People Reveal Secrets About Their Partners That They Aren't Supposed To Know.

The following AskReddit users reveal secrets they already knew about, but that their significant other was still trying to keep from them. From heartwarming to some more serious ones, one can only ponder if somethings are better left unsaid. 

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My ex and her cheating on me. She thinks that I found out when I looked at her phone, but I knew about it 2 months earlier when she sent me a picture of herself watching Netflix in bed. I don't think she realized that the other guy's face was 100% visible in the laptop screen's reflection. After that, it was just a matter of me being in denial and trying to fix things.


Her caesar salad dressing. It's actually the best thing ever, but even after two years, she would refuse to tell me what was in it. What she doesn't know is that I have been secretly watching her make it for the past few months. I have finally pieced it all together, and now I have the power!


Back when I was first starting to make my artwork public, I had a kickstarter campaign to fund a tour. I had just started dating my S/O, and he donated a relatively significant amount of money anonymously. He tripped up in selecting his "backer's reward"- an original piece mailed to his house. When I saw the address, I definitely didn't suspect his roommates were just super supportive of my art.


This is a secret from before, but my GF at the time decided to surprise me by buying a holiday to Brussels for us over my 30th birthday. I accidentally intercepted the hotel conformation email. So, I decided that this would be a good time to propose to her as well (as I had been considering it for about 6 months now).

I acted all surprised when she told me. Then, when we were having dinner in the restaurant on the first night, I got down on one knee and proposed.

We are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary at the end of next month.


This one's about my ex-girlfriend. She had a fairly large scar on her back and was incredibly self-conscious about it. She wouldn't even take her shirt off the first time we had sex. When I asked her about it, she said that she had fallen from her horse when she was younger.

Fast forward a little bit. I'm out finding her a birthday present with some help from one of her friends. I pick out a sexy singlet, but her friend just looks at me like I'm stupid. Apparently, the scar on her back (which the singlet clearly revealed) wasn't from a fall, but an abusive ex-boyfriend who had pushed her onto his motorbike's exhaust pipe and burnt her.

We ended on good terms, and I never told her that I knew. I hope she is doing well.


She smokes when I'm not home. I know this because I always move the router to the window where the signal is best. When I come home the router is in a different position away from the window. I put it back without her knowing and call her out for smoking. She has no idea how I keep finding out!


My ex made up a person and spoke to me as them. We met when we were quite young, and we were both pretty strange. I put it down to insecurity and wanting to look like she had cool friends (I was a little older). I never let on that I knew because it would have been super embarrassing for her, and this was literally at the start of the relationship.

She made up quite a few stories about this guy, and I got a few emails from "him". She didn't realize that changing the name of the account didn't actually change the address, which was fully visible.


Everybody likes snacks, right? Some of us like chips, others like fruit, or yogurt. Well, my wife likes croutons. Frozen croutons to be exact, and she tries to hide it like an alcoholic hides bottles of vodka. Where does she hide the croutons? In the freezer. At first, I would put them in the pantry (when we would get home from the grocery store), but they'd always end up in the freezer. I'd be like, "Uh, hun, what's up with the croutons in the freezer?" and she would act like she had no idea what I was talking about. Now, here's the thing- I've tried them, and now I'm addicted to them too! So now, I openly eat cold croutons out of the freezer as a snack, and she tells me how odd I am while she eats half the bag with me. No idea why she's embarrassed to admit what a genius she is for discovering such an awesome snack. By the way, the best kind is Chatham Village garlic and cheese flavor.


He spent a ton of money on Bruins tickets this year. Whenever he gets tickets to a match, he claims that he got them for free through work, but I know he's paid for them. I don't really mind since he can spend his money how he wants, but I just think that it's funny how he actually thought that I wouldn't find out that he's spending a few hundred bucks every time he goes to a game. 


She had sex with my boss before we knew each other (before I had been hired into the company). I'm not mad about it or anything, everyone has a past. But she carefully dances around ever coming into my work now, and I'm careful not to bring him up.


He masturbates to pictures on Facebook of girls that we know.


This was in the past. I ended up finding out that my now ex-girlfriend was cheating on me after hearing one of my parrots pick up, "Oh, God... Yes, Jim!" in a rather scratchy, sensual voice.

Turns out, they had been having sex where I kept him while I was at work. I dumped her the next time we met. 


When he's about to fall asleep, he's completely honest. It was about 7 months in when he grabbed me and whispered into my ear, "You're going to be the mother of my children."

I told him, and he was thoroughly embarrassed and apologized. However, I neglected to tell him that pretty much every night he would tell me that he loved me starting a month in.

I don't mind. I'm not trying to rush things. Neither of us have any plans to jump into that sort of stuff right away, but it's still nice to know.


She's hiding baseball tickets for when my favorite team comes into town. She is waiting to give them to me on my birthday.


He has been hiding that he's autistic from me for ten years. (I should clarify, we're in a long running on-again, off-again thing between us, but even when it's off, we were still good friends). He suffered abusive therapy, and because of it, he thinks that hiding his autism is the most important thing. Except that's like trying to hide an elephant in a bathroom, and he's not always super high functioning. So, it's always a weird charade of me pretending that he's not autistic, while I'm busting my butt to gently handle it.

I have no idea how to talk to him about it. I know he has a formal diagnosis. He was so traumatized from institutional medical abuse, in the name of therapy, that even mentioning it or acknowledging it can cause him to have a meltdown. He thinks that if I knew, I wouldn't love him anymore. But I've known for YEARS, and I still love him. I like him just the way that he is. I just want things to be easier and less scary for him, and I don't know how to help most of the time because he won't admit the problem.


She's been studying abroad for a year and is planning on coming home 5 days earlier to surprise me.


Her lupus is getting worser and at a much quicker rate than what she had expected. She maybe has 10-15 years left before her kidneys, or lungs, or heart fail. Apparently, there's a ton of scar tissue forming already, even though she was diagnosed two weeks ago. She's gained about twenty pounds from water retention (for a slim, petite little thing that's almost a fifth of her weight) and her legs have swollen so much that she can't bend her knees, or walk without intense pain.

The worst part is, she's always smiling when I come to visit her and asks if I want to go hiking or play tennis (my favorites). All I do is tell her that I'm tired and that I'd like to read comic books with her, or put on Netflix (her favorites) and lay in bed.


I already know that he's bought me an engagement ring. It's a pearl one too- not a diamond, but he's just awful at hiding gifts. Not physically, but he just asks me a ton of questions about what I want, and then he plays it off like I could never figure out why. I also knew because he had left the mail out from Zales, and he suddenly had a Zales rewards card in his wallet. I figured out that it was a pearl because (a few weeks ago) he went out to dinner with me and one of my girlfriends, and she was talking about what engagement ring she wanted, and we went on about how neither of us wanted a diamond. He got very serious and asked me if I liked pearls and acted relieved when I said yes.


Once while on a date with my ex, I complimented her necklace, which was a doll's eye on a chain. The doll's eyes 'blinked' when tilted (which was cool). She immediately said, "Oh thanks... I made it myself!" and talked about how she did it, but I had already seen the same necklace at a store that she shops at.

Also, she would sometimes say really beautiful things that were actually quotes from books. On one instance, I was reading a book about a year after we broke up and went, "Huh, I've heard that before."


She purposefully loses Overwatch games from time to time so that we can keep playing competitive together.


I'm actually the secret keeper. I got cancer a few years back. It wasn't great, but at least it wasn't at Stage 4 yet. I couldn't really deal with it, and my S/O's father was dying of cancer and alcoholism. I just didn't want to see him more afraid. He needed me to help him out during that hard time, and I didn't want to make it about me. I didn't tell him for two and a half months.

He had found out at the one month mark, but he was waiting for me to say something and I didn't. He showed up to my chemotherapy treatment one day like it was nothing and held my hand. We cried a bit, and he was pretty pissed off at me.


My husband thinks that I don't know about the extra five grand he's been blowing on firearms and ammunition for the past 4 months. His son is really bad at keeping secrets from me, and I know everything.


I know that she started dating me because my parents had a lot of money, and I was following down the path to also have a lot of money.

I saw her group chat with her mom, sisters, and aunt about what a good situation she's in, how she'll never have to work, and even if things go south, she just has to stick around until my parents aren't around anymore.

I'm only with her until I finish school because I don't want to be alone during this time in my life.


I've always been her second option.



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