."

Okay... WHAT? "Ma'am, you've reached the elevator."

"I what?"

"You've called the elevator on our property. May I ask what number you called?"

She then lists off a number that is in no way similar to our front desk number and isn't one I've ever heard before. Turns out she called 411 for Information and the number THEY have on file goes directly to our freaking ELEVATOR for SOME REASON. What the heck.


A few years ago I checked in a guest that did 4 tours and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army. I waived all fees b/c it was a dog that was on the bomb squad. This was probably my favorite guest. The Dog never made a sound and he was with the wife of the person who worked with him in the middle east.


Young lady walks in, asks if we have a spot for outgoing mail. I tell her we do and she slides about 100 envelopes across the desk. I notice immediately they don't have postage. I mention this to her and she looks at me like I don't know how to do my job.

Her - "This is a hotel, right? You mail letters, right?"

Me - "That's correct. But you must provide the postage. I do have stamps for sale, but not enough for all your envelopes."

Her - "Well, it's for my wedding. Can you make an exception?"

Me - "No."

Her - "You're supposed to be hospitable and you won't even help me mail my wedding invitations?"

Me - "What's your room number? I can ask the houseman to stop by the market and buy more stamps, but you still have to pay for them."

Her - "1234 This Is My Address"

Me - "I just need a room number"

Her - "I live a few blocks away. I'm not staying here"

Me - "I'm sorry, but I can only sell stamps to guests. If you buy your own and come back with the envelopes stamped, I'll make sure the mail man picks them up Tuesday"

Her - "No, forget it. This is the worst service ever" (YOU'RE NOT EVEN STAYING HERE)

She walked out, but came back like 3 seconds later to tell me I can forget about getting an invite. I don't even know this lady.

She was trying to avoid paying about $50 in stamps.


I was going on with my usual NA stuff last Saturday, when a man, followed by another one comes to my front desk and says:

"My wife cheats on me. What will YOU do about it?"

"... Well, Sir, I'll do the reception like I always do."

"No, my wife cheats on me and I want to get my revenge. What will you do about it?"

"Nothing Sir. I don't want to be involved with anything of the sort. I'm your NA tonight. Do you need a room?"

"I have a room. I have a room and I want revenge. Will you or will you not help me?!"

"Again Sir, NO. That's not my job and it's really none of my business."

"Does it make you laugh?! My wife cheats on me! MY LIFE IS OVER!"

After this conversation going on back and forth, and please notice he was there with his sons, a relative and a relative's son, he drops this last thing on me:

"Why won't you sleep with me?! I NEED MY REVENGE! You are a woman! Sleep with me! Does it seem right to you that my wife cheats on me?!"

People are so weird, I swear.


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So imagine like the most typical suburban mom you can, and then add about 50 more stereotypes, and you're about halfway to what this woman was like. She checked in on Friday and is staying with her two sons playing in a soccer tournament (yup, she literally was a soccer mom). 

This happened yesterday morning to my coworker, as soccer mom was checking out. Coworker asked her about the stay, got the typical "not great, but I suppose it was acceptable." Anyways, she heads off and then shows up about 30 minutes later and asks the titular question. Normally our managers don't let us give change for anything over $20, as we've had issues in the past of guests changing out lots of large bills and leaving us with no small ones. One night I literally had nothing left but coins, $50s, and $100s, but I digress. So for reasons unbeknownst to man, my coworker decided screw it I'll give out $200 change, screw the next shift if they need it.

So while this was going on, we've also got a pretty big wedding party staying with us, and apparently, they ALL decided to go down to breakfast together right as we open at 7am. As in, almost all of the people staying in our medium sized hotel just show up to the restaurant and causes a huge stink about why is it taking so long for the cooks to prepare 50+ orders all at once, why is our small waitstaff not faster, what do you mean breakfast isn't included with the stay. Generally making the kitchen/waitstaff's lives hell.

Well apparently, Soccer Mom had been eating with her kids, trying to get them excited for the game later that day, and saw the whole thing go down. So, what did she need the $200 broken into? 4 $10s and 8 $20s, to give each one of our waiters a $50 tip. She said that she used to be a waiter, and knew the pain of dealing with huge parties that show up out of nowhere. In her words, "[the waitstaff] could have been a little more professional about it, but overall I understand why they were unprepared." Really blew me away that she (or anyone!) would do that, and just goes to show sometimes people really do defy all of your expectations!


The other night I had a woman make a reservation for her and her son. She said it was his seventh birthday and she wanted to do something special with him since she has an older boy who has had a lot of health issues this year and she really just wanted to have some one on one time with her youngest. She said our hotel was the fanciest place she could think of.

Her story was really sweet to me so I decided to upgrade their room for them and I put together a little basket with soda, chips, candy, etc... and my coworker left it in their room.

She wrote a comment card and a post stay survey saying that she was so overwhelmed by all we'd done for her that she actually cried! She was just so sweet and grateful and gushing on and on about how great of an experience it was. I'm just so happy that we were able to do something so small on our end that made such a huge difference to the guest and her son.


Since my GM thinks its great to leave only one person on the property during the 3-11 shift, I had to run upstairs to help a guest. Upon my return, I had an older lady lurking in the back area (our hotel is set up with a rear department behind the front desk which contains the GM office, housekeeping computer and leads back to our kitchen.) I proceed to ask her why she was back there, and she stated "I was looking for someone to check me in." Now, I have placed a sign on our counter that states I am away from the desk and will be back momentarily. I asked if she saw the sign, which she said SHE HAD! Ok, because of a lot of personal issues going on on the homefront, today just isn't the day. I then proceed to ask her what made her go to the back looking if she read the sign, why she would go back into the area looking for someone.

Here's the beautiful response- "Because there wasn't a sign not too"

To which I replied "Ma'am, that's what common sense is for."

She then proceeds to call me every name in the book, call my manager, call corporate, and demand to both to have me fired.

My manager texted me telling me I have a meeting with him and HR tomorrow morning at ten. 

I received a write up with another pending on the online review. The manager didn't take my side on anything stating "the guest is always right" and that I should have simply asked her what she needed. According to them I'm on my last legs with the company which I find ironic since this is the ONLY bad experience I have documented against me in my 8 months with the company. 


I feel sick.

We have a pretty much packed house here for New Years with one room left in case of emergencies (Broken toilets/showers/bed issues etc). 

About a half hour ago an officer came in and told us a man's house just burnt down and he needs a place to stay. Immediate response from us is "We have nothing left" and the officer leaves. We mull over what bad luck it is for this guy and move on. Until a half hour later another officer comes and begs us just to let him sit in the lobby even until the morning so they can figure out how to help him. I say sure. The poor guy walks in and my heart sank. He's got sandals on in -12 weather, a track jacket, sweatpants, and he is covered in ash head to foot. He sits down and he's shaking. Man I felt sick. I argue with my coworker for a bit but we both decide we have to help him. I call my manager and convince him to give the room away, coworker goes out to get him a coffee and I get him to write his name down and give him room keys. He pushes it back saying he doesn't have any money left and I tell him he doesn't have to worry about that and we're taking care of him. He bursts out crying and holding my hand thanking me, and I really meant it (because it felt that way) that it was the least I could do to help the poor guy on New Years night. My coworker got back and took him up to his room and he gave him a hug and cried hard again.

It shocked me awake, hearing people party in our banquet rooms on the other side of the building, talking about resolutions and hopes for the new years, and seeing this guy in the middle of it all, alone, crying, covered head to toe in ash, crying at the simplest act of decency and help he could get.

I'm not going to forget my ability to help people here again, no matter how jaded and terrible the people here might make me again (In fact there's a couple of them glaring me down right now as I write this because I gave him the room and not them).

I hope that this poor guy gets some good karma and control back in his life.


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So today was just another Tuesday, nothing out of the ordinary. I had checked in a guest who was just an awesome guy, really friendly, positive, not picky about his stay whatsoever. He came down later in the evening to get some coffee and to chat, I wasn't busy at all so it was nice. He starts asking me about what I do in my off time, I told him a couple of my hobbies and briefly mentioned that online strategy games are one of them. He told me that he has loved strategy games all his life, I asked him what his favorite game was, and without even hesitating he said "Rome Total War" (it's a real time historical strategy game for those not familiar) which is hilarious because that just so happens to be my favorite computer game. If this sounds like a bromance just wait... it gets weird.

We went on to talk about the game and how awesome it is yadda yadda yadda, he eventually asks me what my gamer tag is on steam, asked if I would ever want to play a round with him. I was hesitant because I'm at work and "professionalism". He picked up on that and said "I tell you what here is my gamer tag, if you ever want to play a game or two, let me know". He hands me the piece of paper and I just died laughing immediately. He looked understandably confused, and as soon as I composed myself I told him my gamer tag and he couldn't believe it.

It turns out this guy and I were already friends on steam and play Rome together regularly! What are the chances that he is traveling on business and just so happens to stay at the hotel I work at on a night I am working? We proceed to talk about video games, and figure out we've played together dozens of times.

It was cool to meet him, but very weird at the same time.


About 5am this morning had a guy come down right as I finished brewing coffee for the morning. Heard him groan and say "wish I had brought [tea brand] with me..." Me, being an avid tea drinker, bored, and just trying to wait out the hours until my relief comes in at 7, call out and offer to make him a cup from my own supply. I make it, hand it to him, he thanks me and walks off.

About 10 minutes later the guy comes back down and gives me $40! He said "I haven't had tea this good since I was in England for a business meeting, and it's been a bad week. Thanks for making today start on a good note."


I was just dealing with someone who didn't want to put a credit card down for incidentals. She was screaming for a manager. The man behind her says "Excuse me? I think the manager is the one who trained this young lady. She's not telling you no for her benefit. Besides, you'll just get even more upset because the manager will tell you no. Then you'll try to call corporate when in all honesty, they'll put you on the do not rent list in all brand name properties."

She turned red and walked out. When she got to the door she yelled out for me to cancel her reservation. He yelled back "It's 24 hour cancellation."

He was looking for a room and we were sold out. Her room was booked and had an approve authorization. I just charged that room as a "No Show" and re-sold it to this man at a discounted price. He was just really tired and didn't want to stand behind her any longer. I love when guests stand up for us!


I just accidentally accepted a bribe.

It's minutes before closing time and these two people come by the front desk and ask if I can keep it open 30 minutes longer. They mention how busy their work week has been and promise to be quiet, which are all things I have heard before. I tell them that I will look at the floor plan to see if anyone is in a room adjacent to the pool. While doing so, they make a joke and say that they will give me $20. I noticed that to two guys were drinking liquor in some solo cups and I jokingly reply with "I wouldn't mind some Apple Crown Royal". At this point I confirm no one is near the pool and tell them that I will keep the pool opened til 11 tonight.

10 minutes pass and they come back down in their swimwear with a white plastic bag with some things inside. They say "we found this by laundry. You might want to check for identifying information." I thank them for bringing it to me and brought it to the back office. I look inside and it's a bottle of whiskey and some Canada Dry. I feel tainted taking it, but to be honest, I am probably going to take it home with me tonight.


"Girl at the front desk was wearing a coat. Just think it looked unprofessional."

Yes. Yes I was wearing a coat (technically it was a jacket). So were you for that matter. Everybody was. Why?

Because it was 5 degrees outside. The front desk is right next to the main entrance that people are constantly walking in and out of. To say that I was freezing that morning is an understatement.

It wasn't like I was all bundled up like Randy from a Christmas Story, either. It's just a black fitted coat. Doesn't look much different than my black blazer that I normally wear.

I'm so sorry that me being cold bothered you to a point to where you felt it necessary to not only write about it, but also to lower my scores over it.

Merry Christmas. You really know how to bring in holiday cheer. I am sure you are just a BLAST at parties.


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Our hotel makes Thanksgiving dinner for all our guests and employees.

My dad bought a small 40 room hotel in 1999 and me and the rest of my family all spent time working there.

I don't know when he started doing this, but I found out about it while I was away at college. He works with his employees and my culinary inclined brother to make a turkey and goodies for everyone. We lay it out in the late afternoon in the same way we lay out the continental breakfast.

I think it's sweet and wanted to share. Especially because during the summer we're full of tourists, but this time of year the people staying at our hotel are usually either truck drivers or locals who are there out of necessity; people who could probably really use a nice home cooked meal.


Room 1XX calls and says she was trying to reheat some leftovers from dinner but the microwave isn't reheating it. I check it out. Yup, microwave isn't working properly. Turning on, but nothing gets heated.

My hotel has the microwaves that are installed above stoves typically. So this isn't a "I'll go get you another microwave right away."

The room next to hers is vacant, I let her heat her food up there. While she's doing that I go to see if anyone is at the desk, and of course when I'm no where near the desk, my last arrival comes in. I check them in, easy and quick. I go back to the room she was using , see if the microwave needs a quick cleaning. I walk in and she's in the shower. Her room is literally 8 inches away from this one. I go back to the desk and deactivate her keys because I really want to know what the hell she was thinking.

A good 20 minutes goes by and she's in the robe that I'm assuming is meant for the other room and not hers. As I'm reprogramming her key I ask why she was showering in that other room, was her shower also not working? She said she thought I gave her another room free of charge since the microwave wasn't working.

I'm not gonna charge her for using that room beyond the extent originally allowed. But she's definitely not getting a discount for the busted microwave now.


So I'm finishing up my audit shift, pretty much checked out, when this guy approaches the desk. He launches into the stock intro all the complainers do about how his night didn't go very well, so I inquire about his hardship. He tells me "that was not a queen bed me and my wife were bumping elbows all night". I inform him that there are no queens in the hotel and that we only have kings and full size. He goes "well that wasn't even a full, your beds are small." I apologize, tell him our beds are standard, and basically tell him there's nothing I can do about that and offer him a king. He goes "I need two kings, one for my son and his friend" So I ask him, just to clarify, if he wants to book an additional room. He goes "yes and you are going to pay for it." I told him we were not and he asked for my manager. In what universe does this guy think we would comp an extra room for him because the full HE booked didn't have enough breathing room for him and his wife. I hate people. Also, why is he so scared of touching his wife?


A car pulled up and 2 beautiful brides got out of it. Seriously, they were absolutely stunning. They were also very, very hungry. They raided our suite shop for some post wedding snacks and were hanging out in the lobby.

There was also another wedding that was getting back at the hotel around the same time. A drunk gentleman from that wedding staggered into the hotel. He approached the front desk area, reeking of booze. His eyes were completely glossed over and his speech was slurred. He needed a key to his room. While I'm making the key his eyes wander over to the 2 brides.

Drunk guest: Did you two have a double wedding?!

Bride: Nope, we married each other!

Drunk guest: Ohhhhh man, that's a wedding I would have wanted to go to.


I immediately stood a little straighter and began eyeing the drunken idiot.

Bride: Ahhh, to me it seems you've had enough weddings for one evening sir!

Nice. I like this bride already. Able to hold her own. But still, as the other bride went to go prepare her microwaved meal, the drunk guy started following her.

I hopped off my chair and followed the drunk guest who was eyeing the drunk bride. Bro. SHE JUST MARRIED A WOMAN. SHE'S NOT INTERESTED.

Me: "You good, Mr. Drunk Guest?"

Drunk Guest: "Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just trying to have a conversation here..."

Me: "Do you know her?"

Drunk Guest: "No but I'd like to."

Me: "Ooookay, Mr. Drunk Guest, do you need help finding the elevator?"

Drunk Guest: "Nope! I know where it is."

Me: "Well, let's get you there then and up to your room."

He stares at me blankly, just completely dead in the eyes.

Me: "I'm not leaving until you do. Let's leave these brides alone to their late dinner, they're probably exhausted."

Drunk guy sighs that I'm cockblocking him from a lesbian bride and walks his way over to the elevator. The brides stopped by the desk after their food was heated and thanked me.


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Sometimes, you just need a good laugh at the end of a terrible week.

When I came into work this afternoon, the morning FDA let me know that Annoying Guest had yet to leave, two hours after checkout, after being called and told to leave multiple times. So I walk over to the room, knock, and let them know that I would be calling the police in ten minutes if they weren't gone by then. I watched them leave and then went about my day. As I'm getting ready to head home, I get a call from expedia (and I'm soooo happy that I got to answer it). Expedia says that Annoying Guest was unable to make it to their reservation last night and wanted to know if they could receive a full refund. When I told them that the guest had checked in, that I had personally had to evict them, and that, no, there would be no refund, the expedia agent actually laughed and then said, "I hate people. I'll be having a word with this customer."

Sometimes I wonder how stupid people must think hospitality workers are to try to pull this kind of stuff.


Someone illegally base jumped off our hotel. He hit our little pedestrian bridge on his way down, presumably injuring himself, landed in our murky retention pond where an alligator lives, and then saw someone coming so he figured he couldn't collect his now wet parachute so he unclipped and ran off. What the heck.


Tonight's been one to remember. We hired a new Supervisor about a week ago, who is at least 50. He's lived in France for the past 16 years, so he can be a little harsh in his words without meaning to. I'm less than half his age, and the Night Manager. I'm checking in a walk-in guest, who I know has missed his flight after being delayed a few hours. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: Welcome to sir! How can I help you this evening?

Guest: You can get me a room is what you can do! King bed!

Me: Yes sir, rates for a king bedroom tonight are $139 plus tax.

Guest: You're kidding me?! I paid $99 last time I was here!

Me: Unfortunately our rates to fluctuate on a day to day basis. I can get you a AAA discount of 10%?

Guest: Whatever, just get me a room.

Me: Yes sir. In addition to the room, there is a $6 parking fee.

Guest: You're outrageous! How can you charge for parking?!

Me: I do apologize sir, I can definitely discount the fee for you, if that would suffice?

Guest: No that will not do! You don't know what the hell you're talking about. You there! Pointing at new Sup You're his manager, I demand you remove the parking fee!

Sup: Actually sir, he's MY manager, and he's being a hell of a lot nicer than I freakin' would be."

I think I'm gonna like this guy.


Sketchy looking girl comes up to check in. I ask for ID and credit card, she hands me her ID, and a prepaid card that's got a name, but it's not hers.

Bran- I'm sorry, I can't accept this, it doesn't have your name on it.
Sketchy- But she's my sister!
Bran- I'm sorry, I can't take it.
Sketchy- Well it was okay last time I stayed here!
Bran- I don't know who would have allowed that but I'll be sure to bring that up with the other front desk staff and remind them that we can only take cards with the guests' name on them.
Sketchy- Well, I think it was you last time!
Bran- It's certainly possible. I do make mistakes sometimes. But I can't allow you to use that card, sorry.
Sketchy- Well, is there a manager I can talk to?
Bran- I am the Front Desk Manager.
Sketchy- And you won't make an exception?
Bran- I believe I've established that, yes.
Sketchy- Fine! I guess me and my baby daughter will be left out in the cold!

Things that are not my problem:

  1. That

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Night auditor here. Usually very quiet, and we usually have a really nice clientele. So, I wasn't expecting anything out of the usual when some guy (short, rotten teeth) comes to the front desk and says he put $1.75 in the washer, and it won't start.

Little did he know that I actually have the keys to the washer/dryers and know my way around them pretty well. Also - I just emptied them all last night.

I go to the laundry room, check a few things and it seems to be working fine. I ask if he has any quarters on him, and he has .75. I put the .75 in, and the screen shows the machine accepting the money. I tell him that it seems to be working just fine, but he wants his $1.75 refunded to him. Oh, and when the quarters go in, it sounds like the receptacle is empty when they hit.

So - I go back to the office, and instead of getting change or quarters to refund him, I get the key to the washer. I go back, and open it up, and lo and behold - only thing in there is the .75 we JUST put in. I check the other machine to be sure - nope - completely empty.

So, caught him red handed trying to scam us over a 1.75 wash. He's all like, "Huh? Where did my money go?" I say, "you didn't put any in the machines in the first place." "Well, I think I'm going to do laundry later anyway".

I say, "You do that. Make sure you have quarters." and walk away.

Idiot wasting my time over a buck seventy five!


This was as I was finishing the audit and while the audit is going the rooms number will not appear on the phone until it's done. So every call looks like an outside number.

Me: Thank you for calling hotel. This is-

Dude: Cheeseburger. Medium well. American cheese. No tomato.

Me: Sir, I'm sorry. This is a hotel.

Dude: I know, I'm in room 1XX. Cheeseburger. Medium Well. American cheese. No tomato. Oh, and fries. Fresh.

Me: Sir, we don't have a restaurant on site.

Dude: The different hotel across the street does.

Me: ...I'm aware of that, sir. But we do not.

Dude: This is the part where you say yes sir and call them and order what I just told you.

Me: Sir, I cannot do that. Their restaurant opens in 6 hours.

Dude: So, you're refusing to order my cheeseburger even though I'm a self entitled tier member?

Me: No, sir. I am not ordering you a cheeseburger at 4am from a restaurant that is closed.

Dude: Well, I guess I know I should no longer stay here. hangs up

I about had it half way through. To top it off, once the audit was completed, I looked up his room and he booked an Expedia prepaid, so even if he puts his rewards number on the room, he doesn't get any points.

To add: we often get people that ask us to order for them from that restaurant. It's no problem, we order, add the amount to their room, they go pick it up. But not when it's 4am, they've been closed since 9pm, and you're annoying. Also, I'm the guy that sets up breakfast, I have all but the cooked items ready. If you're really hungry and ask nicely. I'll bring you a bagel and some coffee.


A woman comes in right when I am clocking in and the front desk assistant currently working goes to help her. It turns out a bit complicated but meanwhile another walk in arrives so I help them.

The other front desk assistant leaves and gives me basics on the weird issue the first woman had. I get the other walk-ins a room and then return to that woman.

Turns out she is in town for a funeral for a sibling. One of her other siblings booked her at the same brand hotel as ours but a few states away.

While I'm figuring this out she asks our rate, which is much higher than what she was quoted on before. She again breaks down and says she can't afford that let alone to pay for two hotel rooms because she knows that cancellation fees exist.

I looked her in the eyes and said "Ma'am there are two things I can promise you. The first is that you will be getting a room with us tonight. The second is that you won't pay a dime more than your other reservation, and you won't be charged for that either."

Her mood instantly shifted from stress to complete relief, and she thanked me as I started my lame hotel keyboard magic.

After I contacted the other hotel, told them to not charge her for cancellation, force authorized a big discount for her hotel here, and got her info, I helped her with her bags to her room while she carried her baby.

She thanked me several times and was honestly appreciative about it. Feels good to help out genuine people.


I had a couple at the front desk: the very elderly man was foaming at the mouth livid, his wife seemed shell-shocked. They had been driving around the neighbouring town for 2 hours unable to find our hotel. If it had been me, I'd probably be pretty pissed off myself.

I said I was sorry to hear they had so much trouble getting here, and that we'd have happily guided them had they phoned us. Or we could have given them our GPS address.

Man : That's no good, we haven't got a GPS! We haven't even got a map!!

Guys, these people set out without a map, without our address, they don't speak the language of the country they're traveling in and didn't phone us to ask for directions. They went into a hotel not too far from here and the receptionist there tried to help them, and these silly sods got lost again!

I felt rather unsympathetic having learned the whole story, bemused more than anything. They are clearly playing life on hard mode.


I rolled into work this morning at 7:30 and it is chilly out there. I check the thermometer and it's a whole 3 degrees outside right now. A bit after 8:00, a mom and her two little kids (3&5) come walking in the door. They have been staying here all week and have come in to use the pool and hot tub every day while their dad is up skiing. The kids are always bright and cheery, excited to go swimming. But today they looked all gloomy and sad. The older one says with genuine hurt in his voice "we're going home today and this is our last day to swim".

Now usually when it's this cold out we don't open the pools, but my heart melted when I saw these 2. So I cheerfully bundled up and headed out to uncover the pool and hot tub. They ran out there screeching out the loudest BRRRRRRR ever when they headed out the door. They were only out there 10 minutes before they came back in. Mom says they gotta get back to the condo and pack up to catch a noon flight.

As they were getting ready to head back to the condo, the 2 boys come behind the desk to say thank you and goodbye. I just happened to find a bag of those chocolate gold coins that come out at Christmas hidden in the back of one of the drawers. I give each of them one and tell them we give them out to every kid on their last day here. Their eyes lit up and the little one blurts out "This is the bestest pool ever!" I told them they had to wait until they got on the airplane before they eat them because they will taste better if they waited. And with that they were on their way home.

It's a nice way to start my day, especially since this is supposed to be my day off....



"It wasn't me!"

There's not much you can do when the righteous fist of the law comes down on you. Call it a mix-up, or call it a mistake, if someone's pegged you at the scene of a crime there's not much you can do but trust the justice system to prove you innocent. However, that's a gamble, and just because you've been given a "not guilty" doesn't mean the effects won't follow you for the rest of your life.

Reddit user, u/danbrownskin, wanted to hear about the times when it wasn't you, seriously, it was someone else, when they asked:

Redditors who were once considered suspect of a crime they did not commit, what's it like being held under suspicion and how did it affect your life?

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