People Share Things They Believe Are Ludicrous.

There are some things that just won't make any sense to us, no matter how many times we try to be open-minded and look at scenarios through different perspectives. We are all wired differently and view the world through our own unique lenses. 

Our outlooks on what we find completely ludicrous are unique as well. But I'm sure that more or less we could all  agree with the following.

 Ask Redditors responded to the question, "What is complete b.s?"

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Fake pockets on women's clothing but real pockets on babies' clothing. What do babies have to carry?


My hormones are out of wack.

I teared up earlier because I was running through a scenario in my head that's extremely unlikely to happen. Literally, I cried over my imagination.

Thanks, birth control.


"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". No matter how many I eat my brother (a doctor) still shows up to family occasions. 


My grandma used to tell me that if I drink something while peeing, I'll mess my body up and pee nonstop for the rest of my life.


Bulls can't see the color red as being different from any other bright color.

It does not enrage them. Rather, the aggressive posturing of the matador is what causes them to charge.



A bachelor's of science degree.


Wedding cake. I called a bakery asking for a price for a wedding cake that feeds 60 people they told me those prices start at $400. I called back that same bakery and asked for a birthday cake, same number of tiers, that feeds 60 people and they said $80. What a scam.


Essential Oils. Here rub this on your skin, your cancer is now cured.


College textbook industry.


The vicious cycle of experience and education in entry level jobs.

"Okay sure so you have your masters in two fields that are relevant to this job and you have six months of experience, but I'm sorry, we're looking for at least three years of experience just for someone to mop our floors and get paid minimum wage."


In second grade my teacher told me the eyes worked because they emitted little beams that would come back and tell the eye what color something was. I didn't find out that was crap for like 5 years.


That you are going to find your dream job in your 20's.


That you can lose weight by "diet teas." 


That I still go hungry frequently.

No reason for it. I have food. I have a kitchen. I'm a capable cook, I've got plenty of money to order stuff, but I've been hungry all morning and i'm just way to lazy to go feed myself.


Ajit Pai and his view on net neutrality. Anyone who doesn't get their news from Facebook knows how important this issue is yet he continues to sew the web of lies that what he's doing is making the internet a better place for all. What a crock of crap.


The fact that I can get blown up in a war at age 19 but my country won't let me drink until I'm 21.


The idea that you need to cut your hair to make it grow faster. I have seen people who want to have long hair who just keep cutting it short because they think it will make it grow faster.


Young people are raging with hormones and they're going to do what they want whether you like it or not. You can try to convince them abstinence is the way to go, sure, but for goodness sake don't keep them in the dark about how to stay safe anyway you fools.


Those penis enlargement pills...


I hate delivery fees. I'm a very generous tipper and now feel I'm tipping double.


Homelessness and poverty in a country as wealthy as the USA.


Crosswalk buttons. The majority of them don't do anything to the timing. Some aren't even wired.


The electoral college and our two party political system.

The Food and Drug Administration. 

The "fees" cellular companies and cable companies charge.


Pet deposits and, to an extent, pet fees I can understand but it's total crap to tack an extra 25-75 dollars onto my rent per month because I have a cat that sleeps in the window.



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You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, or so the saying goes.

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