People Share Their Most Out There Conspiracy Theories

The world is about to end, all politicians are Lizard People, the Illuminati is real and the Government totally has better things to do than spy on you.

If any of those sound reasonable to you, then you might fit in with this crowd of amateur conspiracy theorists from around Reddit.

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The washer is the one eating the socks and the dryer is the scapegoat. I think the socks float up and over the edge of the drum and if one were to take the machine apart, all the lost socks would be found


The reason they come out with a new Call of Battlefield game every year is because the United States military is giving money to those companies developing the games. The whole theory is to get kids to believe they'll be just like the demi-gods they play as, and enlistment will rise.


The "hints" they give you in games like candy crush are actually the worst moves possible, to make you fail and spend money for more turns...


For a while, I was convinced that Area 51 in Nevada was a decoy, and the REAL Area 51 was actually the entirety of South Dakota. I've never met anyone from South Dakota, I never hear about any news from South Dakota, I've never seen a South Dakota license plate, there are no sports teams from there...what perfect cover for a government testing facility! People will THINK it's a state, but no one will ever actually think ABOUT South Dakota.

But then I realized that Mt. Rushmore is there, which shot my whole theory to hell.


The state of Wyoming is not real. It's just part of Colorado or something, does anybody know anyone from Wyoming?


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Post-apocalypse movies are funded by some shady organization, probably consisting of OPEC and the EPA and such, to make us OK with, and even excited about, the idea of widespread destruction.

Take the movie Chernobyl Diaries. They're telling us to be afraid of something irrational, like ghosts or zombies, instead of something real, like thyroid cancer, the destruction of arable land, and faceless executives whose need to gain money or power supersedes their concern for human life or the environment.

Also, Chernobyl Diaries looks like a dumb movie.


You know all of those blood donation vans, the 'give blood' advertisements etc?

It's all a front for 21st century vampires attempting to integrate into a modern society.



What is something that always seems to disappear? Pens and lighters.

Both of these objects are made by the same company...BIC

BIC has the technology to make things disappear.


I had a theory that I have recently come up with. It's pretty bogus, and I have absolutely no proof, but I think it's possible that stars and famous people fake their own death (with the aid of media) as a big publicity stunt. 

Coverage of the funeral, etc. will provide them with some retirement money. I don't believe it myself, but it's possible.


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I'm convinced my friends invented a person just to mess with me.

Every now and then I catch them talking about this "person" who was supposedly in school with us, and they all talk about her like she exists. They talk about good times they had, and insist I've probably met her.

I've expressed my doubt, but every time they insist she is working at the local Starbucks we find out she is "off for the day".

This "person" has a facebook and sometimes comments on my friend's posts and such, and even pretended to not understand when I congratulated them for their dedication on her wall.

I'm pretty sure they'll hire an actress to try to finally convince me of her existence, and then mock me for falling for the longest prank in history.


That the whole Joseph Kony thing was an experiment to see how easy it is too spread an idea via social networking and get people on board with that idea.


My sister stole the last Pop-tart in 2002 from our cupboard.


Furiously pressing the 'A' button after you've thrown a poke ball increases your chances of capturing that Pokemon


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Chinese food restaurants are fronts for some sort of Chinese spying program. They're in every damn strip mall in the USA. Go to some backwards, middle of nowhere rural town and there's still a damn Chinese food restaurant. They sell huge quantities of food for dirt cheap, there's hardly ever anyone actually eating in the restaurant to justify the floor space, somehow they manage to survive in locations where nothing else seems to - I've almost never seen one close, and on the rare occasion that I did, another one took it's place almost immediately. 

They have our phone numbers and our credit cards, and probably an intimate knowledge of our neighborhoods.


I once came up with the creepy idea that my entire life is the result of a hypnotic illusion. The real me is sitting in a chair, completely unconscious, whilst a hypnotist recites my life to me.

So far he's been pretty creative


Not mine but my dad's. There is a train track that runs behind our house. A train goes north in the morning and south at night. He is convinced that there cannot be nearly that much demand for freight in northern Michigan. 

His theory is that the government is just running the train to make people think that the economy is doing well.


Everything even slightly social or interactive is being pushed to centralize via Facebook so that the populous is easier to monitor/control.


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So the government needs to keep prisons full. The attitude for the war on drugs is changing, and they know that it is no longer viable to lock up someone for 20 years for an ounce of pot. They are looking for new outlets to lock people up. I believe they are about to turn to illegal downloading. I think in the next 10 years we will see a huge crackdown/imprisonment of the file sharing network to fill the void left be a dying drug war. That is why I steer clear of Pirate Bay, no matter how tempting it is.

My advice: Everyone invest in portable hard drives. Take them everywhere. Share music, movies, books, etc. offline. Don't let there be a way to track it.


That clothing companies make girls pants have small pockets so it forces them to buy a purse.


That women can read minds but have to keep up appearances that they don't so men never have to find out.



In an alternate time line Australian wildlife has evolved to be the deadliest forms of life mankind has ever seen and somehow escapes the island and kills off 99% of human population. 

The remaining 1% goes back in time to the late 1700s to send humans to Australia in an effort to prevent the evolution of the wildlife. The emu war, the introduction of the cane toad along with other events are attempts to suppress the wildlife and make sure it never rises up and kills us all in the future.


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Animals can speak, they just hide it really well because they think we are idiots.



I always wondered, what if atoms were their own tiny solar systems that had electrons as celestial bodies and on an infinitesimally small scale there was life on an electron somewhere but the also had atoms . 

In a sort of one dimensional shape kinda way what if earth was an electron and our sun was the centre of an atom. The stars we see are the other atoms that are closest to us. But our entire milky way could be less than a spec of dust on someones shoulder. This is often how I perceive a multiverse would function…


We are all in a multi-verse environment. Every day people die in different universes, but did you notice how you have never died? 

Remember all those close calls, though? That time you almost crashed your car, or almost fell off that ladder? Well in other universes, you died because that thing did happen. The thing is, you never observe yourself die, in this universe, you always live, you only ever observe yourself living, so you can never die.

If i remember correctly there is also a thought experiment where it's said that although an experiment might have you die multiple times, to you it will seem like you survived because you switched to the universe you survived in


No economist really knows how things work and the world's monetary system is barely being held together by Scotch Tape and Elmers Glue.


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