Incredible Stories Of Twins Who Were Separated At Birth and Then Reunited.

Check out these amazing stories that document twins who were separated at birth, and through the process of adoption, lived completely separate lives- only to be reunited years later. 

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Identical adopted triplets Bobby Shafran, David Kellman, and Eddy Galland were all part of the extremely controversial New York twins study. The twins harbored a lot of anger towards the researchers for splitting them up. They became worldwide celebrities when they discovered that they had actually been living extremely close to each other, but were raised apart. In fact, they had a tragedy in 1995 when Galland committed suicide, but his brothers did go on to become activists for having adopted twins kept together. 

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Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman were adopted by separate families. The girls were original born in 1987 in Busan, South Korea before being put up for adoption. Bordier grew up in Paris and Futerman in New Jersey before moving to L.A. for school. Bordier originally saw a Youtube video of Samantha and quickly realized that they looked exactly the same and that they were, in fact, twins. After having a Skype reunion, the girls grew closer and have since written a book called 'Separated At Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited' and released a self-documentary titled 'Twinsters.'

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In 2008, a pair of twins from England were both horrified when they found out that they had married each other without any prior knowledge of being related. An english member of parliament actually shared the story originally (but kept the couple's identity a secret) as a way to shine a light on the fact that there needs to be more openness around adoption and the genetic information that is listed on birth certificates to help avoid situations like this from happening again. The shocked couple did end up having their union annulled. 

In June 2015, an amazing story about two sets of identical twins, who were accidentally switched at birth in the hospital where they were delivered, rose to the surface when they were all reunited again as adults. Jorge Enrique Bernal Castro and William Caas Velasco were raised as brothers in Colombia, and so were Carlos Alberto Bernal Castro and Wilber Caas Velasco, when in fact, William and Wilber were identical twins, and so were Jorge and Carlos. The four have since become extremely close and share many characteristics. 

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Twins Oskar Stohr and Jake Yufe were born in the 1930s in Trinidad. Stohr was raised in Germany as a Catholic, while Yufe stayed in Trinidad and was raised Jewish. In between being reunited, Stohr joined the Hitler Youth, and Yufe worked on a kibbutz in Israel. In the 50's the two finally met. They spend a week together and then separated again for 25 years. Decades later, they reunited once again. 

Barbara Herbert and Daphne Goodship shared a remarkable amount of similarities- from the same fashion sense (they wore almost identical outfits when they first met), decorated their houses in the same way, had miscarriages followed by the birth of two boys and then one girl, laughed the same (hence, the nickname the "Giggle Twins"), and even folded their arms in the same way. The two were originally born to an unmarried Finnish student. They were reunited in the '80s in London, which is were they were both adopted.

Identical twins Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were separated at 4-weeks-old in 1940. They were adopted by two different families and reunited in 1979. Lewis and Springer were involved in the Minnesota Twin Family Study (an examination that focused on the genetic dispositions of twins and the remarkable similarities that they shared). Both Lewis and Springer found that they too were quite similar with some astonishing correlations. For example, they both weighed 180 pounds, worked in law enforcement, married twice (to women with the same name), gave their sons the same name, and had the same drinking and smoking habits, as well as, bit their fingernails. 

The story of Adriana Scott and Tamara Rabi is like something out of a movie. The ladies were separated at birth, did not know about each other, but ended up attending the same school where they were later reunited. A mutual friend had noticed one of the twins and things quickly started to fall into place. The woman were shocked to say the least, but obviously became friends as they shared many similar interests such as dancing and growing up in the New York area.

Social media played a huge role in reuniting twin sisters Siam and Fabienne in 2004. 21-year-old Siam discovered her twin sister after her friend's older sister spotted someone on Facebook that looked exactly like her. Siam decided to add the lady, who was her twin Fabienne, but Fabienne denied the request- assuming that it was just someone trying to hack her account. Eventually, they began communicating over messenger and realized that they had the same birthday and blood type. Siam came to the conclusion that they must be twins, and they reunited soon after. Doctors had originally hidden this fact about them from their adoptive families, which was why neither one of them had a clue. 

The Merediths were Chinese fraternal twins adopted by two different families. They both grew up in Chicago, IL and Birmingham, AL. Both families knew that they had a twin, but there wasn't much information available. Meredith Grace's adoptive father actually noticed his daughter's twin Meredith Ellen in a picture on a Yahoo group for parents who had adopted children from the same region in China. They girls were reunited soon after.

Fraternal twins Emile Falk and Lin Backman were adopted by Swedish families and lived about 20 miles apart for decades before their adoptive parents lost touch. The girls later found each other on Facebook. 

Twins Tom Patterson and Steve Tazumi were both born in Japan in 1958 and were separated after the death of their parents. Although the two went on to be raised quite differently, they still ended up sharing many similarities. Patterson was raised in a Christian household in Kanas, while Tazumi was raised by a second-generation Japanese-American family in a Buddhist household. The two both ended up with careers as gym owners. 

Many twins meet at an older age. Debbie Mehlman and Sharon Poset were a classic example, meeting for the first time at the age of 45. The two shared numerous similarities from their hobbies, to their fashion sense, to both having a career in social work. 

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Another set of twins who were a part of the controversial twin study, Paula Bernstein and Elyse Schein, were reunited in 2004 at the age of 35. Both ladies were born in New York City, and despite being raised apart, they went on to write a book titled 'Identical Strangers' based on their journey to finding each other. Again, New York has since changed its laws to keep twins together and have them raised by the same family, and the results from the study have been seized until 2066.  

At the age of 77, Ann Hunt learned that she had a twin sister whom she had never met named Elizabeth Hamel. Hamel knew about Hunt, on the other hand, and had spent years looking for her twin. Thanks to a psychologist who had specialized in studying the lives of twins, the two were reunited in 2014 in Los Angeles. Originally, both were supposed to be put up for adoption, but Hamel stayed with her birth mom due to a spinal defect in the U.S, while Hunt moved to England. Both women married partners named Jim and are deeply religious.   

Abandoned at birth by their Chinese parents in 2006, Anna Kandl and Ella Cuares had their respective adoptive parents meet during the adoption referral process, who then decided to keep in touch via. Facebook, when Karen (Anna's mom) noticed that the girls shared the same birthday and suspected that the two could be twins. One of them was found at a park, while the other at the hospital doorsteps. As the girls grew up, both sets of adoptive parents continued to notice their similarities. A DNA test finally confirmed that they were, in fact, twins and they were reunited in 2013. 

Huang Yong was having dinner at a restaurant when he noticed a man who looked exactly like his friend Zeng Yong. He went up to the stranger, whose name was Lui Yonggang, and told him this. The two got in contact over the phone, and after a long conversation, they learned that they shared the same birth date. Forty-one years after their birth, the two reunited and even tracked down their birth mother (who lived 1000 miles away). She told the men that she had put them up for adoption due to poverty and her inability to take care of five children at the time. They did not partake in any DNA test because their mother recognized the birthmark on one of  Lui's arms. 

This story about an unnamed pair of Spanish twins is truly quite spectacular. The twins were both born in a hospital located in Gran Canaria, but the hospital accidentally switched on of them with the baby of another family's. One day, a friend of one of the twins was working as a sales associate in a store when the other twin walked in. Unknowing to the sales associated, she kissed the customer thinking it was her friend, but the customer denied her. The sales associate then called her actual friend who informed her that she was somewhere else during that time. When the twin came back to a store, the sales associate quickly went and arranged a meeting between the two. 

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