People Share Their Most Embarrassing 'Oh Crap, Wrong Person!' Moments.

We've all done it. Mistaken a complete stranger for someone we thought we knew, or texted the wrong person a private message. These AskReddit users were in for a shock when they did exactly that. Check out their hilarious encounters and interactions below. 

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In high school, I didn't really ask people out that much (like maybe twice a year). I was pretty shy. In junior year, there was this really pretty girl with long black hair that I had a crush on. I coincidentally landed behind her tracks in the hallway. I just compulsively decided to go for it, tapped her shoulder, and readied my words. She turned around, but it wasn't her. It was this gorgeous girl, who was definitely far above my level, who I remembered from biology class last year. I still said everything that I had prepared to say because I was awkward, and it was going to come out regardless. She said yes (somehow), but later cut it off during our the second date. I was still very surprised. By the time I rebuilt the courage to finally ask my crush out, she had started a new relationship.


I went to scare a coworker who was filling up his water bottle and creepily said, "BOO!" in his ear. As I walked away, I saw his face and noticed that it was not my coworker, but an intern from a another department that I didn't know.


I once texted my mom by accident instead of the guy who was on his way over and said, "Can you please pick up some condoms and lube?"

Her reply, "What kind?"


My ex and I went to the zoo one day, and it was really quiet in there. There was only one other family of visitors, and my ex was about the same height, build, and hair colour as the father of the family. 

Their toddler split off and started following my ex, and his parents held back a few seconds behind, giggling and watching to see what the little guy would do. We were smiling and making constant eye contact with them the whole time while waiting to see how long it would take the kid to notice. The kid toddled on, pointing out his favourite monkeys to us, and making all of the "ooo's and ahhh's" at the exhibits for about 100m before he finally reached for my ex's hand and looked up. 

As soon as he saw my ex's face, his eyes went as wide as pancakes, his face contorted, and he made a massive gasping in breath before letting loose a wailing "AAAGGGHHHHGHHHGH" that was so loud it freaked out all of the monkeys. Of course, his real dad was right behind and scooped him up immediately to console him. The mom was doubled over laughing.


I was once hired by a Fortune 500 company, and they flew me and others to the corporate headquarters for training on the new sales software. I was having some issues, so I asked the IT guy for help with my computer. Turns out, the IT guy was the CEO. He was a great sport about it. Whenever we had national meetings, he would bring me coffee or a plate of pancakes as sort of an inside joke. Other reps were always dumbfounded when the CEO would show up and basically wait on me.


I work for a therapy program. I once had a long talk with a kid who was having a really hard time. After the talk, the kid left. I figured I should probably inform my boss. The only problem was, I had the kid on my mind. So, I accidentally called his cell phone instead of my boss's and started summarizing his own situation back to him. Finally, the kid stopped me.


I spent quite a few minutes talking with a friend couple in my living room while gently caressing my wife's thigh.

Turns out, I was touching the other guy instead of my wife, and he was too scared to tell me.


I went to a breakfast buffet at a hotel with my husband. We got our food, and I assumed he had sat down before I did. I saw a man with glasses reading a book, so I sat down and was about to chastise him for eating his food so fast, when he suddenly looked up from his book and said, "Hello!" I said, "Well, YOU'RE not my husband!" I got up from the table and walked across the room to the table where my husband was actually sitting while laughing at me. There was also a table of elderly women who were laughing at me.

I don't even think my husband was wearing his glasses that morning. He didn't even bring a book to breakfast. I just had a major brain fart.


While walking down the street in the rain, I passed by a vestibule for a store that was closed. It was a chilly early fall evening, and a kid in shorts was just standing there with a cup on the window next to him. I had a small amount of change in my pocket, so I turned around and put the change in the cup and gave him a sincere "Good luck, it will get better" look. But as soon as I dropped the change in the cup, I heard a splash. I look into the cup, and there's old coffee and cigarette butts in it. I look at the kid and he has a phone, a backpack, and a skateboard. It's pretty obvious that he was just waiting for a ride home.

Neither of us say a word, but I just look at him again with an even more sincere, "Holy crap, I just meant... uhhhh... I got to go" look. I simply turned around and walked away. Never felt like more of a jerk for trying to help someone out.


I went to a very large state school for my bachelor's. I briefly worked with a guy named Jeremy who also went to the same school. Apparently, Jeremy had a doppelgnger, and he also went to the same school. On three separate occasions, I shout out, "Hey Jeremy!" only to have this doppelgnger tell me that he had no idea who I was and that he was not Jeremy.

I see him a fourth time and say something like, "Hey, it's the guy that I always call Jeremy! How's it going?" Of course, I get a confused look this time. "What do you mean that guy you always call Jeremy? I am Jeremy. We used to work together, remember?"


I had a friend in high school who drove a maroon Subaru. It wasn't exactly a common car where I grew up, but I was leaving the mall where she worked one day, and I saw her driving in the parking lot. I dashed in between the cars to catch up with her, and as she pulled into a parking space, I jumped out and slid across the hood 'Dukes of Hazard' style.

That hood slide turned into super slow motion when I looked through the windshield and was face to face with a tiny, elderly woman, mouth agape and clearly not my friend. I finished the slide and kept on running through the parking lot. Acting like it was totally unintentional.


My brother was supposed to pick me up from a night class. I saw what I thought was his car and two people sitting in the front, so I just figured my mom had come along with him. It was freezing so I ran to his car, RIPPED open the door, and jumped in. Inside there were two people getting stoned, and they started screaming. I started screaming too and ran out of the car to see my brother pulling up and jumped into his car.


As a kid, I tried to hold hands with my mother while looking at a store window. She retracted her hand two times. I looked at her and saw a totally confused woman next to me. My mother had already moved on to the next window.


I was called into the dressing room to check out some of the clothes my girlfriend was trying on. She said it was the third door on the right, so I went three doors down. Well, she had counted the staff door as well, and I didn't. The poor girl inside was horrified. Sorry!


Yesterday, I sent my boss a heart via Whatsapp while at work. Needless to say, all I could think was crap. Luckily, he laughed about it instead.


My first girlfriend was the wrong person as well. It was 6th grade and being a normal 11-year-old, there was no way I was asking her out face to face. So, I wrote her a note and asked my friend to give it to Kristin. He give it to Kerstin. I had no idea until Kerstin came up to me and handed me the note back with the 'Yes' box checked. I just went with it because it was super important to have a girlfriend in the 6th grade. She ended up making me get "married" to her on the playground one day. It didn't last much longer.


I just started to help out coaching a junior rugby team. During my first coach meeting, the coordinator told me there were two sets of identical twins on the team. Okay, I can deal with that.

First training session, I'm running through some drills. A new parent comes up and introduces themselves and their identical twin sons to me. Three sets, difficulty level raised.

Second training session, half way through the training session, a kid from last week is making the exact same mistakes I had already helped him with in the first week. I yell out to him that he should know what to do, be confident, and get into it. This was only to see himself, seconds later, tackle himself. The tackler then gets up and lets me know that that's his identical twin brother who is lying on the ground and couldn't be at training last week and did not receive any of that advice.

Four sets of identical twins in a team of fifteen. At least it's easy to remember the other kid's names.


My S/O sexted her mom instead of me cause she wasn't paying any attention and clicked under recent contacts.


I hugged a stranger that looked exactly like an old friend's mom and asked her how her daughter was doing. As soon as she started talking, I knew it wasn't her, but I was in too deep and kept going. Luckily, she either had a daughter, or she pretended that she did and told me that she was great. I know she spent sometime after that wondering who the hell I was.


I have a friend and her name is Diana, but we call her "Di" for short. I was in the parking lot, coming out of a store, when I saw her car pull up and park next to mine. I figured I would be sneaky and try to scare her. I slowly walked up behind the car and slapped the window and yelled, "Di, Di, Di!" I quickly realized that this was not my friend Diana, and I had totally just yelled at this random lady- telling her to "die." I slowly crawled back into my car and drove away without saying a word. 


I have a cousin who was waiting for her boyfriend at the airport. When the people came out of the plane, she started kissing him and asking him how his trip was. But, it was not her boyfriend. Just some guy that looked really similar. Then, her actual BF saw her kissing him. They didn't break up, and he said that he understood.


My BF and his brother look very similar from behind. We were having family dinner at his parents, and I distractedly walked up behind him and put my arms around him for a hug. I immediately realized that this person did not feel "like my person" and ran to my very confused BF, while his brother and brother's girlfriend laughed hysterically.


I was told by a good friend of mine at her housewarming party that one of her four sisters named Sarah was due to have her baby in a months time. I had only met them a handful of times and scanned the room. I saw one of her sisters standing next to their mother, and she was rubbing her very large belly. Her mum gave it a quick rub too. Feeling confident that I had found "Sarah," I walked over and said, "Congratulations on the baby, how exciting!" In that moment, I saw both of their faces cloud over, and I felt my heart sink. The woman then said, "I think you mean Sarah. I'm Katie, and I'm not actually pregnant, but thank you."


I texted my new husband a picture of my boobs. My new father-in-law happens to have the same first name. I didn't check the phone number.



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