People Reveal The One Thing That They Will Never Buy Cheap Again.

'Go big or go home' is the motto I like to think I live my life by. The only problem with this is that I'm also incredibly cheap. I'm that person that'll travel further to get something even if it means only getting $5 dollars off.(blame it on my mother, she raised me). Although, I've learned since then because, one too many times have I chosen to go the cheap way and regretted my decision moments afterward. 

The following AskRedditors responded to the question, "What is something that you used to be cheap about, until you tried the high-quality version, and now you can't go back?" 

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Toilet paper. It's absolutely worth spending extra on the good stuff.



I'm 20-something, so many of my peers are people who are living (and cooking) on their own for the first time. It amazes me how many of my friends use crappy knives. Lots of newbies buy the biggest knife block they can afford, believing that more knives are better. This is simply not so.

You really only need three high-quality knives: A pairing knife, a chef's knife, and a serrated knife.


Bed sheets. I used to not care about what I had on my bed. If my sheets were too old, I'd just go to Walmart and pick up a new cheap set and be good until those wore out too. But then I was introduced to high thread count flannel sheets, which was just the beginning. Now I have 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. They were expensive, sure, but it's like sleeping in a freaking cloud now.


Parmesan cheese.

Once you go Reggiano, you don't go back-i-ano.



I used to wear cheap Wal-Mart underwear until it fell apart. Then my significant other bought me an expensive pair and it felt like my junk was floating on a cloud. I'm never going back.


Bakery bread, made that day. After living in Montreal for years and getting my bread fresh from the bakery, I can't go back to that sugary, foam-rubbery, floppy, bland supermarket bread. Even the fancy stuff doesn't even come close. Bakery bread is expensive and an extra effort to get it, but so worth it. Good bread is one of the essential pleasures in life.


I got new tires this fall and went off of the recommendation of the guy at the tire store, even though they cost more than I was initially wanting to spend.

 Life changing stuff right there.

I live in the Midwest and have always hated driving in snow and ice, but now I truly believe that was all because I had terrible tires. My winter driving confidence has skyrocketed, and every time it snows I seriously want to go hug the guy who sold them to me. Best money I've ever spent.


Tools. Quality tools will get the job done quickly without breaking the tool, the thing the tool is being used on, or your skin. And they will last more than a lifetime.


Pillows. Pillows are so damn important. After I got one that's pretty expensive, yet the most comfortable I could possibly get, my sleep quality has increased 10/10. 


I had a bra breakthrough a few months ago. I was wearing a 34B most of the time because I assumed that's what I wore without ever getting fitted. Apparently, I'm actually a 32D. I asked like a dozen different employees in 2 stores to fit me, and they all were like, "Yup, that's your size". I always assumed D equaled big breasts (which I do not have) so I never even thought of that as a possibility.

Fortunately, my bras fit SO MUCH BETTER. Unfortunately, it's a weird size to find, so I'm stuck with only a few stores and online shopping. I spent like $150 on bras in one day and threw all my old ones out.


My toothbrush. It's one of those vibrating ones. I will never forget how fresh my teeth felt after using it the first time, and my dentist even compliments me on how much less plaque I have now. Also, I use to get a bunch of cavities, 2-3 would be filled every 6 months despite good dental hygiene (bad genetics), and now I have 1 filled every other year or so. 


Computer Chairs. I'm 29 and have been using the same chair for most of my life, I changed to a new one when my chair's back cushion started falling apart.

The new chair was some random office chair I bought for $60, and the thing broke after a couple of months of using it. So I decided to buy a legit gaming chair for $400. 

The difference is unreal, I never knew my posture would change soo much. 


Butter. A good brand actually has so much more flavor than the store brand. I don't eat it often, but it's worth it every time.


Makeup. It's expensive... but once I find the right brand for whatever the product is, it will take a lot for me to choose anything else, no matter the price. There are a lot of great drugstore products and makeup is mostly a rip-off, but it still doesn't compare to my favorite professional quality products.

One trick, if you buy expensive mascara, you can save the brush (clean it, of course) and use it with drug store mascara. The reason expensive mascara is so expensive is because of the brush and usually not the actual product in it.


I was new to the good quality headphones game a few years back. I had recently worn through a pair of mediocre (at best) headphones and tried to use my terrible backup pair. I couldn't, they were even worse than the mediocre pair I had. Then, after suffering through a month of listening through laptop speakers, I got a good pair for Christmas. Best headphones I have used up to then. 


The first time I used a nice pen, I immediately fell in love with it. The difference is like night and day. Cheap ones last for like a month before they inevitably dry out. A nice pen, on the other hand, can last for years, which is especially useful when you don't need to use it every day. They also make much nicer lines compared to the cheap ones.

My first good pen was a Pilot pen that I found lying on the ground in my first or second year in high school. I used that sucker until I graduated, and it worked great right up until I lost it at some point in college. I like to think it found its way into the hands of someone else to open their eyes to the world quality pens that aren't shit.


Dress Shirts. Growing up I bought the cheapest stuff that had a design or color I liked. I thought the way they aged and came out of the dryer was normal.

Then I bought some $50-100 non-iron shirts from a suit place.

Holy cow. They come out of the dryer needing no ironing (duh) if you remove them promptly. The material is thicker and hangs better. They last years longer. The cloth doesn't shrink as much. The color stays longer.

It's the Sam Vimes Boots Theory of Wealth, applied to shirts. Spend twice as much up front and save 3-4x over the life of the shirt.


Coffee. I'm no snob. All I do is get whole bean coffee and grind it myself.

Then I'll go to someone's house and they'll have some pre-grounded stuff and I won't be able to finish it.


Meat and sausages. Once you try a hot dog that tastes like meat, you'll realize that the pink mush they call Wieners in supermarkets is tasteless.

Computer peripherals. I didn't think paying $150 for a keyboard or mouse would be worth the money, but now I hate playing games with anything less.


Syrup. I used to buy the cheap no name high fructose corn syrup. Then someone gave a bottle of good maple syrup for Christmas one time.

I'm ruined. I can't go back. If I can't have real maple syrup on my pancakes I'd rather just not eat them. And that stuff is expensive.


Bicycles. After 3 years riding the 99 dollar bike, I upgraded to a 480 dollar trek bike. What a huge difference the new bike is so much more efficient and having a bike the correct size for your body makes it so much more comfortable. 



If you ever had to shove a cardboard tube up your lady parts and then tried a Tampax Pearl with the glorious plastic applicators, I know you heard angels sing.


When I was growing up, powdered iced tea mix (especially 4C brand) was a common staple in the house. Once in awhile my mother would also buy a tub of powdered Country Time lemonade mix. A couple of years after I moved out I started making real lemonade with lemon juice, sugar, water and was absolutely shocked at how good it was. I then made real iced tea with brewed tea, sugar, a shot of lemon juice, water and was similarly floored. That powdered stuff literally gives me dry heaves now.


Vacuum. I have two furry cats and my partner is allergic. I invested in an animal vacuum and I have never looked back! I cannot believe all the dust and fur that comes up! He has had zero problems since I got it 7 years ago.

Will never go back!



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