People Share The Pettiest Reason They Broke Up With Their Partner.

I think we've all got a little in us, a little petty that is. Even though we  are well aware that choosing to be petty is probably never the right choice - we do it anyway. And it's oh so least for a short while.

The following AskRedditors responded to the question, "What is the pettiest reason you have had for ending a relationship?" 

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I made a bed for her stuffed animal inside a shelf. It was meant as an act of kindness. She noticed, that her "Cody" was missing and immediately accused me. She threw a fit about me throwing her stuffed animal away.

Even after I showed her the bed in the shelf, the dispute was not resolved. We separated shortly afterward.


I wanted to go home and take a nap, and this was the easiest way to get out.


Had a girl that didn't flush for some reason after taking a dump. Done. 


She yelled at the sky because it was raining. Angrily. And with purpose.


It wasn't a relationship yet, we were just talking, but he started saying more and more far fetched stuff that made him look good. The final straw was when he said he helped Carly Rae Jepson write Call Me Maybe.


After a disagreement, she chose to ignore me for two weeks until I "got over myself" and apologize to her for disagreeing.

No one dictates what I am allowed to think.


Every time I went over to their place, they insisted on showing me YouTube videos that a) I'd already seen, b) made me realize our senses of humor were vastly different.


It was all downhill from there.


Whenever we got into my car, she would try to connect her phone. I had an Android, so it was a micro USB adapter. She had an iPhone. This did not happen once, this happened every time we got in the car.

She also "helped" load the dishwasher. Sitting on the floor, arranging stuff on the bottom shelf. When she was done, she put all her weight on the door to stand up.

We were at my apartment, she wanted to go outside to the deck. She could not figure out how to unlock the sliding door. So I showed her how to push the lever down and slid the door open. She walked through the screen door.


Not me ending things, but my extremely religious ex-boyfriend ended things with me because he masturbated and thought of me, claiming I'm the one who made him "give into sexual temptation."


This girl had her ex-higher than me on her top 8 on MySpace.

It bugged me a bit. 


Stole food from my plate one too many times.


He wouldn't stop spamming me with the heart eye emoji. I couldn't take it anymore. I hate that emoji now.


This wasn't really me but happened to me by my boyfriend at the time. He was two years younger than me. I was invited over on a Sunday and was assuming fun times. He wanted to watch football all day. I got bored real fast and played games on his computer. I ended up beating his high score. When he noticed he insisted there was a bug and wouldn't let it go. I ended up erasing his number because it got so bad.


She touched my laptop screen.


I was dumped because I brought over morning bagels. He immediately got out the food processor and turned them into bread crumbs because bringing over breakfast was taking things too fast.

Background: we had been "talking" for long enough that I had met his parents.

Further background: I was working in a bagel shop.


Gave my dog a Hershey's bar "to see what happens."


She wanted me to get rid of a painting, or at least to put it somewhere that guests wouldn't see it.

It's not an expensive painting: It's a Josef Kugler landscape which is maybe worth $200. And she hated it with a passion because it's got an ugly frame and it's honestly not that good. However, it's been in my family for four generations now, so it ain't going anywhere.

She told me to pick her or the painting, and I told her to pack up her crap.


She had a corn tooth. Like one of her front upper teeth was yellow and smelled funny. All of her other teeth were perfect, pearly white, and perfectly straight. Her car smelled like that tooth too.


Used her phone in a movie theater.


He had a slightly larger than normal head. It looked like a bobble head. I couldn't focus while he was talking because the disproportionate difference between his neck freaked me out.


A girl who dumped me after two weeks told her friend she'd left because I had used the word "melancholy " three times in a sentence.


Dated a girl for a bit over 4 years and our relationship ended when we disagreed over the color of that white gold/blue black dress.


He used improper grammar in text messages. "WAT r u doin 2nite?" I literally couldn't.




In life, sometimes there's wrong and "technically not wrong" - and the difference can often be hilarious.

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