People Share The Weirdest Thing They've Seen Someone Do That They Thought Was Normal.

We all went through phases, we all did some weird things, but have you ever do something so inexplicable, so incomprehensible, that you find yourself trying to reverse engineer how they came to adopt such a behaviour?

If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, please read on.


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1. Back in college, we went out to eat a very late meal at a 24-hour restaurant. We all ordered breakfast and one girl ordered over easy eggs. When her meal comes, she daintily holds back her hair, leans over her eggs and loudly slurps up her egg yolks. She looks up and sees the whole table looking at her dumbfounded. She says 'What? Isn't that how you are supposed to eat them?' We tell her 'No'. and she says, 'Well that is how my dad eats them and he taught me'.


2. My ex had a pimple and his mom popped it between her teeth like no big deal. I threw up in my mouth a little after. We weren't together for much longer after that.


3. Before cooking any raw meat she'd wash the meat in the sink.

With soap.


4. I had a Tinder date back when Tinder first started. I met this girl and we went to a diner. It was going well enough that I brought her back to my place. We're sitting on the couch and she takes off her sandals to then start biting her toe nails.

I've never seen anything like it before and she maintained an entire conversation about something completely unrelated to the situation. Either she was strange or had the most over the top way of getting out of a bad date.


5. Me, I thought wearing the same clothes for a week was pretty normal and nobody actually noticed that, oh boy how wrong was I...


6. This happened a while back but I went to a chicken restaurant with my friend. In England (I don't know if they do it elsewhere) they give you lemon wet wipes with your food and the wipes are contained in small white sachets that has nothing but "a hint of lemon" written on one side of it.


So anyway, when we got our food my friend started wiping his chicken with one of the wipes. I was so confused and asked him what hell he was doing and turns out he'd been doing that ever since he was little because he thought that the wipes would literally give the chicken a hint of lemon. I had to explain to a 17 year old that rubbing lemon sanitary wipes on fried chicken isn't normal.


7. I knew a guy that thought as a teen that one could reuse condoms by washing them out and turning them inside out. He later got several girls pregnant at the same time. He thought he broke condoms all the time because he had a big penis.


8. A friend of mine has a special pair of trousers she only wears when using public transport, she thought everyone had "a pair of train trousers".


9. I had a friend who rather than cut his toe nails would go into the garden on his patio and scrape his toe nails along the floor (to the point of there being a white line etched into the floor)

When confronted and asked why he does it he turns around and says 'how else would I do it?' shocked as if it's the most normal thing in the world.


10. My brother in law's girlfriend flosses her teeth with her the dinner table...


11. At a job I recently left everyone calls the bosses "mom" and "dad" including the bosses themselves. So fucking creepy. Part of me thinks I didn't fit in because I wasn't part of their "family." Not to mention that neither of them can come close to comparing to my actual parents.


12. A friend from high school thought that it was totally normal to poop naked, door open, bathroom light off, with a towel on her head. Easily one of the weirdest things that I have ever witnessed.


13. My best friend eats whipped cream and bologna sandwiches. So there's that.


14. Growing up, without fail, I would catch strep throat at least once, sometimes twice a year. Every year. I thought this was normal until I was on a date and that somehow came up and he told me that no, most people usually get strep a couple of times in their life. Apparently I have an issue with my tonsils that I never knew about.


15. A guy I worked with pulls out a banana and a hotdog bun. Peels the banana, puts it in the bun, and starts eating it as if it's completely normal. It wasn't the weirdest thing I've ever seen but the fact that he never even acknowledged that he was doing it as if it was something everyone did was what made it weird.


16. Maybe this is a regional thing, but now that I live in NYC (from Midwest originally) I've heard adults refer to their parents as 'Mommy' and 'Daddy' still ... creeps me out but I got used to it.


17. "KETCHUP DOES NOT GO ON KRAFT DINNER. ITS MAC N CHEESE, NOT MAC N CONDIMENTS." - 10 yr old me upon seeing a kid putting ketchup on mac and cheese.

Probably not the weirdest thing though...


18. I didn't notice it till my mom pointed it out, but my dad and his siblings, even when talking to each other would refer to their parents as "my mom" or "my dad".

Example: my dad might be talking to my aunt about something my grandma was cooking.

Dad: "My mom was making roast for the kids the other day, and I wanted to get the recipe, do you have it" Aunt: "Oh yeah, my mom gave it to me years ago."

They have the same mom and dad. It really confused my mom when she met the family years ago. I have never met any other family that does that.


19. Piss in a 5 gallon bucket for a week that was in a bathroom with a working toilet..


20. When I was a kid in elementary school there was another kid who would smell other peoples shoulders.. He would just burrow his nose in and inhale, and he thought it was totally normal.


21. A guy that hangs around downtown pushing the "walk" button at every intersection he comes to just to interfere with traffic flow - he never crosses the street.


22. When I was a kid I witnessed a friend pour his milk into the bowl BEFORE the cereal. I honestly think my whole perception of him changed for the worse after that, and our friendship didn't last long.


23. My friend has a bucket next to his computer that he hocks loogies in about every 5 minutes.


24. Put peanut butter on their waffles. Then I tried it. Bliss.


25. I had an aunt that absolutely refused to put the top back on stuff like a 2 litre of soda, a jar of Mayo, the bread box, etc. but would then complain that she hated to buy certain items because they went bad too fast (like the soda going flat).


26. While boarding an airplane I saw a woman flossing her teeth with a plastic shopping bag. Luckily I wasn't in that row.


27. One time I gave one of my after school program kids money for the ice cream truck for getting 100s on homework for the entire week. He came back with two hot dogs (no buns, or ketchup or anything) and just ate them like they were bananas. Weird, but I was super proud of him for his hard work.


28. My friend would save all her nail clippings in a ziplock bag to chew on later.


29. One time I was in my cousin's house (I have grown up with this guy so we are really close and not ashamed to do anything in front of each other).

When we were both sitting together he just got up, went to the kitchen sink, pulled his pants down, sat in the sink and I kid you not started cleaning his butt with water. I was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" and he was like "what?"


30. My roommate freshmen year of college would eat cereal everyday but she would first pour a bowl of milk, then microwave it. Then she would take the cereal by the handful and put it into her microwaved milk.


31. My friend talks way too loud and he shouts insults at people. Like in a movie it would be cool, but in real life it's absolutely terrible.

e.g. : If I wanted to kill myself, I'd jump from your ego to IQ.

I think he thinks it's 'ok' but really it's not and he's not funny. Also, whenever he says a NSFW joke (it doesn't even matter if it's funny) he says it really loud so everybody hears it. I can't wait till summer..


32. Dip Cheetos into a jar of cheese salsa for lunch every day at work. Different kinds of Cheetos (puffs, crunchy, flaming hot) and different flavors of cheese salsa (white cheddar, jalapeo, etc). This was a man in his 40s at an office job.


33. Sit in the sink in the men's locker room and wash their balls while sticking their feet in the next one over and wash their feet, huge smile the entire time.


34. I had an ex who almost never washed his towels. He'd say you are already clean when you use them, se he only washed towels every couple of months. Gross. Btw it didn't last...


35. Grandma fed wild racoons on porch every night and had names for them... They would eat from her hand. The racoon brought her babies to the house too and grandma was so tickled she was telling everyone.



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