People Share Their Grandparents' Love Stories. Adorable!

People on Buzzfeed were asked: "What's your grandparents' sweetest love story?" These are some of the most adorable answers.

One year on his tax forms, my grandfather under "marital status" checked "other" and wrote in "I fell in love all over again." I think it was more to mess with the IRS than to do something sweet for my grandmother, but two birds I guess.


When my grandparents were in college, my grandma stole a "physicians parking spot" sign from a parking lot on campus. Someone turned her in and she was given a fine. She couldn't pay the fine, so some stranger paid it for her. That stranger was my grandpa. They've been married over 50 years. Although no one will confirm it, I have a hunch my grandpa turned her in so he could pay her fine and ask her out.


My Tata went into the hospital for surgery about 6 years ago for something common. During the surgery, they found an aggressive tumor and ended up with a life estimate of six months which soon changed to two weeks. During which, my grandma never left his side, she would just sleep on the couch by him. 

When he passed away, my aunts went through his things and found a greeting card tucked away into his hospital things. It was a Mother's Day card. Apparently, sometime during his stay, he snuck downstairs into the gift shop to get my Grandma a card since he had never missed one and knew she would be missing him when the date came up a few weeks after his death. It was simple and beautiful and it's one of my favorite memories of him and his love for her.


When my grandfather's health started deteriorating, it started with a small series of strokes. My mom and I drove up to be with my grandmother while he was in the hospital. That night, my grandmother asked me to sleep with her, which weirded me out at first, which must have showed on my face. She followed that up with the 50 years they'd been married they've never slept apart.


My grandfather has short arms. All the sleeves on his long sleeved shirts are too long for his arms, and he despises rolling up his cuffs. I recently discovered that my grandma, for the past 50 years, has been hemming every single one of his shirt sleeves to the right length, just because he doesn't like rolling them up. It's small, but such a genuine act of love.


My grandpa designed and built their house himself and when it was time to install all of the counter tops he took my grandmas measurements and made everything exactly to her height. Which is [important] since he had a good foot or more height difference than her.


My Nanna was a secretary in my Grandad's father's building. Granddad started driving her home from work on his motorbike but they weren't officially dating. Nanna's mom saw her on the bike one day and forbade her from riding on it again. 

Nanna told Granddad that they couldn't ride home together anymore. The next day he turned up in a new car. He'd sold his bike so he could carry on giving her a lift home.


There is a photo of my grandma and her friends leaning out of a train window that they just boarded in London on their way to Austria. As the photo was taken, they saw my grandpa on the platform and tried to talk my grandma in to talking to the handsome gentleman. A little while later and they spot him again, sitting further down the carriage but neither of them spoke to each other. Later that night (it was an overnight sleeper train) neither of them could sleep and and they bumped into each other in the carriage. They were talking for most of the night and decided to keep in contact and meet up on the journey back to England. 

After a couple of years of letter writing and dating, my Grandpa walked from London to North Wales (200 miles and a 3 day journey) to ask for her father's permission to ask her to marry him! They've been married for nearly 60 years, travelled the world together as a doctor and nurse saving people's lives, have 4 children, 5 grandchildren and soon to have a great grandchild.


My grandfather's wedding ring fell off in the yard one day. He went out and bought a metal detector to find it, looking every day. He refused a new ring because he loved that ring so much, it was a part of Grams.


My grandma and grandpa both went to the same high school. My grandma being a year younger never knew of my grandpa until one Friday night football game. Their high school's team was one touchdown away from winning the game. When their team got that touchdown my grandpa was so excited he turned around and kissed the first girl he saw. That girl was my grandma, and they have been together ever since.


My grandpa was diagnosed with cancer in 1994 and knew that his time was coming. He decided to write my grandma a card with greetings for all the major yearly holidays. On the bottom wrote that although he wouldn't physically be there, he would still be with her through the best moments in life. She still has it hanging in her bedroom.


My grandfather was supposed to have an arranged marriage with my grandmother's sister, and a couple of months before the whole wedding was supposed to be planned, my grandmother, her aunt, and her mother all went to his house to see him. We live in Western Asia, and it's pretty commonplace to have arranged marriages, even in this day and age.

Upon seeing my grandmother, my grandfather fell head over heels in love. He told his aunt, who was arranging the wedding, to postpone the wedding so he could get to know her. When she refused, he said he'd get her solid gold bangles if she complied, and she, knowing that he could, agreed. So eventually they got married and he built her a huge bungalow with two courtyards to raise their kids in. And that house is standing to this day, and it's where I was raised.


My grandparents had been married for 50 years before my grandfather got Alzheimer's. My grandmother visited him everyday at the nursing home and brought food and gifts and tried to make him recognize her again. He did and he fell in love with her all over again and proposed to her. And that proved to me that true love really exists.


My grandma used to cycle passed the garage where my grandad worked every day on her way to work. My grandad eventually plucked up the courage to ask her on a date and they arranged to meet outside his work one evening. My grandad was so nervous he couldn't decide what to wear and ended up wearing his full RAF uniform. Problem was that at this point he was around 2 hours late and he thought my grandma would be long gone. 

However when he turned up my grandma was stood there, waiting for him, and she wasn't mad or upset that he was late, she just complemented him on how handsome he looked and was flattered that he had made such an effort. 

They were married for 50+ years until she died in 2010, and she would always tell the story of how my grandad had kept her waiting on their first date but how he made up for it by being so handsome.


My grandpa used to walk everywhere he went. One day as he was walking to visit a friend, he saw my grandma perched on her window looking over the neighborhood. He said that was the moment he fell in love. Everyday he walked by her house to try and get her attention. After several months, she finally exchanged words with him. Since this was the 40's, he wasn't allowed to go inside. The only way they could talk to each other was through the window. After several more months of this, my grandma's dad finally let my grandpa in the house where he asked for my grandma's hand in marriage. They were married for 68 years.


My grandad is always up at 5:30 and he makes my grandma a cup of tea and takes it upstairs to her along with milk and biscuits so that she can stay in bed. It's nothing big but they love each other more than anyone I know and this cup of tea shows how much my granddad would do for his wife.


On her way to a party, my grandma asked a friend for a ride. She didn't know that her friend also have a ride to someone else. When they arrived to the party, a random guy started to hit on my grandma and she was very very uncomfortable. She then felt a hand on her shoulder (kind of a hug) and someone said "Leave my girlfriend alone" and the guy left. The guy that saved her then danced with her the whole night. He was her first everything (kiss, boyfriend...) and her only love. He was my grandfather. 63 years together until she died in 2014; he passed away 2 years later.


My grandfather doesn't like sleeping in separate rooms without my grandmother and the reason he gives is that he can't hear the alarm clock and so needs my grandmother to wake him up but even though he tries to hide it we all know that deep within he just really can't bear to be without her.


My grandmother was always very sick and weak and got tired very easily, so every Sunday when they got home from mass she would stand on my grandfathers feet and he would dance them round the living room. Also, my grandmothers name was Peggy and every time they watched M*A*S*H and it was an episode where BJ writes home and at the end of the episode would say "I love you Peg" my grandad would turn to my granny and say "I love you Peg".


My Grandad was out dancing when he saw my Grandma on the dancefloor. Tapping on the shoulder of his friend next to him, he pointed to my Grandma and said "One day, I'm going to marry that girl!"

In 2015, my Grandad passed away from lung cancer after 59 and a half years of marriage to my Grandma. If that isn't cute, I don't know what is.


My grandfather was invited to a party, and the host asked him what sort of girls he was interested in meeting. My grandfather responded: "I'm looking for a blonde who wears red shoes." It was meant as a joke, and his friend didn't require the ladies to wear red shoes, but in walks my grandmother: a blonde wearing red shoes. They were married for over 50 years. 


My grandparents have been together for almost 60 years and both are very ill. Grandpa has late stage Parkinsons and grandma has early stage but fast progressing Alzheimers. Grandpa lives in a hospital care facility and we take grandma to see him a few times a week and it's just the cutest and most tearjerking meeting EVERY TIME. Grandma sits next to him, holds his hand, constantly kisses him and tells him that he's the best man in the entire world and how much she loves him and missed him being home. Then she forgets she said all that after 5 minutes and does it again and again and they just spend hours upon hours in his room kissing and cuddling.


My grandad and grandma met at at an ice rink, and my grandad loved how she was so much taller than him - but my grandma was not impressed and changed the days that she would go ice skating. Grandad quickly figured this out and went every day until he met her again. They where married for over 35 years.


My grandparents got married on 3rd September 1939, war broke out in Europe the next day. My grandfather signed up and was gone within weeks, my nan was 18 and already pregnant by that time. He didn't return for 6 years. On their ruby wedding anniversary in 1979, the family surprised them with a trip to Paris, to give them the dream honeymoon they never got to take. My nan wrote a poem about the whole thing, and that along with other poems were put in a book my parents gave me on my wedding day.




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