People Share The Biggest Red Flag They Ignored Because Of Sex.

People get involved with people, and their sexual relations keep them around longer than maybe it should.

Below are stories of clear red flags people ignored because of sex. Check them out!

She tried to run over her ex with her car. I thought it was a joke until I met him and asked about it. He was a lunatic too but fighting crazy with crazy is just crazy.


She ate paper. At first, it was just straw wrappers when we were out. OK, kinda weird. But she was this Molly-Morman babe who had none of the religious leanings, worth the crazy, right?


It finally reached a tipping point when we were doing the horizontal shuffle, and she pulled out a sheet of printer paper. She started eating this piece of paper, mid-sex and I couldn't do it any more. We broke up that week and I haven't seen her since.


She was one of those people who gave up on anything they aren't instantly good at. She honestly didn't understand why someone would try to develop a new skill.

This personality trait often clashed hilariously with the second red flag I ignored : she always needed to see herself as somehow superior to everyone else around her.


She ate with two hands, all the time. 

Even when I took her out for Italian food, she'd request a second fork and literally dual wield them while eating spaghetti. When she'd eat burgers, she'd dig her fingers into the bun so hard it looked like the burger had bullet holes in it. When I met her mom, one of the first things she said was,"I didn't teach her to eat like that and I still don't know where she got it from."


"Guys are only attractive with dark hair and girls are only attractive with blonde hair."

"If you love someone, you don't find anyone else attractive at all. You won't even look at them."

"I didn't know I had to take the pill every day."


He had actual sexual fluids on the back of his shirt when he was supposedly just coming back from his mum's.

Our relationship was already in shambles, and I was desperately in love with him. Sure, sex was great but it was love that I ignored it out of. Still couldn't save the relationship, at least I learned something and won't ever allow myself to be placed in a situation like that again.


She "broke up with her boyfriend" (didn't actually), moved into her own apartment with another guy, went to rehab for heroin, and a million other insane things every single person ever told me about.


She was crazy. She tried to kill me with a knife during my sleep. I only broke few weeks later.


I was at a family dinner with a girlfriend once, and she got angry about something and stormed off, and as I excused myself to go calm her down, her grandparents were like, 'We're glad you know how to deal with her.'

And I was like, the grandparents are telling me she's crazy? Dang.

This is also the same girl that convinced me I was a jerk because I was depressed, got me to go to the doctor and get checked out so that I could get on antidepressants, and when I took the test, I was like, one point over into 'possibly depressed' territory.

The doctor asked me why I was there, and I told her, and she goes 'Oh. You're fine. You have a crazymaker. I'm not giving you a prescription for anything.'

And that is when I was medically diagnosed with a bad girlfriend, by a female doctor.


She was overly and inappropriately protective of me. The sex was bonkers, which in retrospect was the only thing she had to offer.

She would look at old text messages of mine. She would try and stop me from playing basketball with my friends or going camping because she did not want me to get injured or sick. She would want to go everywhere with me and would act chivalrous. No kidding, she would open doors for me, walk in front of me in crowded places and always insist on standing on the car side on sidewalks. At first it was cute and flattering, plus the sex was insane. But then it got to be too much. I would go to classes and come home where she would be waiting for me near my house or "on the way" to my house. It enough for me so I broke it off after 6 weeks.


She threw her phone at a wall, shattering the screen and then tried to throw my phone.

I greeted her parents before I greeted her.


Always talked about her ex who she had a kid with and how she wanted to marry him eventually. But wanted me to get her pregnant. I never did her without a condom after she told me that and only stayed because her body was amazing. Had to let her go because she got physically abusive when I wouldn't take off the condoms. Like she clawed my face and tried to angrily choke me type of abusive.


It started real casual, 2 dates in ~2 weeks then we have sex and promptly pretty much spend the weekend together, having sex like 25 individual times, her libido was insane, she was insatiable, played volleyball in college too so her body was amazing.

Then one day after that weekend she texts me and I honestly forgot to reply while I was at my office. I take the train home and while I'm walking up the platform's stairs she's literally standing at the top. I initially believed her that she was on her way to the whole foods nearby, that was the first red flag. This happened two other times in the span of two months and so much crazy sex. One time when she just happened to be on my block when I got home from work again, and other she showed up at a bar she knew I frequented not far from my apartment while I was there with friends.

I decide to end it and breaking up with her was a nightmare, she showed up two separate times at my building and rung my buzzer for a good 30 minutes. I got texts regularly from her for a good 4 months after, always wanting 'closure'.


Her friends told me she is crazy and not to date her. Her PARENTS told me she is crazy and not to date her.


A month after we had started having sex we were going out to eat and I forgot my wallet. When I told her she started to belittle me, calling me an idiot, and that she could do so much better than me. Why would I ever embarrass her like that in public? I was completely caught off guard. She did this three more times before I got the courage to tell her off.


She straight up said, "Yeah, I'm for reals pretty crazy." She was super cool and the sex was stellar, but oh man... she wasn't lying.


Long time ago now. My first teenage serious relationship.

As the relationship started to deteriorate I started to pull away, and suddenly she was giving me all of the sex I could handle. I didn't even have ask anymore, I was getting it multiple times daily.

In the back of my mind alarm bells were going off because of the way it was happening. I knew this wasn't normal or right, but damn the sex was nice.

I knew I was going to be breaking up with her, I'm not proud of it, but I was using her and I knew it.i had already moved on. I was just too stupid and sex drunk to realise she was trying her hardest to get pregnant to keep me in the relationship.

Lots of drama ensued, I finally broke up with her, and she showed up at my house to inform my mother that we are having tons of sex and that she had just had a miscarriage. No idea of that's true or not.

I dodged a serious bullet.


She stole from Target. Not once. Every time we went.


She literally called me God, and worshiped the ground I walked on.


I didn't really ignore it, but she wanted me to pick her over my kids.


Dozen and dozens of ceramic dolphin statues.


She told me she had SIDS as a child.


She talked openly about slashing an ex' tires, stealing another's stuff, and burning another one's clothes. 

I moved and sure as hell didn't give a forwarding address.


Regularly being summoned for booty in the middle of the night by a text containing a single question mark.


She had a relationship that was going downhill, spent the majority of her time with me even though it was clear where it would lead because we were into each other, and the final flag on the play, she "hated drama".

Most dramatic, brutal, and manipulative break up of my life by far. If without prompting someone says they hate drama get the hell out... if you still can. I knew better at some level but couldn't admit it to myself at the time because she had me wrapped around her finger.


There were no books in that house. Then after sex I searched a bit and found one. It was 'The Secret'. I should've never returned, but sex was good.


Lied about husband and having a kid, cheated on me, I made out with her and her sister at the same time, it's goes on.


After our first time together she told me she loved me and wanted to have 17 kids together. I knew that was insane but holy crap I did not care.


The face down picture frame in her wall locker. We were deployed. Took a couple weeks before I really noticed it and couple more before I checked, and yep, there's her family.


A whole list of things:

Isolate and prevent me from spending time with friends or family members

Force me to account for every minute of my time when apart from him

Act really jealous and possessive sometimes

Make excessive and unreasonable demands for my attention, even to the detriment of my other responsibilities

Make me the scapegoat for all the arguments or problems in the relationship

Get excessively angry without warning or over tiny things

Have the whole "Jekyll and Hyde" deal happening where one side of him seems charming or even sweet and loving, while the other is mean, spiteful and downright hurtful

Play games with my head. Tell lies in order to confuse me or blame me for something I didn't do

Become overly critical of everything about me when I don't do what he wants

Feel entitled to everything from my attention and UNCONDITIONAL respect, regardless of how he treated me

Harass me whenever Im away from him because I have to be (such as work or school)

Say overly critical things about my appearance

Cause me to become anxious about confronting him about literally anything

Make me feel afraid of how he will react when I speak or act in general

Manipulate me

Make me feel like Im always walking on eggshells or living with constant stress, anxiety or generally in fear

Expect me to ask for permission to do stuff, as though I were a child

I'm a sucker for good sex.



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