People Share Things They Were Nostalgic For That Aren't So Awesome As An Adult

Do you ever reminisce on your younger days and wish you could relive them even just for a day?  Gone are the good old days when our biggest worries were finding someone to play with during recess. 

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I took my mom for a nostalgic visit to see the church where her and my my dad got married.

In the years since they moved away, we discovered that the church had been sold and turned into a restaurant with an impressive bar.

(At least we had a good lunch, seated at a table in the very spot where they once professed their vows.)


I met up with my best friend from elementary school for the first time in over 20 years. We have nothing in common anymore. He abused drugs to the point where hes got no personality and doesnt even remember 95% of the memories we shared.


'Spy Kids' was my favorite movie of all time when I was younger. My brother and I asked for "spy gear" multiple years in a row for Christmas and would run around with sunglasses and cheap walkie-talkies pretending to be secret agents.

I watched it last year just for the heck of it. I could appreciate some of the jokes I didn't pick up on before, but was still far more disillusioned than I wanted to be.


I looked back at the pictures I used to masturbate to when I was a horny preteen.

Good god that stuff was tame compared to the filth I look at now.


The book Artemis Fowl. I was obsessed with it when I was a kid, and it inspired me to study linguistics.

In the book Artemis managed to decipher the fairy language and translate their book. When I re-read it the other week I was so disappointed that the explanation of how he did it makes literally no sense.


I would beg my parents to take me to my school on weekends when I was really young because there was this huuuuuuuge hill. All the older kids would bring their GT Racers to school and go down it and it was so cool.

This hill, well mountain once took me and a friend an entire lunch period to get to the top. We decided not to use the nice cut path with the stairs and climbed it up the side so we slid and fell a few times before making it to the top.

So then we moved away from there when I was in grade 3. I didn't come back until I was a teenager. I could drive and went to meet an old friend from the area to go to a nearby ski hill. We decided to stop at the school just to check it out.

The frigging hill was maybe, maybe waist high. I climbed it in 2 steps. Man, that was perspective-shattering.


Myrtle Beach. As a kid you go to the beach all day, then go eat seafood, and maybe take a walk on the beach at night. 

As an adult you realize how trashy the beach really is and how half the places are tourist traps.


Not quite an adult yet but a group of us decided that going to Chucky Cheese before the homecoming dance would be fun.

It smelled horrible inside, the pizza was awful, the games were in poor shape and sticky and being there in dresses and suits didn't help.


Christmas. Every year I go overboard with the decorations, food, music, and hanging out with family but I can never seem to recapture the magical feeling I had around the holidays when I was a child. Im afraid that it will probably never come back for me.

But my wife and I are expecting a baby girl this December, and Im gonna do my damnedest to make sure the holiday season is amazing for her every year. Hopefully, through her I can recapture that feeling.


When I was a kid, they were purchased for me as gifts and by my parents.

 As an adult, legos are expensive as heck.


I always wondered why I only remembered the General Lee flying through the air...because that's all the show actually was.

Also, I'm surprised I survived to adulthood.


Disney Movies. I love them, but the whole "Hey, I just met you, call me out of the ordinary, give me your number, I would like to get married to you in a day, so call me maybe?" idea bothers me now.

Ariel: I'm 16 years old, I'm not a child

Me at 26: Yes... yes you are. Your father is trying to protect you, you don't know what's out there and God help your dad if something does happen to you!

Niece (9-years-old): But she's old enough to what she wants! There's nothing bad out there! Just fish and seagulls.

Me: Oh my sweet summer child...


I drove by the house I grew up in. 

I had planned to knock on the door, introduce myself, and ask if I could look inside. From the outside, it looked so small. 

My favorite trees were gone from the yard. The driveway had been shortened to widen it so it could be shared with the house next door, which cut into the yard. The azalea bushes by the door were gone.

 It all made me so sad and I just drove on.


I loved the Narnia books as a kid. I must have been about 10 when I finished the last one and I was depressed that there were no more in the series.

I tried re-reading them when I was about 20. Holy heavy-handed Christian symbolism, Batman! I was so disappointed.


I played it in 2000 and frigging loved it. I played it a few years ago in my mid 20's and it was still decent.

I just finished getting all the trophies on the Play Station 3 version of Sonic Adventure DX and my God it is a broken borderline unplayable mess. I still respect it for what it did at the time and how awesome it was to see Sonic in a real 3D game for the first time. But DAMN I don't think I've played a game that's aged worse. 

I've played early PS1 games that have aged better than Sonic Adventure!


I went to one last year and after a few big slides I was bruised all over and my back was messed up. I realized then that I am old and stiff and it sucks.


I used to go to Burger King on the last Friday of every month with my grandad till he died when I was around 14-years-old.

I had a whopper meal a few months ago, my first Burger King meal without him and it just didn't seem as nice. I don't know if the food has changed in those 9 years, or if I enjoyed having my grandad's company more than anything.


I see some of them on Facebook from time to time and I wonder what the heck was wrong with me to think they were cool in the first place! 

Occasionally, some of them get better and I feel validated for liking them, but most of them turned into losers.


I moved to the states 11 years ago and it really hit me hard losing all of my dear friends and family. When I finally visited my homeland after 6 years, not many of my friends gave a damn. It really sucked. I used to think about them every single day, waiting on Skype for someone to go online. My biggest fear in life ever since I was a small kid was moving somewhere far and losing all contact and it happened to me and it still hurts. 


My parents are rebuilding their house to retire and they emptied out the attic and the storage.

"Here, we found these shoeboxes full of diskettes from when you were a teenager. Do you want them?"

I froze. I took the boxes out to the fire pit and burned what was surely a collection of "girls my own age" that I downloaded when I was 13-15 years old.

That box sat in my parents' house for two decades.


I re-watched The Amanda Show and I honestly don't know how I thought it was funny. 

The only thing that still makes me laugh is "Bring in the dancing lobsters!"


Some old Youtube videos like 'Smosh.' I was 15 or 16 when their first videos came out and I thought they were hilarious. I even dressed up as box man for Halloween. Re-watching them's like 'ehhh.' 

I also didn't realize they got as big as they did later on. Also the show Doug is way more boring than I remember


I remember my kindergarten classroom very well. I went back when I was older to pick up my niece. The lockers were wooden. I remember we had a tornado drill and sat inside them. They were huge. They are tiny now. They didn't change. I did. 

The hallways that were huge and long, were barely hallways. The hall was like 15 feet long. The bathroom urinals were tiny. I didn't need the step stool anymore. It was mind boggling. I don't know why, it was just strange feeling. I knew I had gotten bigger, I just never thought about it. It would be like going home and discovering your house had doubled in size. Imagine the door knobs were now eye level. It was like that but in reverse.



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