People Confess Illegal Things That Might Be Worth Breaking The Law For... Just This Once!

I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure. - Mae West

People on Reddit were asked: "What illegal thing should everyone try at least once?" These are some of the best answers.

3/26 Well, I now this is probably going to be extreme for most of you, but, here goes: Rip the tag off a pillow or mattress (the one that says not to).

I won't blame you if you are too afraid to try.


4/26 Watching the pornographies the night before you turn 18. I feel dirty just saying it!


5/26 First pour the milk in the bowl then add the cereals.


6/26 LSD, and or magic mushrooms.


7/26 Get better seats you didn't pay for at a big concert by jumping the railings. Though, you should probably wait till the second set when security is more relaxed.

I did this at a Modest Mouse concert with my boyfriend, he wasn't pleased with how [terrible] the sound system at the venue was from our seats, we got as close as possible after sneaking past security and jumping over one railing onto the stairs and then onto the floor, it was only for their last song by the time we got there, and the sound still sucked but I can still say I did it.


8/26 Sneaking on a roof at night and watching the sky.


9/26 Having sex in public.


10/26 Kinder surprise.


11/26 Rebroadcasting Major League Baseball with implied oral consent, not expressed written consent.


12/26 Not getting your parents permission to create a account


13/26 Skinny dipping at a public lake. The signs say no swimming after sunset. We're still there. Rangers drive up, we hide under the dock. He is literally walking over us as we're naked in the water.

Would absolutely recommend.


14/26 Steal the Declaration of Independence.


15/26 Sneak snacks into a cinema.

I was eating vegemite and cheese sandwiches during a Mad Max screening.


16/26 Jay walking.


17/26 Mushrooms. I'm not a habitual user of anything, but this was touted to me as a fascinating high 'without serious risk or long-term damage.'

I've done shrooms maybe three or four times total, and the very first time it occurred - while one of my friends went and sat in the shower to talk to Jesus - I sort of just hung out feeling unaffected for a little while until I realized the meaning of life later that evening. Being lucid enough to realize this was the drugs kicking in, I decided I'd do the intelligent thing and write it down to remember the following day. Unfortunately, the ink beetles kept crawling out of the only nearby pen and wouldn't return, not even on my orders as their queen.

So I did the next most sensible thing. As it was a cold Canadian winter with nearly two feet of snow on the ground, I decided I'd write the Meaning of Life in the snow. So I took off all my clothes and went outside and began tromping around. Some of my other friends were upstairs [having sex] and noticed my idiocy and called me to come back inside, eventually insisting and pulling me back indoors.

I had all but forgotten about this experience until I woke up the following morning, coffee in one hand and spotted the snow pooling around the front door. The realization flooding back, I ran outside to see what the all-important message I had left for my future self the previous night.

What I wasn't expecting was the huge letters adorning the front yard, nor the following realization that the words were written not just in front of my house but down the length of the block. Vaguely, part of my subconscious remembers it being oddly bright out and cars honking at me while I was doing a nude riverdance up and down the street.

Eventually I piece together that the knee-deep lettering spelt out IT'S JUST A PENNY IN THE RAIN, and while I don't have any idea what that actually means, part of my brain still confirms the accuracy of that statement whenever I think about it. 'That's right,'it nods and agrees, 'That's the meaning of life. Good job not forgetting.'

Anyway, mushrooms.


18/26 It depends where you live, in some countries this is already legal, but it's still a good experience:

I'd say shooting at a target with a gun. Many people are scared of guns but being trained to use one and gaining experience with one is a good experience. Learning how they work and using one can alleviate a lot of fear.


19/26 Loitering. Such a rush.


20/26 Illegally crossing an international border. The thrill of infiltrating another sovereign nation while avoiding detection is some [wild stuff].

I did this once in Israel when I walked up to the Jordanian border and stuck my foot on the Jordan side.


21/26 Punching someone in the face.


22/26 Sports betting. It really does add to the experience.


23/26 Torrents.

Sometimes media is of [crap] quality and doesn't deserve money, but you still kinda want to see it at least once to see what the fuss is about.


24/26 Go to an empty stretch of highway and find out just how fast their car will go.


25/26 Two hits of LSD. Changed my life and evaporated 14 years of depression with one dose. It was a very gentle nurturing experience; I was very suicidal hours before I did it. With nothing to lose I gave it a shot and words cant even begin to describe the experience. Not a neuroscience major, but I've heard it remaps how your brain process information or something like that. So people in my case whose default is to process things with a severe negative perspective get a chance of feeling things from the positive spectrum for once.


26/26 No Kiwis on here willing to cop to the joys of illicit fruit/vegetable gardening?



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