Husbands Share How Their Wives Proposed To THEM.

It's an old tradition that in a heterosexual relationship, the man proposes to the woman. But these awesome women decided to take things into their own hands and propose to their boyfriends themselves. And it was hella romantic.

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I proposed to my husband. I'd been planning it for months. There's a tradition in Japan - I don't know how old it is - that if you fold a thousand paper cranes, you get to make a wish, and you get good luck. People hand them out at weddings. I folded a thousand cranes, and then, while he was sleeping, hung them from the ceiling leading from the bedroom, making a forest of the crane. At the end, I put a sign with an explanation for why there were cranes, and asked him to marry me. He said yes.

I don't believe he found it emasculating that I proposed. If anything, he seemed really happy about it, considering I did a better job than he would have. He tells everyone about it. Then again, we don't tend to fit into standard gender roles very well.


My girlfriend kind of hijacked my proposal.

We had been dating for 9 months, I was visiting her at college over a weekend. I had been thinking about proposing to her but didn't have a ring or anything. We had just gotten done watching a movie and suddenly the urge just hit me to ask her then and there. She got up to go do something and I stood up, grabbed her hand and got down on one knee.

She dropped down on her knees in front of me and I said 'No, what are you doing? Stand back up!"

She said "No, I'm asking you too."

Just about made me cry.


I proposed to my husband. He loves practical jokes, so I talked to his work buddies. They called him pretending that his current project was on fire (he is an engineer). He drove in and was carefully disassembling his project, looking for the fire when he found the titanium ring. It was attached with wiring to a piece of sheet metal, which was engraved with "Marry me?". He was incredibly confused, looking at all his coworkers very suspiciously until I popped out. He laughed his butt off and said yes.

I don't know why people do serious "romantic" proposals. Seems like too much pressure.


My sister in law proposed to my brother. They are both avid golfers and when golfing one day my sister in law ran ahead a hole somehow (I think she had something worked out with the golf course owner) and dropped a golf ball in the cup that had "Frank, will you marry me?" written on it. He said yes, of course, because he loved her.

She proposed to me. It was on my birthday, and I completely ruined her plans. She was going to take me out to a nice dinner, a good little dessert place, and then a walk around Lake Eola where she was going to present me with a gift that was the proposal. Well, I had a really tough day at work that day and came home stressed and with a headache, so when I walked in the door I said "Honey, I really don't feel like going out. Honestly what I'd rather do more than anything tonight is order a couple of pizzas and watch a movie with you."

To her credit she took it in stride and said "sure, whatever you'd like to do for your birthday" and ordered a couple pizzas. About an hour later she asked me if I wanted to have my present, so she presented me with a box she had crafted that had some personal memories/jokes in the inside of it and an envelope. Inside the envelope was a 25 cent plastic gold ring (another inside joke between the two of us) and a note that said some personal lovey dovey stuff and ended with "will you marry me?" I was really surprised but said yes. We are both private people and had already discussed that we didn't want to do some grandiose proposal like from a hot air balloon or proposing in some fancy restaurant.

I was really surprised but I was planning on doing in a few months anyway so we both knew it was coming....she just beat me to the punch. Honestly the worst part about it was having to ask for her parents permission AFTER we had already gotten engaged. It's not the way I wanted to do it and the whole conversation felt really awkward, but they were awesome about it after they also got over the initial shock.


She wrote "will you marry me?" In refrigerator magnets and then continued to ask me to get things from the kitchen and fridge all day. She forgot how oblivious I am and got more upset as they day went on and I didn't act differently.

That night in bed she starts crying, I'm super confused and she looks at me and she says "LOOK AT THE FREAKING FRIDGE YOU IDIOT". I said yes.


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He had just gotten off a miserable 12 hour shift and came home at two in the morning. I had candles lit, dinner made, and had created a box that held all the blessings from everyone in his family. I also got him the One Ring. From LOTR. He was thrilled and had no idea it was coming.


She proposed to me while we were on vacation. 7 day road trip through the Canadian Rockies.

Having a nice dinner in Banff, she had the waitress offer me dessert, and brought a champagne glass with a ring in it.

It was really great, however I was (and sorta still am 7 yrs later) embarrassed to tell people it was she who proposed and not me.


I told my wife that she would have to propose to me. She took it in stride. She picked some random Thursday and I had just come home from a bad day at work. I just wanted to eat some food, veg out for a few hours and go to bed. But I came home (late) and she was waiting for me with a nice dress on, candles, music, and tacos that spelled out "marry me". It was adorable. And I love tacos.


I "proposed" last night to my fianc. In all fairness he had already proposed to me in December but had asked if he could also have an engagement ring. I didnt want to just hand him a ring so I cut individual construction paper hearts, and made garland out of it, tied the ring to the garland with song lyrics to our favorite songs written on the hearts. I also had paper hearts leading from the front steps through the front door to the 7 strands of homemade heart garland in the living room. He loved it. We both got misty eyed and it was a sappy night. Oh by the way, he said yes!!

My then girlfriend/babymama proposed to me in December 2011 before xmas. She wrapped an obvious DVD/Xbox game and insisted on me opening the "Xmas present" early. Upon opening, I found a used GameStop cover with "WILL YOU MARRY ME??" written on it. I was completely shocked. I immediately responded to her teary amazement, "Of course I will baby". Inside was a titanium "engagement" ring which I now wear on my right hand after my wedding ring replaced its spot.

I had full intention of asking her the following next year once I received my tax return money to buy her a ring. But she is a very independent, passionate, IMPATIENT woman and I love her to death. I still ended up getting her an engagement ring. And it was the ring of her dreams because she got to pick it and I didn't have to surprise her. I would have probably gotten her a ring she didn't like if it were completely up to me. We married in the Fall of the next year.


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I was proposed to by my wife... She got on one knee and everything. I knew what time it was so I grabbed her hand, pulled her close to me, and muttered "Yes I will marry you, but I was going to ask you next week. I have the ring in our room."


I proposed to him this past September. I sent him on a scavenger hunt around Toronto. I gave him a stack of envelopes each with an address printed on the front. When we got to each location he would open the envelope and inside was a picture from his favorite graphic novel series, Scott Pilgrim. The picture corresponded with the location we were currently at (Scott Pilgrim takes place around Toronto).

Our final stop was in front of Casa Loma. We sat down and I handed him the final envelope. Inside was a picture I drew of him in the style of Scott Pilgrim that read, "Dylan earned a fiance," which alludes to a common saying in the SP novels. Inside the ring box was two rings and a picture of Scott and Ramona that said, "Level up?" Afterwards, we met up with a group of close friends to celebrate our engagement (which was also a surprise).

Dylan and I had been discussing marriage for quite some time before I proposed. I had read a story about a woman proposing to her boyfriend and I asked Dylan how he felt about that. He said that he loved that idea and the spin on traction, why does it always have to be the guy that asks. If he would have said otherwise I would have not been the one to propose. The last thing I want to do is make him uncomfortable.

Before I proposed I (jokingly) got permission from his mom. It was a really great experience. She was extremely excited and even joked that if I took him there was no giving him back. I love his family and am happy to be apart of it.


My wife proposed to me and I think it is awesome. She's of Irish decent and knew about St. Bridget's Complaint. So, on Leap Day several years ago we went out for our usual date night. We were in the neighborhood of my fraternity (where we met) and for one reason or another we ended up heading over there. To make a long story short, just before midnight she asked me to marry her and presented an engagement watch to me.

I was completely taken by surprise and the first word out of my mouth was "Yikes!" I then sat there for probably a good 5 or 10 seconds in silence(it must have felt like an eternity for her) and I said, "Yes".

I think about this moment often and I don't understand why folks feel this is an emasculating experience. I was - and still am - completely flattered that she asked me. I was lukewarm on the whole concept of marriage and she knew it. That took an enormous amount of courage on her part and it was just another example of her showing me how much she loved me.

I took some good-natured ribbing from my buddies, but no one thinks it was a bad thing or that I am somehow less of a man because she asked me. It's a really great story and I don't mind telling anyone that she was the one who asked.


My fiance proposed to me in September last year.

A bit of background:

I'm a big fan of the Scott Pilgrim comics by Bryan Lee O'Malley and when we first started dating 2 and a half years ago she would get me a volume each week or two. It was a big thing for both of us, and one of the first things oddly enough that we bonded over. We went out as Scott and Ramona for Halloween that year.

In the month or two leading up to it I had been saying I wanted to propose, I was just saving for the ring. Well she saved up money quicker, bought a ring I told her I'd like as a wedding band (we've discussed marriage a lot) and planned a huge day for our 2 year anniversary together.

It was a tour around Toronto to lots of the sites from the graphic novels. She took pages from the books, made envelopes with addresses on them and made me guide us around the city. It was a tonne of fun finding our way through the city. It all culminated in front of Casa Loma (this cool castle in Toronto) where she handed me the final envelope. When I opened it it said "paxfor has gained a fiance" with a cartoon version of me and stat upgrades, like in the comic.

At this point I was like "but I haven't proposed yet" and while this was going through my head, she pulls the ring box and asks me to marry her. I instantly said yes.

The whole thing is untraditional but our entire relationship started in an untraditional way. We met originally online, and went from there.

I honestly was thrilled she proposed. She put together a far more amazing and unique proposal than I ever could, and is the person I want to spend my life with. This just makes for an awesome story.


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My wife proposed to me on a rock overlooking my favorite river. She gave me a handmade book of photos and memories of our time together. After looking through it together, she told me there was a hidden message. One letter on each page was bigger than the others. Put together they spelled out "will you marry me?"

I said yes obviously. We both cried a bit and then went and had a nice dinner together and called our families.

It wasn't emasculating in the slightest. Manhood is not defined by silly social conventions. It is defined by how well you know your own values and how well you live your life. I love her, so I was incredibly touched by her effort and bravery.

We have wedding rings but no engagement rings. Instead of a pretty rock, we put our money toward a down payment on a house.

Life is not a fairytale. So many young people get caught up in the rituals and expectations of others--thinking those are the most important things. Getting married is a huge commitment and it is guaranteed to be hard work sometimes. The value of exactly "how" you got engaged will fade pretty quickly.


My wife waited until I got out of basic training, as we walked through the door, I see a trail of rose petals and all these little construction paper hearts on the floor leading to the bedroom. I (knowing what it had to be but feigning ignorance) walked to the bedroom where she made this big poster thing on the bed that said "Will you marry me". Of course I said yes. Only after that did she tell me that all the little construction paper hearts had reasons why she wanted me to marry her on the back and I was supposed to read them on the way in.


I proposed to my now husband. When I did it we were laying in bed and talking I just got quiet for a while and rolled over as if going to sleep. It took me 20 mins to work up the courage to ask him. I rolled back over to him. (He had thought I had gone to sleep) I asked him if he was happy with us, he said yes. Then I asked him if he wanted to grow old together, he said yes. I hugged him so tightly and kissed him. Then about 2 mins later he asked me "wait are you asking me?" I quietly said yes and waited unsure what he would say. He said "yes, I want to grow old with you."

Then I bought him and I rings that matched our taste. We've been happily together for almost 5 years now married since October.


My girlfriend proposed to me about 3 yrs ago on Valentine's day. She was very nervous and stuttering. I knew she was going to ask me as soon as she started her speech. I cut her off right before she said the final words, and said "you're asking me to marry you? Yes." 3 years later, on the 11th of February, I finally had paid off her engagement ring. After asking her father, and mother, I decided to ask her in return. I thought it was very unique that she ask me first, but I knew in that old-fashioned way, that I needed to return the gesture. I'm not in any way, shape, or form embarrassed to tell people she asked me first. I believe she just beat me to the punch.


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My brother's fiance proposed to him by crocheting a ring into a hat she was making for him. Pretty clever I'd say.


She took me on a sea plane flight around the volcanoes of Rotarua in New Zealand for my birthday. She was planning on asking on the flight but it was really loud and turbulent so she did it back on land while we were both feeling queasy and being attacked by geese.

I was a little surprised as I'm totally clueless and didn't see it coming, but I said yes and were married two years later, it's been two years since then and it's still awesome.


We picked out a ring together, but after a few months I could tell he was so nervous about the expectations surrounding a big proposal. So we decided together that we were going to pick a day and decide that was the day we would get engaged. He got to plan the day, without the huge pressure of making it a surprise. It was the perfect day. It was also very us, as we've always been a team.


My cousin is dating a guy whose parents own a gaming/ arcade kind of place. She painted on the wall, "if you're willing to put in the coins, I want to play the rest of this game with you." He said yes!


My wife proposed to me on Halloween!

She figured she screwed with my head so much while she debated on if she ever wanted to get married that she better be the one to do it.

We had a nice evening, went out to a Haunted house and then when we came home she handed me a card that she had written about how much she loves. At the very bottom it asked me to marry her.

I said Yes, she cried, I got an engagement dagger and everything has worked out wonderfully.


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I proposed to my soon to be husband, but it's a bit complicated.

I got him an out of print, first edition of a book that he liked, signed by the author (who is dead). It was for our anniversary. I hadn't planned on proposing, but when I gave it to him, and saw the look on his face, I just asked. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He said yes.

However, we waited to announce the engagement until he proposed. I think we're both a bit of traditionalists, and I know my family is, so we waited until we picked out a ring for me, and proposed one day in the park. That day we told our families.


My wife proposed to me next to a cliff. A good 400 ft cliff. It's always been a little weird to me. I love her to death.


I proposed to my husband. It was terrible. No planning, no cute story, I just broke down crying in the car one afternoon as he was driving. He kept asking me what was wrong and I couldn't put it into words. Finally we reached our destination, and parked. He looked at me with a pained expression, concerned that his girlfriend was sobbing for apparently no reason. After pulling myself together I finally said, "I just realized that I want to marry you."

Been together 5 great years. When people ask, we lie and say he proposed.


My wife asked me in a nice restaurant overlooking the bay in sf. We had been dating for 5/6 years before hand. I had been people watching out of the massive floor to ceiling window between courses when my wife asked for my attention. I turned to see her place a ring box on the table open with, essentially, a male version of an engagement ring. I sputtered nonsense for a brief moment, but then realized what was happening. I said yes, and its made for a great story ever since.



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