People Reveal Their One Personal Quirk They Didn't Notice Until Somebody Pointed It Out.

Everyone has their quirks in some form or another. But they're so ingrained into character, that people are rarely aware of their own quirks unless others point them out.

Here are some hilarious instances where people realized what their 'quirk' is!

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Apparently when I'm doing a presentation, my accent interchanges between Australian and American. Thank you random Uni guy.


No matter my mood, I look mad.

Even when I laugh.


I do voice over work as a profession. It was recently pointed out by a close friend that I use my "radio voice" when I'm around someone I don't trust.


Apparently I have a "food dance." When I'm really hungry and then I finally get something to eat, or it's just something especially yummy, I kind of rock side to side in my chair. I really love food.


I have an inappropriate reaction to people coughing really hard, as in liquid going down the wrong tube. It makes me laugh. I have no idea why, but if someone is basically choking I have to control a very, very strong urge to laugh. It makes me (and probably the other person) feel horrible, because it's not ACTUALLY funny.


Freshman year, my roommate noticed I spoke to inanimate objects quite frequently (ie 'hi, bed!' 'pencil, you're broken', etc.). Not loudly, just low comments. I did it without ever actually realizing how often I did until she'd start responding as though she were the objects in the most creepy, fabulous ways.

Me: mmmmm hi, pillow

Roommate (in high, soft voice, without looking up from her computer): Hi....why did you leave me this morning?

This continued all through the year.


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A friend of mine told me that a lot of times, people will say things to me, and I'll immediately respond with "What?" as if I hadn't heard them, and then proceed to immediately respond to them as if I'd heard their entire statement. I have kinda bad hearing, so I think my brain tricks me into thinking I didn't fully hear the statement, when in fact, it just took me a split second longer to fully process what I've heard.


Whistling while I pee. Did not know I did it until my ex pointed it out.


Apparently I yell constantly in normal speech. I am always asked to tone it down.


My first day on my first job as a teenager, I run into a guy I went to school with five years before, but wasn't really friends with. We're catching up, and he says:

"Hey, do you still make those noises?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You know, you were the noise guy. Do you still make those noises?"

"Dude, you're thinking of someone else."

"No, it was definitely you."

I dismiss it, still thinking he's mistaken me for someone else. Later that day I'm going through the mind-numbing task of packing up the clean dishes, and suddenly, I HEAR IT. I HEAR THE NOISES. As I'm stacking the dishes, I'm making sound effects with my mouth of a robot moving in time to the work. I suddenly realise that whenever I'm doing a boring task, I make like robot or lightsaber sounds, and I'd apparently been doing it for years. And I did it so much that in my entire school that's what I was known for. I WAS THE NOISE GUY.

Never made the noises again. I think.


When at a standing rest, I hold my hands in front of my chest like a T-Rex or a bunny rabbit. I've been doing it my whole life, but only realized it when my girlfriend was talking to my mom about how weird it was.


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I silently repeat phrases to myself when I think I may have said something odd, when I do this I also mouth the words as I say them to myself.


I am (allegedly) a terrible liar. When I lie I (allegedly) stare dead into your eyes until you respond. I never make much eye contact during conversation, so my friends say it is easily distinguishable.


I talk and/or sing to my food. Singing is reserved for times when I'm a) Really hungry, or b) Really excited about what I'm about to ingest.


I walk on my tippy toes EVERYWHERE.


I "pop" my ears nearly continuously. I can do it without holding my nose, I've known I do this kind of obsessively for my whole life, but I had NO IDEA that others could hear it until my wife told me to stop popping my eardrums. I was FLOORED that it was audible to others!

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Rather than using "um" or "uh" or other filler words, a friend of mine repeats the last word he says.

"So I was talking my dog for a walk, walk, and there was this old lady coming down the street with a disgusting looking bag. bag so I tried to ignore her but she was sneering at me like she wanted something"


I apparently walk very quietly and have terrified a fair number of people for sneaking up on them. They'll be making a sandwich in the office kitchen and, to them, I just materialize behind them getting water.

A few people have considered putting a bell on me. I'm honestly not sure if they're joking or not.


A friend told me I was constantly correcting people. Obviously that was wrong, so I politely pointed that out to said friend. For some reason that did not go over well.


I apparently hold things in my mouth a lot, even when I have a hand free. I've never noticed it, but apparently it's especially obvious with things like parking stubs, pens, movie tickets and the like.


I tend to mimic the emoticons I use as I am texting.


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When I eat ice cream, I put a spoonful in my mouth and then sort of... poop it back onto the spoon through pursed lips. Repeat until it's gone. I was totally unaware of doing this until I brought my girlfriend (now my wife) home for dinner for the first time and my sisters whispered to her to watch me eat ice cream. Apparently my whole family thought it was hilarious and just never told me!


Apparently I don't blink very often.


I tilt my head slightly to the right at all times.


Whenever I'm talking to someone I know marginally, like a teacher or distant friend, I end every single goddamn sentence with I suppose. I have no idea why.


I have had the hiccups consistently since elementary school. I stopped noticing it, until a guy in college kept pointing it out. Now I can't un-hear them.


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Whether I'm eating or drinking I always subconsciously extend my pinky.


Apparently I look off into the distance when someone talks to me about something that requires my creativity or an answer to a question.

They said it looks like I'm tuning them out, but really my mind is racing with all kinds of possibilities/outcomes as I absorb the information. I still hear everything, but I plan as I go.


When I get excited in a conversation, my voice gets louder. My husband and I could be talking about going on a trip and I'll start like "oh this is going to be fun"... and in a few minutes I'll be like "OH MY GOD I HOPE THE WEATHER WILL BE OKAY! OOH THEY HAVE JET SKIING!" Basically I'll be unintentionally yell-talking (but not in a mad way).

I give people a "seductive" look when they talk to me. Some guys I worked with pointed it out to my female coworkers and the girls came to talk to me to see if I did it to them. I squint my eyes and lean forward slightly (when sitting) when people talk to me and apparently it looks like I'm flirting. I did it to the females too. They got a good laugh out of it. It's always in the back of my mind now and I try not to do it but I usually fail. It's just a habit.



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