People Share The Weirdest Thing They Ever Saw Happen At A Funeral.

People on Reddit were asked: "What is the [weirdest thing] you've seen go down at a funeral?" These are some of the best answers.

1/30 Showed up at the cemetery and there was a cow standing in the grave. Had to wait for them to get a winch and take the cow out before my great uncle could go in.


2/30 A friend of mine was shot and killed when he was 17. At the funeral, a lot of his classmates showed up wearing things that said he was an angel, and one girl had "Corey is my guardian Angel" painted on her rear window. There were two Pastors at the service, the first one, my old pastor, gave a heartfelt service about him and, since he knew almost everyone in town, was able to help the family grieve afterward.

The other pastor, from a new-ish church in town, went up to the podium and spent the next 15 minutes ranting about evil teenagers and complaining that high schoolers don't realize that you don't become an angel when you die. "I saw it written on one of your cars that he's your guardian angel as I was walking in. Well, you're wrong! When you die, you go to Heaven or Hell, and the way the youth in this town live, I'll be surprised if I ever encounter him again in this life or the next." Implying he was heavenbound, while the deceased boy beside him was going to Hell. Even if you believe that, don't say it at the funeral in front of the guys mourning family and friends.

His church wasn't open for much longer after that. I think the building was re-purposed as a garage or something.


3/30 My mom jumping out from behind the casket and yelling "Ta da!" (No, this was not her funeral.)


4/30 My childhood best friend died earlier this year. We lost touch in our teens, and he apparently changed a lot in the intervening 15-20 years. He got into a lot of drugs and eventually wound up choking to death on his own vomit as his druggie friends watched.

The funeral home did a slideshow of photos of him. Every single photo showed him getting high, being stoned, drunk, or wearing juggalo makeup. When his mom gave his eulogy, she proclaimed herself a juggalo in his honor.


5/30 My grandfather was an identical twin. When gramps and our family walked into his brother's funeral, it became very clear, very quickly, that not all of the friends of the deceased knew this.


6/30 My great aunt keeled over at my grandfather's funeral. She died of a heart attack in front of his casket.


7/30 My parents retirement jobs were/are at a local funeral home. My mom LOVED to gamble. I'm pretty sure she still had dad running for scratch offs and lotto tickets til the day she died. A big joke at the funeral home was how my mom would play frogger at lunch time to get to a place across a major busy road that had scratch offs. When she died, the funeral directors pitched in and bought 100 scratch offs to hand out to guests. Instead of a moment of silence, we had a moment of scratching. It was awesome.


8/30 My SO's stepbrother had a infant that died and at the funeral they passed the baby around like it was still alive. Most people held it, and basically the whole duration of the funeral it was out of its coffin.

I personally think that's pretty weird but maybe that's just me.


9/30 My friend hanged himself, and there is no way that orthodox priest would hold requiem for person who killed himself, because it's against church beliefs, or something.

We are at the funeral, dead silence, and priest is near by, comes to brother of the deceased friend and says, "There will be no requiem for suicide deaths, but if you can pay up, maybe we can work something out".

"Sure priest, come right behind this small chapel to give it to you." And he and his two brothers beat the priest... Face swollen, the man was moaning, everything.

Priest comes back and holds requiem. For free. For sinner.


10/30 A mother and son were badly injured/killed in a car accident. The hospital sent someone during the son's funeral to tell the father his wife passed away.


11/30 I have a sad one from a funeral directors perspective. Separated parents are mourning the loss of their toddler at the visitation before the funeral. Mom is grieving unlike any mother I've seen grieve over the loss of a child, almost fake. She proceeds to pick up the child and "hide" him in her coat and walks out the door while no one is looking. Other funeral director is like... why is there an empty lil casket. The other funeral director finds the mom running to her car where he stops her and grabs kid.

Separated parents have huge blow out at the visitation. We find out 2 months later that the mother and her new boyfriend had [killed the child]. Biological father had no idea.


12/30 Well, apparently taking selfies with the corpse is a thing.


13/30 On my grandfathers funeral a friend of my mother's came over to her, hugged her and said: "Congratulations! Congratulations! I am so happy for you" in a very very sad voice.

This friend fell from his balcony a few months earlier and didn't recover completely so he always mixed up words or expressions. We didn't think it was possible but we laughed so much that moment, leaving this poor soul confused about our amusement.


14/30 The widow being comforted by her cousin in an 'odd' fashion. They moved in together 6 months later, married not long after that.


15/20 About two weeks ago my grandpas funeral happened to take place on my birthday. I wasn't too bitter about the date arrangement... That is until my aunt announced in the middle of the funeral that we should all sing happy birthday to me.

So to list it all out: dead grandpa in the room, everybody standing around teary eyed, funeral choir song just finished, and now everybody is being led by my aunt in the most confused and out of place rendition of "happy birthday" ever sung.


16/20 The evangelical pastor first said that he normally didn't do services for people who commit suicide, then at the end of the eulogy, asked for a show of hands of people he'd converted during the service.


17/20 The joke my uncle made at my Dad's funeral. He walks in to make a speech and the first thing that he said was "Well, I've waited 52 years to say this, but I am now the number one son!"

It was horrible, yet one of the funniest things I've heard.


18/20 His SO was on the phone the entire time. It was so sad to look at.


19/20 My husband's step grandmother (of 30+ years) died. At her funeral, the preacher said something like, "I could stand up here and talk about Eva all day and I'm not telling you anything you people who knew her don't already know, what Eva would have wanted is for you all to hear the word of God."

He proceeded to give a very long and poorly composed sermon on salvation. At the end, he asked for people to come up to be saved and blessed. Some folks were downright pissed off, a lot of them expected something like that to happen. I was shocked. I've never been to a funeral where someone was just like "Ok we aren't going to talk about the deceased, here's a church service instead."


20/20 My mom works in the funeral business. Sometimes I would come to work with her and help her set up the chapel for a service. One service in particular was of a little boy who drowned. His parents dressed his identical twin brother in the same outfit as him. Grief does [weird stuff] to you.


21/20 It was the wake for my family member who had been killed by an iPhone robber as he fled the scene. It was highly publicized in the area and news cameras had been there, etc. As the wake was winding down, I began making trips to my car in the funeral home parking lot. First, I brought out my purse and a few boards of family photos, then some plants and flowers. During one of my trips to the car, I had forgotten to lock the doors back up, and I found my purse had been tossed out onto the floor. What was stolen? My iPod touch, and cash-filled cards.

That someone literally stalked me at a funeral in order to rob me in the funeral home parking lot is the most [messed] up thing I've ever seen at a funeral.


22/20 I had a friend that was notorious for one-night Craigslist hookups with soldiers from the local army base. When he died, a handful of men in the military, that none of us knew, came to the service. His parents have no idea he was even gay.


23/20 Was working a funeral/ burial service in Vermont and the next of kin decided to have doves released at the burial site (yes that's a thing). When they were released, a hawk flew out of nowhere and DESTROYED one of the doves. My co-worker and I had to usher ourselves to the hearse because we were laughing so hard.


24/30 My dad died in a motorcycle accident. My aunt (his sister) showed up high with a tooth. She had gone to the crash site and dug around for 2 hours and found one of my dad's teeth... proceeding to show it to many people at his funeral.


25/30 I was at a funeral for a work colleague and her three brothers got into a fist fight during the eulogy. Apparently they all hated each other but loved her and they all blamed the others for her death.

It was both hilarious and horrible at the same time. The food afterwards was top notch though.


26/30 My (completely estranged) father showed up twenty years after swearing he'd never see any of his family ever again, at my grandfather's funeral. He then asked me to step into the hall with him, during my grandfather's benediction prayer, where it turned out he had asked the funeral director to remove me from the property. The family had no idea this had happened until ten minutes later, at which point, everyone left my grandfather's funeral in disgust. While they did their best to console me, my father took advantage of the lack of people around my grandmother, and he tried to talk her into moving into a home, and to sign the family properties into his name. She broke her hand hitting him.


27/30 My friend committed suicide by shooting himself in the head and the motorcycle gang he hung out with shot guns at his grave.


28/30 My second or third cousin died when I was 10 or so. He was a product of the 60s. Charlie was his name. Good Time Charlie (Has Got The Blues) was played at his funeral. His partying buddies did lines of cocaine off his casket.

And my family wonders why I rarely hang out with them.


29/30 Funeral in Ohio, one of the attendees had a drinking problem and showed up tipsy. Everyone expected it, and he paid his respects then sat down in a comfy chair and proceeded to fall asleep.

Everyone just ignored him until the end of the session, his wife went to wake him up and he just slumped over and hit the floor. Apparently he had a heart attack and was dead at least an hour.

Kind of sad dying at your own fathers funeral.


30/30 Honors Detail for a deceased service member. As a member of the firing party for the 21 gun salute in a bad area. On the first volley, the younger family members actually leap over the chairs and start running, and hollering. This of course distraught the other family members even worse. I will never forget that scene. I mean, what did you think we were going to do with the rifles?


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