People Share Public Etiquette Violations That Really Tick Them Off.

There are a few things (on an imaginary mental list) you'd think the general public would collectively agree were gross and just downright inconsiderate. But we are human, and thus can't agree all agree on everything. There will always be the odd ones out that deliberately choose to live or do things a little bit differently than the rest of us. 

In this article, AskReddit users respond to the question, "What is one thing that violates 'public etiquette' that just pisses you off?" 

Common below with your public etiquette no-nos. And if you're interested in reading more responses, take a look at the original thread at the end of the article. 

People who let their children run amok in restaurants. When parents allow their children to terrorize the general public and expect everyone else to think their little angels are just as cute as they do. Newsflash, you may think your child is a precious butterfly but everyone else sees them as a snot nosed smelly brat.

Both MightyBulger and yachterottera agree. 

People with obviously more than 10 items in the "10 items or less" lane at the store. You're not fooling anyone.


People at work in my office who have their cell phone ringers on full volume. You're at work, turn that off or put it on vibrate. Hearing George Thorogood 30 times a day is quite enough for me.


Large groups of people blocking the entire footpath and walking at a snail's pace. Drives me completely up the wall. 


Walking on to the train while other people are still trying to get off. 


If you're on the elevator, don't hide behind the button panel. Stand in the middle so people who want to get on can see you when the door opens. Nobody likes an elevator ninja.


People walking along the sidewalk and not making room for others going the opposite direction. 


People who leave shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot instead of returning them to the cart corral.


Peeing on the toilet seat. In a male restroom, pissing on the toilet seat makes me want to run you over with a bulldozer. 


Interrupting a conversation without contributing to it. And the same people who do that also talk while watching movies.


People who talk conspicuously loud so that everybody around them can hear what they're saying. One of my friends does it all the time and it is extremely embarrassing and frustrating.

And people who don't stop talking to their friends in a lecture or tutorial (like seriously, you don't have to be here - just leave if you want to talk to your mate).


Driving in the left lane when there is a line of traffic behind them. If more than a car or two are queued up behind you, there's a good chance they both hate you.


Jerks at the gym who use the equipment to rest all their stuff on (keys, water bottles, bags, and so on) and then act like you're the jerk for having the nerve to actually use the equipment to workout. 


People who bring their babies to the opening night or midnight release showing of ANY MOVIE. You have immediately destroyed the value of the outrageous amount of cash I just gave away to enjoy this movie all because you couldn't wait until you got a sitter. I don't care how "cute" or "sweet" your child is if you bring them into a loud, IMAX action movie they are going to cry a river of tears and scream until I begin to consider infanticide as a valid solution to the issue.


People who play their music without headphones on public transport. People who leave their rubbish on the table when they have to walk past a bin to leave. People who eat in libraries. There are much more. I am not bitter I swear. Really I swear. 


People who change their baby's diaper, then leave the dirty diaper on the ground. Walk three feet to the trash can, entitled much! That's nasty. Or put in in your trunk and throw it away when you get home. No one wants to pick up your angel's poop. 


People who take up two seats on a full bus or train. One seat for them and one seat for their bag.


Cyclists who run red lights, cruise through intersections that have stop signs without stopping and have an aggressive attitude towards motorists and pedestrians. Good on you for biking, but that doesn't give you the right to be a complete and utter jerk.


Move to the back of the damn bus. Or at a minimum, be a decent person and don't block the entrance or exit of the bus, tram, or subway. I should not have to maneuver through an obstacle course to board public transit.


Not using turn signals.


People who are blatantly rude to waiters, bartenders, hostesses, drive-thru workers, pretty much anyone in the service industry. They make way less than they truly deserve to earn. The amount of nonsense they have to deal with because a burger had lettuce when someone asked for no lettuce or someone's drink is 2/3 full and the waitress hasn't refilled it yet, or when others harass the hostess when they have to wait 15 minutes for a table. It's enough to make me lash out at those inconsiderate pricks for being so disrespectful to another person. 


People who cut lines! I can't stand when I've been waiting for something and people just jump ahead of me like their time is more important than mine.


People who make out in public. Be it schools, public transport, or stores. Regardless of orientation, no one wants to see that. 


People that litter or fully miss a garbage can and do not take the effort to pick it up and just walk away.


People who hold a door open for me when I'm still way far away. It makes me feel like I have to hurry to get through the door because it's awkward that they're standing there, waiting for me with their eyes staring through my soul.



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