Only Left-Handed People Can Relate To These!

As a right-handed person, I've never realized how many things are designed for right-handed people! It's incredible how much you lefties put up with. 

Left-handed people were asked what some of the most annoying things about being left-handed are. Here are their answers.

Spontaneous games of baseball. If I am at a family gathering and someone suggests we go toss a ball around, I don't usually get to participate because nobody has an extra left handed glove.


This is a bit weird, but freaking mugs. If you want a mug w/ a quote or symbol from your favorite source of media, then your southpaw self can eat crap because the handle is on the wrong side so people will only see a blank mug negating the whole purpose of buying it in the first place, and if you want a lefty version you have to ask (much like baseball gloves) and the answer is ether they're in the back (and we can't be asked to get it) or we don't have any in stock. Why do I even care about what's on my mug anyways, I'm just going to buy plane white ones from now.


Saw a video once of a guy shooting an assault riffle left handed. The casings were flying out and hitting him in the face. They're build for righties.


Handshakes and high fives. You are socially expected to go right handed on these things.

So it makes my awkward encounters just slightly more awkward.


Can openers. My spouse and I are both left handed. Opening cans at our house is like giving birth.


A lot of spatulas are made to make flipping easier by tilting the angle of the spatula down to the left,which makes it harder for me to use since I approach from the opposite angle.


An odd one: buffet lines.

The trays are sometimes angled so that they are more easily accessed by righties, but that means that I have to contort my left in front of my body in order to get to the food.

Right handed people also leave the serving utensil on the right side of the tray, so I reach across the food to get it. That's a small thing, but something I always notice.


Whenever there is a pen chained to the counter (like at a bank or store) it's always attached on the right side. So leftys always have the chain draped across the thing you're writing on.


Knives of all kinds can be harder to use based on the grind. A lot of chefs knives need to be made for your handedness or else its harder to cut with. Butter knives also have the serrations made for right handed people and this makes spreading butter or jam/jellie harder and it makes me rip the bread if I'm not careful.


All microwaves require me to use them right-handed or my wrist hits the handle.


The machines you use to swipe your card can totally block left handed access with plastic and rubber stuff all over the left side,which is a bit inconvenient.


Some door handles are meant to be opened by your right hand. They're super awkward for left-handed people.


SLR cameras. They are not just for right handed people, they are also for right eyed people. As someone who is left handed and eyed, I have always been annoyed, especially with the larger, heavier models (Nikon f4/f5 and now the higher end dslrs).


Paint rollers when attached to an extension pole - they always get loose and fall off because the threading is right handed. Same thing with brooms and some rakes, the sweeping motion unscrews the pole from the broom head.


Ticket barriers at train stations - they're all designed for the ticket to be inserted by the right hand. Every time I have to take my ticket out with my left hand, pass it to my right to use. So annoying!


Arm wrestling- "hur durr I won with my left" " well I won with my right" like this has ever gone anywhere.


Driving stick shifts.


Video game controllers, computer set ups, and instruments are all difficult for left handed people.


Just in the last year I realized why a potato peeler never worked for me...It is only serrated on the wrong side.


Screw threads. Took me years of straining to tighten screws till I tried it with the right hand, and holy crap it was different, I really hadn't expected that but there's something physiowatsit about muscles or whatever. No big deal till you've a jar full to do into hardwood, and the battery ran out in the drill.


As a Physician's Assistant, suturing is really a right handed task. It's taught by right handed people and the knots are all right handed knots. Being left handed makes this a very awkward task, especially when someone's life is on the line. Screw it. I just practiced BOTH WAYS until I had it down. Now I have a skill that lets me suture in any position which is pure gold in the emergency department. The trauma table gets crowded and cramped and people actually look at me sideways to see what I'm doing sometimes. Lefty for the win!


Sitting at a table.

You right handers don't realize that all left handers will always position themselves so they are at an end before people sit. We won't say anything or make a fuss. It just happens.

You don't even notice it.

In the event that we are next to a right handed person on our left, we still keep our arms close to our bodies and be extra careful not to get in the way of the person next to us.

Then if we do bump elbows, we will apologize "sorry I'm left handed".


Classroom desks, especially the ones with the armrest on one side.


Scissors and a can opener. I finally broke down one day and bought nice left handed scissors. Started using them the wrong way at first because I was so used to using right handed ones.


3-ring binders.


Writing things like birthday cards SUCK. Your hand just completely smudges the ink EVERYWHERE.

Oh and writing with fancy fountain pens. Smudges galore.


Used to be annoyed that most mice were right handed... until I tried using a mouse with my left hand. The most awkward minute and a half of my life.



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