People Share The Oddest Bedroom Request They've Gotten From Their Partner.

Many people have specific things that turn them on, but sometimes the requests during sex can be downright odd.

Below are stories of the oddest thing people have asked for during sex. Check them out!

1. My BF wanted to spice things up a bit, but didn't really offer a lot of suggestions. So one night we were laying in bed watching tv, and I went to the kitchen. I thought the idea of something warm and squishy would be great - always thought food sex sounded fun.

I warmed up a large bowl of marshmallow Fluff in the microwave and got a big spoon. Went back to bed and sat quietly, until he looked over and said, "What's that?" I took a spoon full of warm Fluff and dribbled it down my chest. He went to grab some, and I took a handful and splattered his chest with it also. It was a free-for-all. (continued ...)

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We ended up with it everywhere, laughing our heads off. We rolled off the bed and onto the floor, me on top of him, the both of us giggling like idiots. Finally I lifted myself up - but OUCH - the warm Fluff had hardened a bit, and my boobs were stuck to his chest hair. OUCHCHCHCHCHCHCH. Slowly trying to rip apart from him, as I pulled his hairs out. "AAAAAAAAAHH!" he screamed.

We tried to roll to our sides.... but no, his back hair was stuck to the carpet. He started screaming in pain.

It took a very, very, very long time to get unglued from each other and the carpet. We both had red welts on our skin, and he had noticeable bald spots on his chest and back. Never EVER again. Ever. Never.


2. To spit in her face while I was doing her. I mean, I did because I'm a gentleman. Pretty odd.


3. Mid bone I was told to punch her in the face.

When I did not comply I was called a wuss.

I'm a wuss.


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4. Once back when my girlfriend and I started dating we were out of lube, and things were getting a little too friction-y for comfort. Unfortunately I was pretty de hydrated at this point and my mouth was bone dry, so I asked her to spit in my hand so we could get back to it. What she heard though was "smell my hand" and so mid sex stops, smells it, and says "uhhh ya that smells like my vagina I guess". When I stopped laughing I explained and then she started laughing and now we're still dating almost 3 years later.


5. Definitely the "do me with your pistol" request. It had to be a real gun because a fake gun wouldn't be "real danger". I declined because the first rule of gun safety is to not put guns in your girlfriend.


6. I have a friend who used to be a Dominatrix... once she was paid $80 to meet a guy in a parking lot and point and laugh at him for five minutes.

Dream jobs do exist.


7. A guy wanted to eat out my butt "until the sun came up" I honestly don't get any type of feeling from this and it was boring as hell, and weird for me. I literally had to run from his room because he wouldn't stop eating my butt.


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8. To laugh into her mouth. Like, as if we were french kissing, but she opened her mouth wider and I laughed into it.


9. To talk dirty about how my body is inflating while he does me. Obviously, my body wasn't actually inflating, but I sure pretended it was. I love this man, odd fetish and all.

If there are any breast/butt/stomach expansion/inflation/whathaveyou fetishists out there that can give me some tips on this I'd really appreciate it.


10. I was in a relationship for a time, with a guy, that liked me to wear a sports bra, and mens boxers while he did me in the bum.

He was quite open about the whole issues of gender, and he used to get annoyed if I didn't dress in an overtly feminine way. He had an expression "dress like a boy, and I'll do you like a boy"


11. A guy I had been on 3-4 dates with left me a voice mail asking if I would dress up as a cat for him. He wanted me to fully act like a cat as well. He said "I can't wait to hear you purr." He ended up dumping me for my best friend before I could dump him. Just realized it's probably cause she dressed as a sexy cat for Halloween that year...


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12. Not me but a female friend told me this one of her BF.

He asked her to tie him up on a slightly tall wooden chair, gag him, have just a small incandescent lightbulb swinging around with just enough light to see her but not completely. She had to stand on a slightly taller chair, wearing boots and wearing as much leather as possible. She should yell at him in her native language (Thai) or anything that didn't really make sense to him and slap him around a bit. This was all set up for the grand finale. She should throw full pieces of baloney at his face bare chest. The baloney needs to be Oscar Mayer.


13. I mentioned this before, but one time this fellow I met online and hooked up with just wanted me to insult his tiny penis while he jacked off. I felt really bad doing it because I hate saying bad things about penises, no matter how small they are, but I did it because he really, really wanted it.


14. To put my toes in her vagina. "I wanna know what it feels like." This only happened once, and nothing about feet has ever come up since. We had a good run.


15. My wife never wants to be penetrated. She told me this after three years, for all those three years she would get lingering pain for a few days after every single time, and just thought that thats how it was for every girl (i was her first). Yes she's been to doctor, tried almost all the different birth controls, still gets the pain.

So i guess the oddest request was that she only go down on me for the rest of my life.


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16. A few.

Put your nose on my vagina and sneeze. Girl would never tell me if she was serious or not.

After blowing me girls said she wanted me to be her side piece. Not all that weird I guess it just seemed odd at the time.

Ex anal. She was as shy as hell, but during, her butt practically inhaled penis.


17. I have some fairly pronounced jaw muscles, probably because I grind my teeth while I sleep? Anyways it would really turn my girlfriend on when I would flex them. She would usually offer me a piece of gum before sexy time she liked it so much. She would send me nudes and I'd send videos of me chewing gum.


18. Not really a sexual request, but mid sex, this girl asks me "so where do you feel this is going? What am I to you?". Needless to say I INSTANTLY lost my erection.


19. My ex asked me to choke her while we were in the middle of it. I refused and was weirded out the rest of the night. I looked into choking fetishes online and it turns out its a much more common fetish among women than I thought. Did some research into the proper and careful way to choke and surprised her with it the next time we were together. She absolutely love it but at the same time, for me, it was quite terrifying. Its hard enjoy sex when you are focused on finding a balance between not strangling your SO into unconsciousness and strangling just enough to get them off.


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20. Having grown up with access to both the Internet and the slew of misinformation that it popularized, I spent most of my adolescence with the mistaken assumption that if one girl liked a particular thing, then all of them did. It was a monumentally stupid perspective... and one of which I wasn't cured until I was about twenty years old, when I met a young woman who not only noticed my ineptitude, but made it her personal mission to cure me of it.

Needless to say, I was only too eager to accept her help.

The one problem with having a relationship (of any variety) that's based on sex, though, is the fact that most of its content will be somewhat graphic in nature. The girl and I conversed almost exclusively about various positions, fetishes, tactics, and tricks, with our only deviations from those topics coming about when we were trying to plan another encounter. I didn't mind, of course... but neither did I notice that she and I were abysmally bad at communicating with one another. (Continued)

One evening, as we were discussing the prospect of spending the night together, the young woman made a suggestion to me. I had answered her phone call with my usual air of interest, only to have her immediately launch into a rather provocative proposal.

"I want," she said to me, her breathing audible over the receiver, "to come over right now."

"Sounds good!" I replied. "We can..."

"I want," the girl interrupted, "to walk in, not say anything to each other, and go right to your bedroom." I held my tongue that time, and she continued. "I want to yank off your pants, go down on you... and you'll growl like a mouse."

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Now, that may seem like an odd request, but the young woman and I had been discussing the way that moans (and other vocalizations) could add to the atmosphere of arousal. I wasn't entirely sure how a mouse was supposed to growl, mind you, but I figured that the idea was to make it seem like I was both submissive and satisfied.

It wasn't long before I heard a knock at my door, rushed to open it, and found the girl waiting there with a hungry look in her eye. She stepped inside, pulled me toward my bedroom, then immediately set about removing my belt. I was naked below the waist only a second or two later, and allowing myself to be shoved backwards onto my bed.

As soon as the girl started in on her part of the plan, I threw myself into mine.

"Gweeeeeek!" I whimpered. "Hrrrrroooweeeeeek!" (continued)

With a look of utter incredulity on her face, the young woman stared up at me. "What are you doing?"

"I'm, uh..." I stammered. "I'm growling like a mouse? Isn't that what you wanted?"


"On the phone!" I quickly explained. "You said you wanted me to growl like a mouse!"

"No, I definitely didn't," the girl replied.

Panic gripped me for a moment. Had I been tricked by someone masquerading as my partner in casual sex? If so, how had they known that she'd be showing up?

"Okay, well..." I said, hoping to salvage the situation, "what did you want?" (continued)

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The young woman kept staring at me for a moment, then burst out into uncontrollable laughter. "I wanted," she sputtered, tears of mirth coming to her eyes, "to come over here, avoid talking, go down on you, and have you grow in my mouth!"

Fortunately, we were both able to laugh off the situation and have an otherwise enjoyable evening... but for the rest of the time that the girl and I were acquainted, she would often tease me by talking about growling rodents.


22. I had a huge crush on this girl in first year university. She was this very cute blonde, had a girl next door thing going on.

All year we would flirt innocently, a smile here, a joke there. I had a girlfriend at the start of school so I never really pressed for more than a bit of light flirting. (continued)

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Fast forward to the end of the year and I am a single man. I had been enjoying my freedom when one night I bump into blondie while walking back to res. We get to talking and it's the old "how come nothing every happened between us" conversation that always goes in the predictable direction of the bedroom.

So we are back at hers and start having sex. Right away she is a bit more aggressive than I would have expected based on my naive prejudice (oh the folly of youth to think that an innocent looking girl was actually innocent). Suffice it to say, it was a pleasant surprise.



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