Mortified People Share The Most Embarrassing Thing Possible To Be Caught Doing.

Let's face it life can sometimes be embarrassing. But the worst part of already doing a kind of embarrassing thing is being caught at it. Well these people reveal the most embarrassing thing that you could possibly be caught doing.

1/26. Opening your phone browser in public and realizing you forgot to close all your porn from last night.


2/26. Early 20's. At work after a gynecologist appointment. It was dead silent in an office of 10 people. I get up and the air is forced out of my junk so violently it sounded like I crapped myself. I was dizzy from the pure mortification.


3/26. Waving back to someone who was waving to someone else...


4/. Turning around because you realized you were going the wrong way in public.


5/. Back in early days of the net, and webcams. I thought it was cool to have a webcam in my office. My coworker did a screencap of me picking my nose, printed it, pasted it on a kleenex box and gave it to me as birthday present at a work gathering. He was a jerk, but I kinda asked for it...


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6/. Watching a sex scene in a movie.

This is the only time anyone walks in during a movie, ever.


7/. A lot of times after I park I look at my reflection in the window of the car I parked next too. I tend to forget to look through the window and occasionally there is someone sitting in there wondering why I'm staring at them.


8/. Laughing randomly with no context. i.e. You aren't holding a phone or anything so you couldn't have been watching something funny. Etc.


9/. I got caught lying about where I lived when I was around 12. My friends dad took me home and kept going not the way I told him to go. I just picked a random house and instead of driving off he decided to wait to make sure someone was home. Man that was awkward.

Remember kids: Don't go to a strangers house just because the drivers going the wrong way.


10/. Talking baby talk to your cats, and then hearing the neighbor snickering right outside the window.

I've been avoiding him since June.


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11/. Singing in the car. When I'm in the car I don't give two sh*ts and sing freely, but when there's a person next to me I'm a goddamn statue.


12/. Pretending you understood someone when you didn't.

mumble "What?"

mumble "Sorry, what was that?"

mumble "Ohh ha ha.. yeah!"

instant look of confusion "Err.. what'd you say?"


13/. Roommate came in to see that I had fallen asleep after eating probably 50 freezies and I was just laying in the pile of wrappers watching New Girl.



14/. There's always that moment in a uni lecture where someone opens their laptop and their music starts playing at extreme volume.


15/. I had seen everything else in that RedBox I wanted to see, and I was curious.

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But yeah I rented Jack and Jill and went into the store for some snacks. I was hiding it under my arm. But when I put the snacks on the counter it fell, face up, on top, perfectly.

I had known this cashier for several years, and we were cool. It was like it was in slow motion. She looked down, saw I had rented Jack and Jill, then looked back up at me with this look of mild contempt, and I was at a loss. Finally I was able to say "I didn't know what it was." But it was too late.


16/. Small talk. Seems so easy but I always f*ck it up somehow.

Me: "Hey, how're you?"

Them: "I'm good, how're you?"

Me: "Well, thanks, how are you?"

Them: "..."


17/. Picking your nose. Everyone does it, but for some reason if someone catches you in the act, you might as well just give up on life right then and there.


18/. Having explosive craps in the woods while camping...

Alone, nowhere to hide, and in abdominal/anal pain. hunched over like some hairless, sneaky sasquatch making fresh forest fudge with cherry pain topping.


19/. Stealing your ex's underwear when you're just at her place to collect your sh*t.


20/. My wife and I had only lived in the house for a few months and had done the friendly new neighbor greets etc but that was about it... One night there was an ambulance at the house, but we didn't really see what happened. A few days later the husband walks over to us as we are working in the yard and says something, my wife says 'Excuse me' as he didn't say it very loud.

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He repeats himself with the same volume etc,and my wife just kind of did the "ohh ha ha' deal...then I paused, and said wait... what did you say?

"I just came home from burying my wife" .... over 5 years ago and I still bug my wife about that one...


21/. Performing oral sex on someone.

Somehow it seems more awkward to be caught doing that than having sex.



23/26. Smelling your fingers




26/26. Talking to yourself.


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