iPhone Hacks That Will Change Your Life.

You waste so much time on your phone everyday, but you can't just put down the phone. There is a whole world on the internet, and you shouldn't miss out. If you own an iPhone there are a few simple hacks you can use, to gain back some control of your life.

Here is a list of 26 hacks for your iPhone that will change your life.

1. Don't Want This

Your phone automatically comes with apps that you didn't want. Stocks, Find Friends, and the Compass app. You might be thinking why would I need the compass app when I have a GPS. Well, we've got the answer for you. The Compass app has a secret function that is great for your DIY junkies.

Open the Compass app and swipe left. What you have is a digital bubble gauge that can check if your projects are level.


2. Big Brother Is Watching

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? Look at your phone. It is always gathering data on you. Whether you like it or not! It knows which apps you use the most, how much data you use, and where you are.

If you don't believe us go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. Your phone not only knows where you are, but how long you've been there.

What a creep!


3. Charge It

Waiting for your phone to recharge can be a pain, but there is a way to speed up the process. While charging leave your phone on in Flight Safe mode. That's it. By doing this you're letting your phone solely focus on charging. Giving you that extra 30 minutes to get to where you need to be.


4. Stay Focused

The most annoying thing about taking pictures on your phone is that tapping the screen brings the camera out of focus besides the fact that when you move the camera after picking the focal point it disappears. Leaving you in a never ending focal hell.

Well, we've found a solution. Whatever you do, do not tap that screen. Press the screen for a second or two until the 'AF Locked' box appears. Then twist, turn, and swing that bad boy around with no loss in focus.


5. Embarrassment Be Gone

We all have embarrassing things on our phones... right? To avoid embarrassment it sure would be nice to shut down apps in a hurry. To save yourself just drag three of your fingers up on the multitasking menu. This will also make your phone work faster, as it cleans up the clutter.


6. Rock Me To Sleep

Do you listen to music while you fall asleep? Then you've probably woken up at 3 a.m to some blaring music. To avoid this you can set your music on a timer.

Go to the Clock app, and slide along to the Timer options. Under the 'When Time Ends' tag, you can switch out 'alarm' for 'Stop Playing'. When the timer hits zero your music form Apple, or Spotify will turn off.


7. Out Of The Spotlight

Spotlight is Apple's quick-access for key data and services. It offers you the latest breaking news, sports scores, and social updates, but all this eats away at your battery life, and data behind your back.

To stop this go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and remove whatever you don't want stealing your data.


8. The Magic Number

Trying to find out where your iPhone's connection is best. Type *3001#12345#* into the dialler and hit call to launch the hidden Field Mode tool. This menu will turn your bar char-based signal indicator into a numerical-based signal signifier. It is much simpler to understand. A score of -5- is good, but watch out for a signal around -120, that is a bad road of reception hell that you do not want to go down.

9. I Want To Go Back

Transitioning from an Android to iPhone can be tricky. It's like discovering a new world, and finding out there is no back button. Fear not there is a way to gear into reverse.

Apps like Safari, and Mail can go to the previous page by simply swiping from left to right on the screen.


10. I Give You Life!

It may have taken you time to realize the Home button on the iPhone 7 isn't a button. so, what do you do if your phone crashes and you need to do a hard reset?

Hold down the power button and the volume button at the same time. Thus, giving it the power of life!


11. I Love The Nightlife

If you're a night person, it can be difficult to live your life without disturbing the others in your house, or bed. Well fear not, apple has a solution on how you can stay on your phone without disturbing your significant other.

Invert the iPhone display colors. You can surf the web, and check e-mail without disturbing anyone. Also, it's a lot easier on the eyes.


12. Time Saver

Don't waste time by using the numerical keypad to type numbers, simply hold down the "123" button and slide to the numbers you need. The iPhone will then revert back to the original keypad.

13. Works For You

The relationship with Siri is a rocky one, but bottom line she works for you. Next time you want to check Twitter ask Siri "what Post Planner is saying" and you'll get a list of your tweets.


14. Staying Connected

Now, for the final and most important hack on the list.

Have you heard of If This Then That. It is an iOS app that enables you to create recipes to connect you to the most used apps on your device, so they work harder for you. You can hack your social media accounts, and it's 100% free.

So, if you haven't already set up your social media accounts to Post Planner, do that now. The instructions vary depending on which social media account you are setting up, but the process is very simple.

When you find something you like in Post Planner, and post it to Facebook, the If This Then That recipe will automatically post it on LinkedIn too... Or Pintrest... or Gmail... or Instagram. The possibilities are endless!


15. Taking A Short-cut 

When it comes to the internet you want to get where you need to be and quick, not deal with type-heavy web addresses. To save time hold down the full stop icon while typing the web address. This brings up short-cut series of URL suffixes (.com, .co.uk, .edu). It's a wonderful short-cut, and saves you a time consuming headache.

16. Good Vibrations

If you're lazy, and we all are, you've probably wished you were able to decipher who was calling you without looking at your phone. Here is how you can.

Go into your contacts, select your victim/friend and hit Edit. This is where you'll see a vibration option. When you open this you should have an option to Create New Vibration Tool. Then you can now have the vibration of your choice to the caller of your choice.

17. That's Not My Name

There is no better feeling in the world than being able to tell Siri she made a mistake. Didn't know you were allowed to, your welcome. We know name pronunciation can be difficult, but a machine should be reprimanded for such a crime. When Siri pronounces a name wrong, respond with, "that's not how you pronounce ___." Siri will ask for the correct pronunciation and keep doing it until it is pronounced right.

18. Wi-Fi Only

It is a terrifying moment in one's life when you're halfway through the month and notice your data allowance is getting a little low. You don't need to cut back on your usage though.

Try going to settings > Mobile Data, and select which apps get the Wi-Fi-only B-list.

19.Shake It Off

Did you know you can erase your recent activities simply by shaking your iPhone? If your worried this will cause more problems them solve them, don't worry. A pop-up will ensure you want to delete the items before fully erasing them.

20. Swipe Right.... Into My Heart

Stalking someone can be time consuming. So, why not cut back on the time that it takes to check that that person has replied to a text. With this hack you can move onto the next person. Swipe right when you are in the message thread, to show delivery times for every message sent and received.

21. Hello Mother, Hello Father

Siri is smarter than you, just face it. The sooner you accept this, the easier it will be to have a relationship. Like any relationship, you must introduce the parental units.

To do this ask Siri to call Mom or Dad. Siri will ask who they are, and once the contact has been set up, you will never have to search for their number again.

22. Can't Come To The Phone 

We've been stuck in a situation where someone has tried to call you, and you just can't answer. The stock text responses have been very helpful to deter a caller, but did you know the iOS allows you to create your own? Go to Settings > Phone > Respond With Text and create your own personalized messages.

23. My Best Angle

Your selfie time shouldn't be taking up your whole day, but you need that picture to be the best. So, hold down the "capture" button, and your phone will take a series of shots for you. Then you can pick the best one.

24. Hack This

With hackers everywhere you turn, you want to make sure everything on your phone is safe. Creating the safest password is the perfect place to start.

Go into your Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn off the simple 4-digit password. Now, you're free to enter something that's a little more complex.

25. Phone Home

Here's another hack for the iPhone 7 Home button. You can customize the vibration in the iPhone's settings.

To do so, go to Settings > General > Home, and select what feels right for you.

26. Picture This

This is an old one, but one everyone should know. You can use your volume controls to take a picture. Even better for taking selfies, you can use your headphones volume button, only if they're compatible, as well.

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