People Share Weird Encounters With Strangers That Blossomed Into Beautiful Friendships

Have you ever thought about how you and your friends met? I can usually never remember the exact moment but I do know that at the time, what may have been a few very awkward encounters didn't feel awkward at all.

In the following listicle, Ask Redditors share the oddest way they've made a friend.

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In the first grade, I finally had a loose tooth and you can bet my hand was in my mouth trying to get that sucker out out of there all the time. My kindergarten class had this huge ceremony for when you lost your first tooth that I missed out on, and dang it, I wanted my teacher to do one for me.

We were standing in line to leave school and I was wiggling away when the girl behind me suddenly jerked back and hit my arm. My tooth popped out but it slipped out of my hand. It was stuck right behind my bottom teeth and I couldn't get it out. The girl in front of me turned around to say sorry and saw what I was doing. I told her I couldn't get my tooth and the next thing I knew, she stuck her hand in mouth and grabbed it.

We were best friends until third grade. Her dad was in the army so she moved a lot. We chat occasionally nowadays.

Also, when I showed my mom she took me to my kindergarten class and I got to show my old teacher. She gave me the little tooth certificate and the "treasure box" the other kids got to put theirs in. I was a happy camper.


First day of the last year of elementary school and there is this new Asian kid in my class. Cool, I'm not the only Asian now.

So after announcements were complete, the new kid scanned the room, noticed me and gave me a 'bro nod'. I proceeded to bro nod back.

We've been best friends for over 20 years.


My friend was dating this girl and he introduced us at a bar. She's a boilermaker/welder and I'm a weld inspector so we were natural enemies. 

She instantly starts crapping on my career choice and we pretty much yelled at each other for 3 hours and irritated the heck out of everyone around us. 

But now we are best friends, I even got to test her very first pressure tungsten inert gas welds at a job we were both on. They didn't turn out the best but they passed.


I went to a beach and started burying my friend in the sand. Some random dude comes up and asks to be buried too. We are all now friends.

The boy the boy also came to my (open) dorm and sits in my trashcan and mutters about memes. Friend.


"You checking out that girl too?"


"Hi, my name's..."

We've been friends for 3 years now.


A woman who I didn't recognize friend requested me on Facebook, so I looked at her profile to see how we were connected. She was married to a guy I went to high school with and hadn't seen in ages. I thought it was weird but accepted her request anyway.

The next day I got another friend request and message from her husband, my old friend. He said in the message that he requested me from his wife's account the day before by mistake. He thought he was on his own account. 

Five years later, I have little to no contact with the husband. But his wife and I have become really close online friends. I call her my "accidental friend."


It was the first day of preschool and I was shy. My mom drops me off and tells me that if I make a new friend school won't feel so scary.

I crawl under the first table I see (because I liked pretending to be a dog and, I guess, scared dog me hid under tables) and I bump into another girl crawling underneath the table.

I ask her if she wants to be friends and she agrees. Little me felt accomplished that I made a friend so fast and wouldn't be afraid of school anymore. She was my first best friend and she was genuinely awesome. I'm forever grateful that glad she was under the table that day!

We've lived far apart for almost 20 years now but are still friends.


I was at a concert with my ex-girlfriend (she was my ex at the time too) and she dared me to give this girl my number that I briefly chatted with. I did, we ended up dating for three years and now we're getting married next year.

Once I proposed to my now fiance, I texted her and thanked her for staying friends with me otherwise she wouldn't have been there with me that night at the show. She was excited and happy for me. We talk every so often, but nothing too in depth.


I sat behind this girl in the movies during a school trip. 

She wanted to use the bathroom and asked her friends if they would go with her because she was scared to go alone. None of them wanted to go so she turned around to me sitting behind her and I offered to accompany her. 

We've been friends for 6 years and are still going strong.


I farted and it reverberated off the chair I was sitting on and it amplified. 

A girl on the phone sitting beside me she stopped her conversation turned to me and asked, "Wait did you just fart?" I Said "Yeah"(I was tired and not really caring at that point). She laughed and we introduced ourselves.


I played world of warcraft 12 years ago and started talking to some dude, added him on Microsoft Network messenger. His older brother thought I sounded cool or something and added me. I'm Norwegian and they're Swedish. 

Three years or so later when we had turned 18, the older brother came to Norway to a festival with me and a few of my other friends. We are still great friends and I haven't talked to his younger brother in forever.


When I was around 10-years-old, if I was playing in the backyard I would bark back in response to any dogs I heard barking in the neighborhood. I guess I liked to think I was talking to them or something.

One day, I'm barking back and forth with a dog and my dad walks into the backyard to tell me to come around to the front to see who I'm barking with. Turn out it was another 10-year-old girl who liked to walk up streets and bark to try and communicate with dogs trapped in their yards. 

So then we (obviously) became super good friends until she moved away a couple years later. Totally weird, in hindsight.


Scene: I was in 6th grade and a kid who never talked to me was talking to his girlfriend. I was talking with some of my friends.

The kid overhears me even say the WORD "Halo."

"Wait hold on." He leaves his girlfriend's side.

"You have Halo?"

"Yeah man."

"Can I come over so we can play?"

"Yeah man."

Scene: 10 years later, still buds.


When I was 13, I bought a wheelchair at a garage sale for $20. One day I was trying to ride wheelies with the chair in my driveway. A random kid riding by on his bike saw me and asked if he could try.

20 years later, both of us were best men at each other's weddings and we can still ride wheelies like pros.


Back in school I was bored in class - I forget which one, probably history (I love history, but most people suck at making it interesting). 

The teacher was droning on so I was swinging back on my chair looking around for nothing in particular and made eye contact with another dude who was doing the exact same thing. We smirked, nodded and the then next class sat next to each other. That dude became my best mate for 3 years.

True bros don't even need words.


There was a guy in high school that we just called "God" because he was so beautiful. I mean Greek chiseled god kind of beautiful.

One day he asked me out. Holy crap, right? Wrong. I found out he had a girlfriend and she and I had friends in common. One friend was a drama loving kind of person and decided we should fight over him.

I am not a fighter. But I figured I had a good chance because the girlfriend and I were same size and build.

We went out to the parking lot with everyone chanting "fight, fight, fight." She looked at me and I at her. I was terrified, all senses aware. Hypersensitive - that is.

"Do you want to hug?" she asked. "Uh, umm.. What?" I counter. "Do you want to hug instead of fight?" she asked again. "Yes" as I hug her, "good idea."

We are best friends, soul mates even for 16 years now and counting.


When I was 3-years-old, I went bowling with my family. I couldn't bowl because hey, I was just barely larger than the bowling ball. 

According to my mom, I was trying to push the ball when this other little girl came up to me and said "you're really bad at that." I went and cried to my mom and the other girl's mom, who made her daughter apologize to me.

She and I have been best friends for the last 17 years.


I was in High school in America and some girl had some fascination with me. She tried desperately to get me to talk to her. "Oh wow your from the middle east? I love your accent!" She once asked me if I wanted to come over to her place and hang out. I laughed and said "No sorry. I'm going home to play Doom and eat hummus." 'Which doom?' "Uh. The original. For my personal computer." 'Can I come and play?' "Sure."

She came over and we played doom. Since then we became inseparable. She had lots of health issues and I'd visit her in the hospital and set up doom on my Super Nintendo for her. We would just drive in my crappy car for hours and have fun. Walk through cornfields. Ride horses. We lost touch right before I graduated. After searching for one another for many years we reconnected a few months ago. I flew to America to see her. That night we played doom.


I attempted to run away from home in the 9th grade. I went to school that morning and before class I approached one of the groups of people that hung out near where me and my friends hung out. I joined the circle and told them I was "running away" and asked if could stay with somebody. One person said yes, so we skipped school and became friends for 10 years. I was the best man at his wedding.


I got an ex-boyfriend to help me move and his super jealous girlfriend insisted on coming with him. Half way through the move me and her started cracking jokes about her boyfriend, while carrying some boxes into the garage.

Being as uncoordinated as I am, I tripped and hit her wrist with a crow bar I was carrying in, It ended up breaking a bone in her wrist and I spent all night in emergency with her while her boyfriend finished up moving the boxes - while at the hospital we bonded. To this day I don't know how it works but we are best of friends 5 years later.


I laughed at a guy on a school bus.

He went to a different school than me and was always doing silly things, like burning people with a magnifying glass or climbing into the luggage racks.

I never knew his name but I always kind of liked him. I never said anything because I was so shy. One day he caught me laughing and then came over and talked to me. It turns out he was really nice, very intelligent and just a bit mischievous.

He ended up being my first boyfriend.

That was in 1997, we have long since broken up because he moved to England a year later, but we actually still talk to each other.


I met my best friend on my first day of training in retail. She is boyish and very pretty. She was training me on a register and told me, "Your mom came through my line earlier."

Knowing my mom, I asked about what she said. Apparently, she tried to subtly hook me up with her not realizing she was a girl.

We had a good laugh about it and have been best friends since.


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