People Share Double Standards That Irritate Them The Most.

The following AskReddit users share some of the most annoying double standards that exists. From sexism to ageism, there are all kinds of "invisible rules" that we are seemingly made to follow.

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I have to pass yearly workplace harassment/sensitivity training, and they make a big deal about age discrimination. Here's the kicker, age discrimination only applies to old people not younger. For instance, I could get in serious trouble/fired for calling someone a dinosaur, but yet every week people tell me that I should grow a beard so that I look old enough to work.


As an Asian American, it's being counted as a minority when it suits one agenda, and being counted as white when it suits another.


If I want to resign, I'm expected to give my two weeks notice. If I get laid off, it's effective immediately with no notice whatsoever.


In your 20's, you're an adult to kids, but a kid to adults.


When watching kids, men are babysitting and women are parenting

On the other end of the spectrum, if a woman takes a child out with mismatch clothes and their hair undone, they are a bad parent. If a man does the same, it is cute and at least they are trying.


I play video games in shifts longer than four hours at a time and I'm considered lazy.

Someone watches the entire 'Stranger Things' series in one day and no one bats an eye.


The way women can still be treated differently. When my husband and I withdrew our 401k money to buy a house, I was asked to have him sign and notarize documents showing that he agreed. He didn't have to do the same about me.

Just last week, we called a company to get new windows for the house and left a message to call back.

I didn't know that they had called, and that my husband had gotten an appointment. I called again to request one and was asked to have my husband present since he needed to sign on any work.

Yes, he's a co-owner, but he wasn't told the same about me.


Old person, "This generation is offended by everything."

Young person, "Happy holidays."

Old Person, "I AM OFFENDED."


Manager, "You need to be a team player and help your team out."

*Sits in her office all day not doing anything.


Man offers to split the bill, he's a cheapskate. Woman offers to split the bill, she's independent.


Everyone I work with who has kids gets tons of bonus time off just for mentioning that their kids are involved.

I get exactly what we're supposed to be entitled to.


Men can't be raped or assaulted. Truly an awful double standard.


How easy it is for a father to lose custody of his kids, but the mother basically has to be convicted of murder or something for her to lose them.


When an attractive person gets away with doing stuff, but other ''normal'' people would get judged/in trouble for doing the same thing.

I have a friend who is super pretty, and she always gets what she wants just by batting her eyelashes because she looks great. It kind of makes me feel awful.


Being told I'm to skinny and that I should eat more, but I can't tell you that you're fat and that you should eat less.


Rich people can't be suicidal because they can afford help. I didn't know depression could be cured with money. I got into a huge argument last weekend about Chester Bennington's death because someone said, "I have no sympathy for people who commit suicide." Good for you, but you've never experienced that. You can't just magically make depression go away, and calling a suicidal person selfish or saying that they shouldn't be suicidal doesn't help the problem at all.


Adult at 18, but can't drink till 21.


Guys can go topless in the summer in public. Even where it's legal, women can't due to the social stigma. This extends to breastfeeding.


Females can say, "I'm just one of the guys" and like traditionally male activities, and it makes them "cool."

Guys who say, "I'm just one of the girls" and like traditionally female activities are seen as "gay" and/or "weak."


You get in to work before everyone else, and no one notices or cares. But heaven forbid you also leave before everyone else, and you are lazy. Nope, I worked the same amount (likely more) hours than you did. Just because you weren't here to see it, doesn't mean I wasn't here.


It is extremely unfair that a lady can call her close friends her "girlfriends," but a man can't call his friends his "boyfriends."


A smoker can take at least a five minute break multiple times a day and also take their lunch (not everywhere, but where I work). But if I were to just sit at my desk, idly flipping through my phone for the same spans of time, I'm asked if I clocked out first, and if I'm deducting it from my break time.


If I'm working a night shift, sometimes I'll want a beer or a glass of wine to relax afterwards and before I go to bed. Sometimes that happens to be at 8am.

My Gosh, the complaints that I get. People seem to think that it would be much better for me to wake up at 6pm and have a glass of wine for what is effectively my breakfast at that point. Great plan there.


Women can wear men's clothes. Men can't wear women's clothes.



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