If World History Was A TV Show, These Would Be The Biggest Complaints

Let me set the scene for you: High School History Class. Last period of the day. A substitute teacher walks in, wheeling a TV behind her. The class rejoices. The TV turns on and reveals a picture of the prehistoric earth. You're intrigued.

Soon though, you realize that what you're watching is a true recounting of the entire history of the human race. 

Once you're done complaining about the million year runtime, here are some issues you might have with the plot of the film.


That Jesus character was killed off and now he's back? I don't get it.


What happened to all these Greek Gods? These all-powerful beings just disappeared? They were some of the most interesting characters!

Wait, so we went from the first airplane to landing on the moon in 66 years? That's some rushed plot development. 


You're telling me that on Christmas Day, these soldiers just stopped fighting and hung out with eachother? Then they just went back to fighting the next day? It seems like they just kept the camera rolling on their day off.

A meteor killing off the dinosaurs was obviously a cop out because the author didn't know where to take the story.


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The Nazis, they're just too perfectly bad. The symbolism, the propaganda, the uniforms, the skulls on the uniforms...too perfect. 


The Titanic was unsinkable. Then it sunk... Lazy writing right there. 


For ten thousand years we ride horses, use spells to cure diseases, and more often than not die by the age of two. Suddenly within two hundred years we're in space, replace limbs, and in general are pretty much indestructible until we're 80. Aliens? 


I wish I was playing a bigger role in this movie. It seems like I'm just an extra. 


Nobody would ever actually attack Russia in winter, give me a break. 


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Several billion seasons of development and suddenly the writers introduce this "humanity" group. I get that it's for dramatic purposes but their characterization is wildly inconsistent, their plotline is all over the map, and half the time it's totally unclear if they're supposed to be the protagonists or the villains. Don't get me wrong, there's potential there, but they could also be the reason the whole thing comes to a crashing, unsatisfying ending. And if that happens, I'm going to be reeeeal angry.


How were they able to kill all those Witches? They were supposed to be powerful right? How did they get them all tied down and burnt at the stake? That could have been a really interesting development!

A real jump the shark moment was when they let Napoleon come back just for them to beat him again. Really lazy writing there. 


We hear of Japan in the early seasons and all of a sudden it just disappears for a few hundred years and shows up around WWII as a growing world superpower? Kind of shady if you ask me. 


A plague wipes out vast quantities of Europeans, and then shows up randomly later? Obvious sequel bait. 


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It was a pretty clever transition how WWII sets up the whole US vs. Soviet plot line. But then it's like the Soviet Union left to make another movie or something, the writers just killed it off overnight with no foreshadowing. 


The War to End All Wars happened twice. In the same century. Followed by something called the Cold War.

Yeah, they are just milking it for ratings.


I feel like the series has gotten stale with this whole terrorism plot device. It seems like anytime there's a hole in a villain's motivation, they immediately jump to terrorism.


Wait, so the Christian crusaders sent to take Jerusalem decided to just up and sack Constantinople instead? A city which, after Rome, was the capital of the Christian world... give me a break. 


All of the antagonists are so unbelievable. I mean, you really expect me to believe that Donald Trump is supposed to be taken seriously? It's like his character was written for a comedy, but the writers still tried to make him a serious character. 


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What happened to communist china?!? All of a sudden it's the biggest capitalist out there? Just 'cause Mao died. Really? 


Let's talk about Rasputin for a moment. Poisoned, Shot, Stabbed, Drowned and he almost lived?! These magic rules need to be more clearly defined.

So you're telling me that Gavrilo Princip just so happens to run into the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who he tried and failed to kill earlier in the day, while he's out ordering a sandwich? 


I hate how that moon landing story line just ended without any real payoff. And now we're to believe that humans are just up and going to Mars? Yeah right. 


So, these Pyramids are built of sand and they're supposed to have stood for thousands of years? Yeah okay. I bet we're gonna find out that it's magic holding them up.

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I wasn't paying attention at the beginning, and now ton of people keep telling me how it started, only almost every single person tells it differently.



So this Caligula guy. What was their plan for him? He seems like he was just made for ratings.

JFK was killed by some random character who wasn't even in the story? give me a break guys.



In 1492 They decided the story wasn't big enough, so the just made up 2 new continents, and didn't even bother to come up with 2 original names.


Forget the plot holes. I don't see how they're gonna pull off a satisfying season finale with all these detailed minor plotlines. They'll likely just approve this series for another lackluster season.



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