People Reveal The Deepest Secrets They Would Only Share Online But Never In Real Life.

Many people feel more comfortable, confident, and protected behind a computer screen. So, it should come as no real surprise then that people often reveal some of their deepest, darkest secrets over the internet. One thread on AskReddit asked this exact same questions, and users came forward to share what they've said before.

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My little sister passed away two years ago. Not suddenly, but her illness did take her slowly. We all took it super hard, especially my mom. She went to psychics and started looking for signs around the house that my sister's spirit could be around. Shortly after her death, my mom was convinced that certain items around her room were being moved around by my sister. After a while, it stopped happening. My mom was really sad, so I started going in late at night, and every once in a while, I would move something ever so slightly that she would notice, but never to the point where she would suspect it was anyone other than my sister. I love you, mom.


For Christmas a couple of years ago, I bought my mother a hideous ceramic elephant. She was absolutely in love with the damn thing because apparently it was the exact same design that was in her grandmother's house. It reminded her of happy times during her childhood, but it was always too expensive to ever justify buying.

The only reason I could afford to buy it for her was because I had an erotica book up for sale that was unexpectedly successful. My mother's quite delicate in her sensibilities, so I don't think I could ever tell her that her beloved elephant was the result of a hardcore pegging scene.


I hate being around kids, and I have one in real life. I still fake it in order to get by, and he adores the hell out of me because we do stuff together. Same with other kids. Like if I meet up with a friend who brings theirs, I will bang my head against the steering wheel, but then I'll pull it together and act friendly to the best of my ability. That's why I don't understand guys who say that they love their kids so much, but then they don't even bother trying to act the part.


I'm afraid I'll have a really short lifespan because I had a heart transplant as a baby and cancer twice. I don't really like to think about it, but it is definitely terrifying. I'm currently 16.


My buddies and I used to put traffic cones in the middle of the street really late at night and just watch from the bushes or behind buildings as cars would pile up. They'd get out and talk to each other and then finally move them after realizing what was going on.


I've accepted money for sex four times. Each time, I've made two to three grand. I don't regret it whatsoever. In fact, I kind of felt proud of myself after, but no one will ever know that.


I really enjoy German marching songs from the first and second World War. I'm not a Neo-Nazi or a Nazi sympathizer, there's just something about those songs that is enjoyable to the ear. But if I were to share this interest with anyone, I know that they would probably assume that I was some sort of white supremacist. I hate racial supremacy of any type. It's unnecessary and has no basis in science, but I really do enjoy listening to those songs. I don't know why.


I'm incredibly insecure about my lack of experience when it comes to dating. I just turned 29-years-old and have never had a girlfriend. I tried online dating for four years, but I just deleted my accounts because they went nowhere. I did meet two people, but things never really clicked with either one of them. I am also a virgin. Part of the reason why I deleted my online dating profiles is because nearly all of the women I found on there expressed how they would never date a virgin.

I'm truly scared that I'm going to end up alone because of how inexperienced I am and that no woman is going to want a guy like me.


I absolutely hate being criticized or given constructive feedback. If it's online, then I don't care. But if my boss criticizes me or reprimands me, I just hate it and feel attacked on a personal level. It takes every bit of my strength to not get defensive and to just say that "I'm sorry" and that I've accepted what has happened. Instead, I cannot move on from criticism.

I think I feel this way because as a kid I always excelled in school and was praised by everyone for it. Now, it shocks me when someone doesn't like something that I've said or done. My ego is quite fragile in the workplace, but I don't show it.


Everybody thinks I'm this social butterfly and extremely extroverted person, but I'm actually really shy and would rather just stay at home everyday.


I became a father at 15. I NEVER wanted kids. I now have full custody of my 4-year-old. My girlfriend (not my daughter's mother) wants a kid at some point. She doesn't know that I had a vasectomy done before we got together.


I spend a lot of my free time dressing up as a girl and selling my body on the internet. Even though I'm making decent money from it, I could never tell anyone in my family. It really helps that my girlfriend is just as into as I am.


I have next to no friends. On the outside, I come across as a total socialite with a bunch of friends and seem like I'm always busy because I'm funny and confident. But in reality, I can count my friends on less than one hand. Everyone who I've ever invested time and love into has walked away from or hurt me. I'm 20-years-old right now. I'm already at the point where I don't even want to try and make new friends anymore. I'm not a nasty person. I'm giving, and I'm caring. I always look after people, but people take advantage of me, use me, and treat me terribly. I've come to learn that I'd rather be lonely than to be constantly hurt by other people.


I voted for Gary Johnson out of spite because the other two candidates sucked. I would have pissed off my family if they knew that I didn't vote for Trump, and I would have pissed off a lot of my friends if they knew that I didn't vote for Clinton.


I'm still absolutely in love with a girl who dumped me 3 months ago. I haven't gone a day without thinking about her. She hasn't spoken to me since the day she sent me a text informing me that it was over, despite several attempts on my part to reach out, I still have no clue why she broke it off.


My only time having sex was with a prostitute.


I honestly look forward to being sad sometimes- just so I can have an emotion that isn't pissed off or annoyed.

I suffer from depression, but it's not the mopey, sad, suicidal depression that most people have. I suffer from the kind of depression where I just feel numb to everything. I'm tired all of the time, and the only real emotions I have nowadays are either annoyed or angry.

I have a good paying job that provides me with financial security and flight benefits, but for the last several months, I've been phoning in and doing the absolute bare minimum. Simply because I don't have the energy to care anymore.


I hate my brother. Not a normal hate, but a hate that makes me ashamed to call him family.


Everybody knows I was stabbed in a mugging and have sought help for PTSD with it. What they don't know is that I was also sexually assaulted. I just couldn't admit it and open up about that part. It's been over 7 years now.


I never wanted to marry my wife. I was young and naive, and she was dominating and controlling. It took me eight years to realize this, but I'm finally going to leave her.


I made the B-list for a friends wedding. I was invited only after the others had dropped out. The couple was wealthy, and the wedding was in Lake George, NY at the Sagamore (which is pretty ritzy and expensive place). I had just moved home, and I was in-between jobs. At first, I was like, "I can't do this, especially give them a gift since I'm so broke." A friend of mine was able to figure out a hotel deal down the street, but I was still concerned about the wedding gift. My mother then said, "Wait a minute!" and returned back all excited. She had a beautiful crystal picture frame that at least looked super expensive. I asked where she got it from, and she said, "For a dollar, at some garage sale." We went to the local CVS and got some fancy wrapping paper, and low and behold, I had a wedding gift to give them. I had a great time, and so far, I've never heard anything about the gift, and he still doesn't know.


My fianc just broke up with me. I've been in a couple of serious relationships, but I had never felt that way about another person before. 


I've been out of school for like 2 years now. I'm still lying to everyone about how a job and a grown up life is right around the corner for me, and how I'm working really hard to make it happen.

It's not, and I'm totally not.


I had a miscarriage. I think I've told three people about it in real life. I feel a deep shame about it.



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