"I Do!" These Are The Most Romantic Proposals Of All Time.

Marriage proposals can be very heartwarming and meaningful, or super extravagant. These men and women came up with amazingly creative ways to propose, and they have photo and video evidence to show the world.

We scoured the internet, and these are the most AMAZING proposals we found. Enjoy!

This boyfriend set up a Pride and Prejudice engagement, complete with costumes and scripts to follow! Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy try to keep straight faces as they follow the script, acting out scenes from the movie with family members. The proposal ends with the couple going on a walk together, where he gets down on one knee.

Check out their amazing photo gallery from the big day here, where they describe the proposal in more detail.

Dean spent a year planning his proposal. Knowing how much his girlfriend loves count downs, he made a video of himself popping the question every day for 365 days. A year after he started, he showed her the video and got down on one knee!

Dean Smith

This man faked his own arrest when he proposed! His prank started with getting pulled over in his car, when the officer ordered him and his girlfriend to exit the vehicle. His confused girlfriend watched him get patted down (to make it seem legit), and ordered to kneel in front of her - setting him up for the proposal. 

casie mcgill

This man proposed at an amusement park, on a ride. She didn't know until she saw the photo at the end! Props to him for sneaking the signs onto it without her getting suspicious.


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Colton Haynes got the proposal of his dreams when his boyfriend literally skyped in Cher to sing "I Got You, Babe". Followed by fireworks, of course. 

This Harry Potter fan proposed using a Harry Potter book, and tied the ring over the "Unbreakable Vow" chapter!


Matt Still took it to a whole other level. He orchestrated for his girlfriend's brother to take her to a movie theater - but what she didn't know, was he had made a movie trailer of his proposal that was about to play. It starts off as a trailer for a romance, but soon turns into an epic race sequence as he drives to the movie theater to propose to her in person! Her reaction when she realizes what she's watching is perfect.

You'll have trouble holding back the tears while watching this one! 

Making Movies Jealous

This magician fooled his girlfriend into thinking she was just filming one of his magic tricks for him. Little did she know, she was actually filming the first day of the rest of their life together. 

Sean Emory

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Marzo proposed to his girlfriend Lisa using a skyscraper. After going for a romantic walk, they stopped to admire the city lights - which would light up to spell "Lisa will you marry me?"

Her reaction is absolutely priceless, and after a couple minutes of crying she finally manages to say yes. 


This guy rolled out the red carpet for her - literally.

Mike took Glenna out to dinner and invited her across the street afterward to watch some figure skaters. It was only when they got there that she realized something else was going on. A red carpet was rolled out onto the ice, with a small box at the end - and you can guess what happened next!

You can read about their proposal and see more of their photos here!

This dude has mad courage. He planned the proposal and wedding for the same day, and somehow managed to keep it all a surprise! The bride-to-be said "Yes" and then was surprised by friends and family waiting to dress her up for her own wedding ceremony.

You have to see this one to believe it. 

Amanda Roman Leak

A week before Larry was going to propose to his girlfriend Kelcie, he was struck by a drunk driver. He was in a coma for months and then recovering in a wheelchair for years, but he never forgot about the ring he had hidden away. Through all of the therapy and change Kelcie never left his side, and he eventually got enough strength back to hold the ring up and surprise her with a proposal years later.

Kenzie Lee

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Matthew proposed to his girlfriend Brynn in the middle of wakeboarding together - and he even got down on one knee! Don't worry, he left the ring in the boat so it wouldn't fall in the water.

Matthew Gencarella

This guy sent the ring INTO SPACE before proposing it to his girlfriend. He captured the whole thing on video - if you don't watch the whole thing, at least watch the incredible shot at 7:38

richard ing

"In a world... where heroes are hunted... and evil forces chase innocent hearts..."

If proposing were a competition, this guy would win hands-down. He created his own proposal movie for his girlfriend to watch: complete with action sequences, singing and dancing, visual effects, and of course, romance. 

Wayfarer Entertainment

This couple had a tradition of buying Kinder Surprise eggs for each other (before they were banned in the States). So for his proposal, he decided to make his own toy and replace it with the one in an egg. Cute!


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This guy fooled his girlfriend into thinking they were going to New York - when really they were going to get engaged in Paris! He popped the question in front of the Eiffel Tower and she was in utter shock!

Seriously watch this video and it will brighten your day - this woman is the most adorable person ever.

Adam Tan

This cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls is used to doing proposal routines during basketball games - but she never expected she was the one who would end up being proposed to! The cheerleading routine suddenly changes and she stands in the middle of the court totally confused for a minute, before being caught up in the middle of a surprise routine! The look on her face is C-U-T-E.

Chicago Bulls

This guy got Zach Braff (you might know him from "Scrubs") to help him propose! Zach gives a hilarious speech about how she should marry her boyfriend, and then passes it off to other guests who agree with him - including their pet bunny, parents, friends, dog, and some babies. 

Matt Hulbert

This guy created a Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt for his girlfriend, full of riddles, puzzles, and magical mischief. 


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This guy had hundreds of bikers block traffic on the highway, so he could propose to his girlfriend in the middle of a freeway! It even made the news - check it out:


This one is too clever... during a family Christmas photo, some of the family members wore t-shirts which spelled "MERRY X MAS". But when Jamie wasn't looking, a few people switched spots and some uncovered shirts to spell "MARRY ME?"

Kerry Langdon Down

Kris wrote and directed a musical about their relationship, complete with songs and choreography! The scenes include throwbacks to their dates, and ends with a surprise proposal on stage. Amazing.

Lauren-Joy Goss

This couple took pictures together for 6 years, while holding letters. The letters spelled out "We always knew". But little did she know, the last letter would spell out something different...


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