People Share The Most Ridiculous Things An Ex Has Done

The following exes clearly did NOT take the breakup well. Check out these horror stories of exes doing some not-so-nice things.

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She lit my roommate's car on fire because she thought it belonged to the "girl" that I was sleeping with. We had just broken up a little over a week before, and I had just gotten a new roommate a couple of days before this. Apparently, she ran into some friends of ours (mine and my roommate's) at a bar in town. They told her that I was already seeing this new "girl," and things looked pretty serious. She proceeded to get smashed then drove over to confront me, saw the car, assumed it was "her" car, and decided to take her vengeance.

She got to spend a night in jail. My buddy got a new car (thanks to her dad), and everyone can at least have a good laugh about it now.


After we broke up, she moved to Georgia and met a new guy who she dated for a while. He tried to kill her with an AK47 but the gun jammed, so instead she got a tattoo of an AK to commemorate the occasion. They got married a few weeks later.


I went to a concert with one of my homies. Him and I decided to go to a bar afterwards and grab a beer. I walked into this bar to see- not only my GF, but my friends GF too (they were good friends). My girlfriend was against the wall with some guy holding her hips. I was drunk and told the guy to back off my girl. My GF slapped me for being at the bar when I told her I was going to a concert. Are you serious?!


She sent me over 700 texts consecutively that all read: SCREW YOU when she found out that I had moved on and started seeing someone new. 700. My phone vibrated for 2 hours straight.


My ex faked Leukemia, the death of her mom, and that she was in a rock band with actors from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' We were 15, and it was the early 00's. I wasn't super good at "Googling" stuff yet. I friended her on Facebook a few years ago just to see what she'd been up to and she's still weird, but I think she grew out of her lying at least.

She also said that she was being scouted by Juilliard, had a 2.1 GPA, and was tone deaf. For the record, we had only dated for 6 months.


She stole my car, then she told me that it was because she was trying to get her toddler to the ER. The kid didn't make it, and she forgot all about the whole car thing in her grief. A week later, I found new toddler handprints on my wall and changed the locks without a word. Year or so later, I saw her again with the toddler and a new guy/sucker at a local restaurant.


She was supportive of me taking a trip to Europe. That is, until I was actually there because then it became "selfish and immature" of me to do so without her (while we were engaged). Therefore, I was "too immature" to be her fianc.

However, she knew that I had planned this trip when she had proposed.


He climbed up my building. There was no ladder there (or anything else for that matter), so I have no idea how he did it. But he banged on my window until he broke through it. I left out another door (before he could get inside) and called the cops. I got back to my apartment to find it totally destroyed due to him flipping out.


I broke up with her because she was cheating on me. She posted a video of her having sex with some guy while trying to claim that it was me as proof of me "raping her." The guy looked nothing like me. No one believed her at all. She lost all of her friends over it, and even the guy in the video later verified that it was him.


She didn't talk to me for two days because I surprised her with coffee but forget the cream/sugar. She got mad at me for wanting to take her to a nice restaurant for our anniversary because, according to her, it was a "waste of money." We were in high school and she said, "Your money is going to be my money someday, so we need to save it responsibly."


He found out that I had kissed another guy in a club after we had broken up. He came to my house, let himself in, smashed up a chocolate easter bunny, and left it on my bed.


He sent me snapchats of himself in a chicken suit (I wish I was joking because it was actually terrifying) while texting me death threats from multiple numbers and parking in front of my dorm for days at a time. He also followed me around. I had to call the cops.


I dated a girl who got drunk and told me that I was afraid of Jesus." I broke up with her the next morning. She got really drunk again, drove over to my house, and played really loud music in her Jeep until I came out and told her to leave. She pulled out a pocket knife and started stabbing herself in the arm, over and over again, until I had to call for an ambulance. She took off, and they didnt find her. The next morning, there were a bunch of gifts that I had previously given her lying on my front porch covered in blood. I still see her every now and then since we live in a small town.


After I broke up with him (twice because he chose to ignore the first time), he sent a letter to my mom telling her that I was prostituting myself for drugs and alcohol.


She stalked me for a quite a bit. After sometime, she befriended my sister so that she had a reason to be around me and access to our flat. Some days, when I was too sick for school, she would tell everyone that she was bringing me my homework. When I awoke from my feverish dreams, I would see her lying next to me. I was a bit freaked out by that.


She got a tattoo of my initials on her lower back. We'd only been casually dating for about 3 weeks. A month later, we broke up. She then got her loser goth/stoner friends to rob my flat while I was on holiday. I hope she still has that tattoo.


I woke up one morning to about 50 missed calls and over 200 text messages that were all sent within an hour of each other. She was freaking out because I was sleeping past 9, and she thought that I had cheated on her because I wasnt answering. I called her back on my house phone to end it, and when she started yelling at me, my house phone died. Good times.


He was cyberstalking me to a point where he was monitoring my entire room through all of my devices at one point. I don't even know where he is now, so I can't exactly do anything about it.


She left me for an acquaintance. She then got pregnant, had the kid, came back, and told me that he didn't know his dad so "Why don't we raise him as a couple?" The saddest part was that I actually thought about it. It was a really low point in my life.


She faked multiple jobs, lied about having inherited a pretty big amount of money (including faking notarial documents), faked a pregnancy, faked the loss of said "baby" about 2 months into the "pregnancy," fabricated a story about being stalked, threatened with suicide, told my mom that she would commit suicide if I broke up with her, and faked having demoniacal possessions.

I guess those are the just some of the most ridiculous things she had done, but faking epilepsy was the worst since there really are people out there who are suffering and dying because of it, and she just exploited my concerns about her well-being with it.


He pulled me into one of the music practice rooms after our physics lecture (I could tell that something was up by the way that he was acting) and told me that we should break up because he "missed being single" and "I was holding him back from socializing" on weekends. This was in college, he lived on campus and I didn't. What a jerk. 


He told me that my vagina was so ugly that it made him want to vomit. This was mid-sex. After I started crying and shoved him off of me, he told me that it was actually reverse psychology and that he was trying to help me feel better about my body. It was really just the worst of a string of other abusive crap that he did. 


He told me that he was going to burn my house down because I had broken up with him two years prior. During our entire relationship, he had threatened me with suicide if I had left him and told me that I had to get rid of all of my friends because he was more important than them.

I'm currently engaged to one of "those friends" that he had told me to quit talking to.


She threatened to murder me if I slept with one specific girl.

Later, I married that specific girl.



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