People Share The Worst Decision They’ve Seen Someone Make.

From getting her boyfriends initials tattooed in her wrist after 2 months of dating, to eating eight pancakes at once to impress a waitress, people share the worst decision theyve seen someone else make. #SMH

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I had a friend ask another friend to shoot him with a blow dart. First the guy shot him in the leg, but my friend thought that was too easy (he was an overly confident marine reserve), so he asked him to shoot him in the side. The guy did and it punctured his lung, though he wouldn't admit it.

Then, trying to play it cool, he decided to "go home," when really he was "going to the hospital. We all followed him to his car trying to convince him to let one of us drive or call an ambulance, but he just kept saying nothing was wrong. He collapsed right as he unlocked his car and we had to call 911. He's fine, aside from his injured ego and dim wits.


A friend signed with a professional sports organization at 18 years old for $1.2 million and spent 95% of it on junk without put any of it into an investment fund.


Saw someone else decide to cut off a bus as both were approaching a red light. I was on the bus. Driver said "Hold on, this guy's an idiot." We slammed into the truck, truck slammed into the light post across the intersection.

0/10 would not experience again.


When I was about 7 years old I was in the car with my parents, going across the bridge from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Niagara Falls, NY. The deadly Niagara River is right below. There was quite a wait due to traffic so we were pretty much stopped.

A bunch of teenagers were goofing around. Hopping out of their car and play fighting, etc. One guy hopped up on the railing of the bridge and did a handstand. It was terrifying. His friends yelled at him and he hopped down.

Then he did it again and fell over the railing to his death.


Saw a rookie drinker at a house party mix snapple with a half a glass of Everclear thinking Everclear was a simple alcohol mixer. Twenty minutes later, projectile vomit everywhere...

…. in a redeeming moment… a few hours later, drunk, got up from his sleep and decided to haphazardly mop the kitchen and went back to sleep.


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Friends sold their beautiful home for a huge loss because they were concerned about the way things were going with the local real estate market.

Later that year, gentrification took root and their house was worth almost 3 times what they sold it for.


At Trivia night at a TGIFridays, one of the questions was, "Which band originally wrote and sang 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'?" I said it was the Beatles but a friend said that it was Prince. Cue a bunch of people saying, "Wait... You know, I think you're right!" "Yeah, he had that awesome live solo a few years ago!" I insisted it was the Beatles, so we put it to a vote. I lost the vote. And we lost that point.


My friend on why he proposed to his controlling, angry girlfriend of five miserable years:

"I did it so she would stop asking."

Wedding is in three months.


Outside a bar, the bouncers offer to pay for a cab. Guy says no, calls his girlfriend she won't pick him up because of the baby. He says he won't drive, walks off, gets in his car, does 80 mph down a side road and gets busted for DUI. Offered a free cab ride home… messed up his life, could have killed someone.


A dude I used to work with had put an engagement ring on layaway for his girlfriend. He was excited to ask her but used layaway to make sure he would have time to make the proposal perfect. His girlfriend got hired at the same job, she snooped and found the ring and canceled the layaway saying that he has horrible taste and how could he think she would wear something so hideous. It was a 3/4 karat solitaire. Once he got to work, she made him put a 1 1/2 karat solitaire on layaway and she berated him for the remainder of the day and for the five months leading up to him proposing. He cried at work, multiple times and she bragged about making him cry all the time. His parents were staunchly against him marrying her, especially after she announced at a family get together that she would leave him if he didn't find a 6 figure salary out of college. They got married anyway.


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Was in Yosemite doing a hike up to the top of (I think) Vernal Falls.

Some kid from a large Church group decided to swim at the top in the (seemingly but not really) calm water.

I saw him get swept away and taken over the edge.

The water has been running over there for thousands of years so the rocks are smooth and there's no vegetation. There's literally nothing to grab a hold of if it happened to you.

Was not in the mood to see a kid die that day. Read the signs and please stay out of the water like you're told.


Good buddy of mine got together with this girl he met off of an dating app. Had three dates with her (She lived about an hour south) before she decided to quit her job and move in with him.

Roughly 3 months later we're out having a few beers and he's complaining about her toxic personality. Says he's through with her and going to break up.

She gets pregnant. Buddy agrees to marry her.

I don't see my buddy much anymore, but the last time that I did, he had had a big fight with her and came over to my house to crash on my couch. What was the fight over? She had open palmed slapped the kid in the face. The kid is like 1 year old.


I watched as my best friend cheated on her husband with some low life. They got divorced, and needless to say the boyfriend on the side almost immediately broke up with her. Now she's miserable, in a terrible relationship with an alcoholic.


My friend met a girl at a wedding on the last night of a short overseas trip and decided to cancel his flight home the next day and stay in a foreign country with no job, no place to live, barely any money and a tourist visa, just to try and get with her.

... this was five years ago and they're engaged now, so I guess the decision was in a way the best decision he ever made! Still seemed really shortsighted at the time though.


My cousin dropped a full ride baseball scholarship at a college in a town he grew up wanting to move to for a girl he started dating his senior year of high school.

She was two years younger than him. He went to a state school instead that's 40 minutes from his hometown. She cheated on him and they broke up not long after school started. 


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Once in middle school, while we were changing after gym class this one kid decided to steal my axe body spray out of my locker. He was completely naked and ran away when I confronted him. As he got to the other side of the locker bay he hopped up on the bench and, as if to taunt me, sprayed the axe body spray directly into the tip of his penis. Definitely did not seem pleasant.


Colleague of a friend came into work excited about having bought a new house. Thought she'd got a great deal because they took like 50k off the original price.

Why? Because they found out the place was completely infested with termites. Really all she bought was a very expensive piece of land.


Have a friend who got her boyfriend's initials tattooed on her wrist when they'd been dating for two months. Fast-forward 2ish years, he's dropped out of college, broke a door down to get to her during a fight, has basically one friend (who stole her medicine out of the capsules and tried to steal her car). She left him and got the tattoo removed.


This happened at a family birthday party at the Pancake Manor. Some cousin-of-a-cousin (18 or 19 at the time, I think) decided to try and impress the cute waitress by ordering eight pancakes, saying he could totally eat them all. Everyone warns him off it, saying it's way too much - even big, burly guys can only do four. He goes ahead with it regardless.

Unsurprisingly, pukes his guts up. The waitress does not give him her number.


Was two grades under this girl that was graduating in less than a month. She was brilliant and had amazing grades but she dropped out to become a manager at a Hungry Jacks (Australia).

She ended up getting demoted after a few months because they transferred a new manager in that had 20 years of experience.

She could have easily baked the cake and ate it as well but... To this day, I can't understand why she would just drop out like that. Her parents were angry.


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A girl I dated for a few years broke up with me for a heroin addict/dealer. I told her "this is going to ruin your life." It's been almost 10 years and I think she's finally staying clean, but she lost a decent job and had some run ins with cops, plus got pregnant between stints in rehab.


My cousin's mother decided to leave her husband, for whatever reason, and start dating someone else before her and her husband had legally divorced. Sometime later there was a confrontation between the husband and the boyfriend which ended in the boyfriend shooting her husband in the head. Needless to say he was dead before the police arrived. The husband was probably one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I never did hear why they decided to separate in the first place.


My dad left his wife of 27 years, divorced her, and abandoned four children for some older women who lives in the Philippines who he met online who turned out was just using him for visa to Australia and to get her two kids here as well. He lost his house, car, retirement and investments.


I know a guy who was supposedly recruited to be part of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra not even out of high school. Saw his girlfriend dance with another guy at graduation and in a fit of drunken jealously punched a brick wall and shattered a dozen bones in his hand, never played an instrument again.


One time as a child, a family friend took me and some others to a small race track outside Batavia NY.

After the race was done, the flag man, handed the checkered flag to the driver so he can wave it around during his victory lap. On his final turn, down the straight away, the flag man decided to cross the track... right in front of the car... he got hit...

I saw it along with everyone else in the crowd... he was hit so hard, his shoes went flying off.

The dude later died at the hospital.

This happened in the eighties.


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I had a co-worker whose son joined the Army in 2007 to get the large enlistment bonuses they were giving out. I think it was $25,000 though I could be wrong. Spent every last penny and took a loan for like $10k more on a new tricked out rice burner and crashed it a week later. It was insured but he didn't get near the full value back, especially for all the mods he put on it. I just remember at the time thinking, God the things I could do with $25k and this idiot spends it all on a car and then doesn't even get to keep the original car for long. Probably not the worst decision an 18 year old has ever made, but the opportunities he missed not investing in something that would pay off down the line actually made me angry.


My best friend bought his girlfriend (now ex) a car and put it in her name. When I told him that was stupid he admitted that he was also paying part of her rent because he visited her apartment so often it just made sense.


Not show up to a course exam so he could go to the next year. There were just 2 exams for that course, both were 50% for the total grade. He got a 10/10 on the last one. All he had to do was show up and get a 1, to get a passing grade of 5.5. Instead he didn't show up, which is a 0. This resulted in him not passing that one course and we had to pass all courses to go to the next year, so he got stuck for a year.

I even considered just grabbing an exam paper, writing his name on top of it and handing it in so the teacher at least thought he was there, but I didn't want to risk it over someone else's stupid mistake.


An old co-worker at a fast food place I used to work wanted time off, worked to the bone and knew he would never get it he decided the best way was to go for some compulsory sick leave. Dude bloody stuck his hand in the fryer, only problem was when he claimed it as an accident they reviewed the camera footage... which clearly shows it was 100% intentional. Lost his job and had a decent medical bill.




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