People On Twitter Are Demolishing Columbus Day, And It's Hilarious

The only holiday in the United States (and various countries in Latin America) that causes such uproar is known as none other than Columbus Day. 

You know, the day that celebrates the official landing  of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of the Americas in 1492. Some states celebrate the day as a federal holiday while other don't celebrate the day at all. 

There is so much controversy surrounding Columbus day that it has even been changed to "Native American Day" or "Indigenous Peoples' Day" in a number of States, to commemorate the land and it's inhabitants before Columbus "discovered it." 

Without further ado, let's take it to twitter...

Don't be that one likes that person. 

If only this was Trump's real twitter account and not a parody one. 

Readers, a look into parent teacher conferences of the future. 

Incase this tweet doesn't make much sense to you...let me explain. Dove recently dropped a terribly racist ad promoting their new body wash. 

Hence why that tweet is genius.

Remember in grade school when the thing to say was "oh, burn." I'd insert that phrase rightttt about now. 

*inserts phrase again*

Twitter is responsible for some of the greatest "also known as" EVER. So, if no one has told you this...twitter - family, you are greatly appreciated. 

You're going to be an amazing parent. I believe in you. 

Lebron fans are not going to like this one. 

Let's collectively blame it on gentrification. In fact, we could possibly blame more than half of the things wrong with the world on gentrification of some sort...and entitlement. 

I did mention these tweets were funny for the most part. Here is where I mention that some are also a little difficult to digest but thought-provoking, nonetheless. 

Well then, thanks Jesse for that wonderful mental imagery. 

Oh, oh another parody Trump account. 

Yeaaa, I liked the other one better.

Here's our all time favourite site for rap lyrics with well...rap lyrics 

I'm sure those are sarcastic laugh faces, a visual expression of "laughing at the irony." Reading emojis is truly an art form. 

This man is an honest man. One who owns up to his flaws. As for the rest of y'all, why don't you ask for directions? 

What do you think about Columbus Day? Share your thoughts below.

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