People Reveal The Most Romantic Thing Someone Else Did For Them

*Sings in my best Tina Turner voice* "What's love got to do with it?" Apparently, EVERYTHING! Disclaimer: This article will either make you heart palpitate or make you cringe. In any case... enjoy the feels.  

Quora users answered the question, "What is the most romantic thing someone said or did to you?". 

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I just wrote an exam and the results were revealed. I got a big fat 0.

It doesn't sound that bad, but for someone who had always been in the top 10% of the class, someone whod never EVER in her life gotten a zero, it was a big deal. It was also a subject I loved, a subject I had given all my time to. It was very stupid, but for some reason, it hit me hard that day.

Needless to say, I was very VERY sad. I just wanted to be alone for some time.I ran to my dorm and barricaded myself in. It was a girls hostel, no boys allowed inside.

My best friend (and boyfriend) Neal wouldnt have any of that. Come out, he said, "I'll cheer you up!

Not today, please. I'm really not in the mood.

A little more whining, a little over reaction from my side. Finally, I said bye in the most commanding tone I had and cut the call before he could reply. I knew I was being unreasonable, but damn it I wanted to be alone.

I switched off my phone.

Fast forward to 4 hours later... 

Im still sad, trying to distract myself when I hear a knock on my door. Some girl saying, Neal, is waiting outside the hostel for me and he won't leave till I see him.

I go out grumbling promising myself itll be a short visit. I amble along to the door and go to him.

Hes literally jumping up and down as he hands me a bag. Intrigued, I open it.

A crazy goofy smile immediately spreads across my face. It's a burger and fries from McDonald's.

Wait. No. You dont understand.

In the place I live, there's only one McDonald's. One shop that sells nice burgers in the entire state of Goa, India and it was a good 40 kilometers (25 miles) away. Neal, my stupid idiot beautiful Neal, he went out on a rented bike (we arent allowed vehicles of our own on campus), drove 1 hour to that place (other side of the state), packed me my favorite thing in the world-those heavenly burgers (plus flowers) and drove back (another hour) in the night. Risking punishment for missing the campus curfew.

Also as college students, we were very broke.

He was soo thoughtful and spent soo much time and money, into making me happy, all the while I was the one being unreasonable.

That was the best and most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. I can't thank God enough for letting me have him in my life.

I was instantly cured of my sadness 

Saloni Singh

We have been married for more than six years. A couple of months ago, we had to attend an official dinner party where several other officers were invited.  My husband was one of the junior officers at the gathering. 

We were all seated in a large hall and people were introducing themselves (and their families) one by one. 

My husband is a very shy man so he deliberately sat at the end of the hall so that he could avoid giving the introduction. But almost an hour later, it was now his turn to introduce himself and his family to the rest of the room. 

My husband got up, held the mic and introduced himself with his name and his current designation. He then pointed towards our daughter and said her name. Finally, he looked at me and holding the mic in his hands introduced me: 'She is my wife Surabhi. She is a blogger and my guide'. The moment he said 'my guide', everyone in the front turned to look at us.

I stood there smiling  (pleasantly surprised with the sudden but warm compliment) and wondering whether I was plain lucky to have this man as my husband or if I truly deserved such love?

I do not think I am his guide as he is a self-guided man but I sincerely believe that acknowledging your wife's support in front of all your seniors and mentors (who could possibly judge you for being emotional or a "wife's boy") and calling her your guide, even after six years of marriage, is certainly a romantic moment to be cherished for a lifetime.

Surabhi Surendra

This happened with a very special person. It hadn't been long since we were consistently speaking and it took a small amount of time for us to realize that we had similar areas of interest and we clicked. 

We talked about books, movies, songs and also discussed articles maybe from the newspaper or magazine. While discussing an article in HINDU, I suddenly asked: "WHAT IF I DIE TOMORROW?"

To which he very politely and casually replied: " I WILL BUILD YOU A LIBRARY". He paused for some time and continued with "BUT I WOULD BE HAPPIER IF YOU ARE ALIVE TO INAUGURATE IT"

This sentence gave me goosebumps and I really want to live to see that day.


I have heard people say I love you and like you, but saying you are an inspiration totally swept me off my feet. I began to blush (thankfully we were talking through messages and so he didn't see me blush).

It has been like 8 months, but till this day, every time he says something very sweet, pleasing and winsome, I am totally speechless. 

Ankita Pathak

My wife, Heather Candelaria invented a week long holiday for me.

Knowing that my late December birthday got me short shrift on both Christmas presents and birthday parties, she decided to make up for lost time and invented "Toddmas".

Much like Hanukkah or the Twelve Days of Christmas, this involves a smaller gift each day, from Christmas to New Year's Eve. Either Christmas itself or my birthday will have a larger gift, but getting a daily unwrapping of some exotic cookware or kitchen tool is pretty fun (I cook.)

Pretty sweet of her, especially since she was raised in a family that did very little gift giving.

Todd Gardiner

My girl loves Salsa. A lot.

One day, she went out with me to a bookstore where I just irritated her by hovering over her and speaking about my favorite authors and their renowned work. Mainly, the books I told her to read, and the best thing about her, no matter how blunt I get, she never lets me down.

Gosh! There are soo many times, I fail to follow through and do the things, I commit to and yet, there she is, never backs out of an opportunity to surprise me. I could never be like her. Shes the best.

 I received the most romantic thing from her. It wasnt my birthday, but she made it feel like it was.

She gifted me a book from one of my favorite pickups; Dean Koontzs RELENTLESS.

I didnt expect her to gift me with such a book but you can never underestimate her, she proves herself every time and exceeds my thoughts and expectations. 

That day she even got irritated with me then spent her whole day afterward searched for that book in a humongous torturing mess, only for me, avoiding her salsa class. Looking for books is not her thing by the way. She did it because she's so sweet and selfless. But this hasnt ended here.

 When I asked her the reason she got me the book I wanted, she just smiled. Her response left me astonished and giggling. Later she texted me, Der is something in d book sweetheart! Again the curiosity jumbled my mind. So, when I fetched the book I found a little bookmark, scribbled on it was:

I love you <3

The reason she bumped her salsa class was just for the sake of fulfilling her boyfriends wish. I closed the book because I read enough in those three words. More specifically, the thousand feelings she put in that I love you, (her anger, her tantrums, her sweetness, everything that exist). 

It all made sense. I just want to thank her! If she reads this. 

Thank you, doll. 

Youre incomparable. Youre irresistible. You are out of the ordinary.

In love with my girl.

The cute girl next door!

Rahul Sharma

This might sound like a very silly answer, but here goes.

Whenever we eat out, he picks out all the paneer (cottage cheese usually marinated with Indian spices) from any of his dishes and puts it on my plate. And when he does, he does not have even a slight smile on his face or a lovey-dovey look. All his concentration is on the food. If we are in a group, he just keeps talking or does whatever he is doing. It is more like something that he does subconsciously.

The first time he learned I loved cheese or paneer in any form was probably 8 years ago when we first ate out somewhere. Since then, he has been constantly doing this - so much that it is now a habit. It makes me feel really warm inside.

So yeah, lifetime paneer supply over diamonds on our anniversary, any day!

Jayashree Ravi

A guy asked me to be his girlfriend the night before he left to France for a 3-month internship but I rejected him because I wasn't sure. We remained close friends after that. On the night of my birthday (he was still in France), we video-called and he sent me a link to a website. It turned out that he made a video of each of our friends saying happy birthday to me, along with my favorite songs playing in the background. At the end of the video, he said happy birthday to me with Rascal Flatts' song "My Wish."

He is now my boyfriend of 2 years.

Joice Vania Gumala

A couple of years ago, I was presenting at an international conference in Ireland. The schedule was very demanding like all scientific conferences, and I was extremely stressed because it was also my first time presenting. We planned a two day trip with a rental car to go to go to Ireland and relax. But, it just made things more stressful because we wanted to visit too many places, and all the daytime driving and heavy drinking at night took a toll. 

So on the return to Germany, I was pretty much mentally and physically exhausted. She bought the train tickets at the airport and shoved me on the train. I was groggy and fell asleep, expecting to wake up in 2 hours when the train got to our city.

I woke up 4 hours later and the train was still moving through a flat landscape - the total opposite of the mountainous or hilly southwest Germany. I recognized it as northern Germany. Turns out she had bought tickets to take us to her home area to have a vacation staying with her parents, in a beautifully idyllic, rural place with a forest and large lake. 

Best antidote possible.

I had to pay the train tickets back though.

Marc Srour

You know what happens when people get drunk and talk? They blabber out the truth. So I had a fight with my boyfriend about something really trivial (it was my fault) so he was quite pissed. He had planned to stay over at his friend's places for a night. It was an apartment with about 20-25 people staying over. I couldn't join because I had a family gathering that same night. So, he went alone. 

 So at around 3 AM in the morning, when most of them went to sleep, he and 10 other intoxicated people decided to go to the terrace and enjoy the morning air. They started talking, heart to heart. One of them expresses that's he tired of his parents' expectations. Another one of them shares how his girlfriend was dating 2 people at the same time. One started pointing out how he was tired of his girlfriend that was always complaining. Suddenly everyone starts talking about their boyfriends and girlfriends. They all mention how they wanted their partners to be better people. How their expectations were being killed in their relationships and how modern day relationships were more about lust than love.  So it's my boyfriend's turn to speak now. And my friends were sure he'd say something negative because we had a fight the same morning and we were having a kind of rough phase in the relationship (it was a brief phase). But to everyone's surprise, he said, "I don't know how to express my love for her. In my life's priority list, she stands right where my family does. She's different. She accepts me with all my faults and is the most caring person in the world. I commit mistakes, yet she's there for me, she's the best friend I have. I love her, she's my life." I know this because all our mutual friends sitting there told the exact same thing to me, first thing in the morning.

He said this. Among 15 drunk people talking about how tired they were of their relationships. It is by far the most romantic thing I've ever heard. It is easy to romance behind shut doors, it takes courage to do that in a crowd.

Ishna Kaul

l had recently started a new job.  There was also a very nice man who started shortly after.  I loved the way he dressed and loved his shoes.  One day, he came into the office with two large white buckets filled with the most beautiful and aromatic roses.  When asked where he had gotten them, he smiled and said, Oh, I grow these in my garden,  He walked around the office and let all the females in the office pick 24 roses from the dozens he had brought.  I said to myself quietly, Wow, I wish I had a husband who grew roses for me.

A few months went by and I learned he was recently divorced and we had quite a few things in common.  We went to the movies, had lunch - but nothing romantic.  He was genuinely a very nice guy.  When I left town on business, I knew I could count on him to take care of things in the office with my customers or even check on my condo if need be.

One day, I received news that a growth under my arm would have to be removed. He immediately offered to help out in whatever way he could.  This would be a one-day procedure but I did need someone to drop me off and pick me up. Of course, he volunteered.  The procedure went fine but I had a terrible reaction to the anesthesia. I was so groggy and nauseated, the surgeon decided to admit me. When I came into consciousness the first thing I saw was him sitting on the side of the bed, holding my hand.  I tried to talk to him - I was urgently trying to get the thickness out of my tongue and get the words out, I am going to be sick.  As he bent over to try and listen to me, I barfed all over his Armani suit.  I was conscious enough to be horrified.  But, he just smiled and said, "well, lets get you cleaned up" which he promptly did.  I fell asleep, but when I woke up the attending nurse had this advice for me.  Honey, if that isnt your husband, he ought to be.  He has been by your side, cleaned you up and made sure we were taking care of you. Trust me, she continued, very few men would do that - married or not.

Yes, it is 29 years later and he was (as is) a keeper!

Gwen Sherwood 

Music is an integral part of me. It has been for as long as I can remember. Initially, I could sing well too. Due to repeated attacks of cold and flu, I lost my voice quality and I was advised to stop pursuing singing. When this happened, I was shattered and it hit me hard. I had great difficulty accepting this fact. My ex-girlfriend knew about this and she was a great singer. On my birthday, we had gone to some place in the evening. 

I asked her, "Where's my gift?"
 She said, Youll get it when you reach your house.

After the dinner, I dropped her to her place and I rushed back home. I was curious about the gift. I headed towards my room and I saw a small box wrapped in blue packing paper with a red ribbon. There was a card placed above the box. I opened the card. She had written,

Love is never wanting to lose faith, never wanting to give up and never truly moving on. Love is knowing and praying in the deepest part of whats left of your heart that they feel the same. Ill always love you. Happy Birthday, G.D.
It brought a wide smile to my face and then I removed the ribbon from the box very carefully and unpacked the box. There was a CD in the box. I played the CD and plugged in my earphones to the laptop. The playlist started to roll. The first song was

Happy Birthday to you

The next ones were:

  • When youre gone
  • Cant get you out of my head
  • Baby, now that I have found you
  • Saving all my love for you
  • When you say nothing at all
  • Beautiful disaster
  • Truly madly deeply
  • We are one
  • Soul-mate
  •  My heart will go on

She had snug all those songs for me in her beautiful voice. It is the most beautiful, most romantic, most sensual thing anyone could do for me. The songs struck a chord in my heart and I felt so special. So loved. Even now, I have that CD and I listen to it every once in a while.

Girish Dutt Shukla

Ive experienced quite an array of romantic gestures, but its always the small things that get me. This is my favorite:

Whenever I go to visit my boyfriend in Luxembourg, he buys all the food that I like (Im vegetarian and he isnt, so he doesnt really understand vegetables or know what to do with them) and attempts to make the dishes that I like and have previously made for us both.

He works in finance but heads to the gym early (5:30 am) every morning before work, but before leaving the house, he always brings me a glass of orange juice and places it on the bedside table and gives me a kiss before leaving. Im not one for gooey gestures and you will never see us display affection like this in public, but it always touches me when I think of how considerate and appropriately sweet his gestures are. 

Rashina Gajjar 

It was more what he didn't say.

I was dating a Dutch guy who was living in the Netherlands. I'm from Australia.

We had just spent a glorious few weeks together in Europe, and were at the airport, waiting for my plane to snatch me away back home.

We were absolutely racked with sobs, drenching each other's shirts in tears. It was an awfully sad sight.

Overcome with emotion, I leaned into him and managed to squeak out, "I.. l-love you."

He said nothing, but pulled me in tighter, hurling fresh sobs into my neck.

I remember sitting on the plane home feeling like an absolute fool for saying anything, and for allowing myself to become so vulnerable. The rejection of his wordless response stung hard.  I did not bring it up again but did wallow in self-pity and pain for a few weeks.

Still, we kept in touch, almost daily. At about the six-week mark of separation, we were having a phone call one day.

It started getting quite emotional, and we talked about our feelings for each other and what the future could possibly hold for us as a couple.

He told me he loved me. For the first time.

I said, "Please don't say that unless you mean it."

He said, "I'm telling you I mean it.

I timidly asked him, "Didn't you hear me say it to you at the airport? Why didn't you say it back?

This is where it gets romantic:

Him: "I didn't say it because I didn't want it to feel forced. I didn't want you thinking I was saying it just because we were parting and caught up in emotion. I wanted to say it to you at a time when I had absolutely no obligation to. So you would know it was real.

The maturity and clarity of his response astounded me.

Katie Birtles 

In 2012, after 40-something years of writing, I finished my first book of poetry for adults. I already had three poetry books for children, so I was very excited to finally have a book for grownups.

Since my life partner, Robert, is also an author, I asked if he would do me the honor of writing the Introduction for my book.

Expecting something short and to the point, I was blown away by the sweet and loving Introduction he had written, which is now proudly printed in my book:


Like a rose with many petals sharing its sweet aroma -- this is how I see and feel about the love of my life, CJ Heck.

She is my electric blue-eyed girl, who can be both little girl, or strong woman, whenever and wherever the situation calls for it. She is both sensuous and exciting, and soft and affectionate.

Tragedy struck her life early with the death of her husband in Vietnam. This experience laid open the very core of her heart and soul and opened the channel to a well of compassion and sensitivity that waited deep within. Her pain was the fertilizer that helped her bloom as a writer.

Her poetry is not a surface observation, but a soulful interpretation of the events and people who have inspired her.

CJ writes both eloquently and simply of things that touch her heart, things she wants to share. She is gifted at painting a picture with words on the heart and imagination of others, thereby communicating not just an image, but a life experience.

I feel very honored to have been asked to write this introduction and share my feelings about CJ Heck. She is the water for my soil, the sunlight for my petals, and the nurturer of my growth.

Sit back, open your heart, and enjoy the journey as revealed through her words, images, and emotions. You are blessed by this opportunity to know her in words, as I know her in life.


Robert S. Cosmar Author

Now, THATs romantic. 

C.J. Heck


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