Industry Secrets The Public Should Probably Know About

If you're happy with your current shopping experience, turn back now. These reddit 'Industry Insiders' shared some secrets from their workplaces that will make you rethink the purchases you just stuffed into your car. And also your car. And your phone. And that movie you're going to see later tonight...

However, if you don't mind taking a peek behind the designer curtains, then go right ahead. But you've been warned.

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911 operator here. Most of our technology is dangerously outdated. We got our current radio system in 1997. It looks like this. (That's a generic photo online, not from my center).

Our Dispatch software looks like this. And it's not just our center, any 911 center you go to will have software and equipment that should have been replaced years ago. Check out this map of text-to-911 coverage. It's scary. Only about 80% of our cell phone calls provide a usable location, and even that can be off by hundreds of feet.

Most states add a 911 service fee of about $1 onto your monthly phone bill. That money is supposed to go to the 911 center exclusively, and provide funding for equipment and software upgrades. But there have been widespread cases of those funds being diverted elsewhere. We don't get much from tax revenue, either. We're a footnote on the budget, and our technology reflects that.

Bonus note: If you call 911 for a medical call, it might seem like a game of 20 questions. Rest assured that help is almost always dispatched as soon as we have the address, any other questions we ask are to determine a priority and update the units en route.


I'm only supposed to put six olives on your Footlong.

You all deserve to know.


Funeral home worker for 5 years.

That casket has a huge markup and it is illegal for a funeral home to not let you source your own casket. In my area Amish make them and their prices run from reasonable to unreasonable and here's another tip - Walmart sells caskets. They are still slightly overpriced but usually better than what your director is probably selling.

Shop your casket options.


The chances of you surviving cardiac arrest are only between 5-10% with the proper application of life saving measures. People seem to be under the assumption that most people come back ... They don't.


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I used to work at Texas Roadhouse & YES we are REQUIRED to say hand-cut steaks, freshly baked bread, fall-off-the-bone ribs, ice cold beer and legendary margarita's.

Secret shoppers come in 3 or more times per month as regular guests and management gets a report of whether or not we said all of the story items, among other things...

If you get a bad score on a shop you get fired or you have to be a busser for a month...

True story


I am a valet. I will drive your personal car gently. Rentals, we will try to get air on speed bumps. Also, (at least at my location ) we're not gonna look through your stuff. I don't care what's in your glove box, although I will judge you if your car smells like garbage or farts.


I work in visual effects for large Hollywood movies. We do so much digital cleanup and enhancement of practical effects, yet get no credit for how it looks. 

We only get crap when a director or studio forces us to make cartoony CG characters or un-photorealistic backgrounds. We're the only department that doesn't have a union, yet we're in charge of upwards of half the movie's budget. Life of Pi was shot mostly on green screen, yet the cinematographer got an Oscar, even though most of those shots were created later in VFX without his input.


If everyone being charged with a crime insisted on it going to trial, no plea bargaining, the system would crash.


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I work in IT. Most of, if not all of the solutions to tech issues you run into can be found on Google, but we are really good at phrasing the search to get right to an answer quickly.


There are so many mice and/or rats in and around grocery stores. We are required by law to take measure to control the population and dispose of contaminated products, but short of a full blown infestation no store is going to be shut down for having mice.


I've managed a car dealership for about a decade. Never negotiate the payment. Often times we move the numbers around to favor us. We will negotiate your trade in. The price of the car. The interest rate. Dealer installed options.

To get the best deal I'd follow these simple rules.

  1. Do your research before stepping foot in the store. You'll look on amazon for 30 mins for a phone case but won't google the car you're about to spend 30k on.

  2. Deal with internet or fleet. They're mainly volume and could care less what the price is. Often times they're on special pay plans anyways.

  3. When it comes time to negotiations don't focus on payment or term. Look at the bottom line. What you are paying out the door.

  4. Secure your own financing. Go to your bank and get a loan through them to secure the best rate.

  5. Walk out. Seriously. Never buy the car the day you go to look at it. Chances are I'm going to yell at my sales guy to call you and offer you a lower price to get you back in.

We don't work for free and profit isn't a bad word. At the end of the day we make a fair share.


That most of the people driving trains through your city are sleep deprived and routinely fall asleep while working.


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I'm a plumber.

Most people already have the tools I use lying around, and would know how to fix their problem if they watched a five minute youtube video.


I've worked in higher education the past decade.

There are too many to name.

They screw over the least smart people who also happen to be the poorest. Oh you don't have the grades or test scores for admission? Well take this semester of remedial courses for no credit and we will let you in. Oh you had a poor semester, take this restart class and pay an extra fee and we will let you continue.

They implement new fees or increased fees while touting no or a small tuition increase. Many students are oblivious to such fees.

Some are making it a requirement to live on campus and/or purchasing meal plans. That is thousands of extra dollars out of student pockets. Many students don't even use the meal plan so it is effectively free cash.

Many state governments have mandates which base state funding on graduates so there are things like en route degrees. They also find ways to graduate people who should not graduate.

I could go on and on.


Your hotel room most likely isn't as clean as you think it is.


Most of the money the prison system makes is not from the tax dollars but from inmates' families or women they trick into sending them money.

Commissary, Phone calls, Email, etc... Are a huge money maker.


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In my state if I ask for your ID when you order an alcoholic drink and you don't let me check it, I can't serve you. Even if you're super old. Stop being offended when I ask for your obviously-in-their-early-twenties child's ID and not yours. I'm not being rude.


If you ever hear your waiter tell you that chef Mike cooked your meal there's a good chance it was cooked in a microwave.


Banks don't want to foreclose on a home or repo cars. It's lose-lose for them to do it. Get in contact with your bank and see if you can work something out. It's worth the try at least to see if they can figure something out with you.


A new car built by my company leaves somewhere traveling at 60 mph. The rear differential locks up. The car crashes and burns with everyone trapped inside. Now, should we initiate a recall?

Take the number of vehicles in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we don't do one.

Chuck Palahniuk

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I work as a statistician in the healthcare industry. My company does consulting work for hospitals all over the country, and I sometimes go with our consultants when they present our findings to the hospitals' executive teams. I have yet to see an executive team that was concerned with patient care, even at not-for-profit hospitals. No matter how poorly they were doing, all they cared about was cutting costs so the hospital could make more money. Our consultants were good about explaining how poor patient care can ultimately affect their bottom line, but it's disheartening to see people running hospitals who don't care about people dying in their facilities.


I've been an auto mechanic since I was 20. Every shop, everywhere, is proactively trying to screw you out of every penny they can. Yes, even your mechanic. If the work is through an auto repair shop or dealership service department, they will charge for extra stuff and a lot of places outright lie.

Any other tech who says "Not where I work, because..." either hasn't worked as one very long, or is lying to your face.


Recently started at a grocery store deli. The counter is 5 feet tall. We clean where the customers can see, which isn't much given the height of the counter. The floors are filthy and that's where I can see. Under tables, behind the slicer, around the rotisserie oven, and worse the table where the cakes are decorated - all disgustingly filthy. There are flies everywhere. I tried pulling a table and cleaning behind it and got YELLED at, so I ain't trying again, I'm also not eating there.


Worked in the tattoo and body piercing industry for years and we all know that the daith piercing (which has been claimed to help with migraines) is a sham. But they'll take your money for believing stupid stuff and pretend it works.



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