People Share What They Are Banned From And How It Happened.

Rules exist so you could break them right? Okay, maybe not... but I won't tell anyone the awful things you've done to get blocked or forbid from any public place or platform - if you don't. As far as I'm concerned "it wasn't you" like Shaggy says. 

The following AskRedditors responded to the question, "What are you banned from and why?"

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In college, I got banned from the Detroit Zoo for trying to bribe Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick into allowing me to swim with the penguins. I started at $200 and would send an email every day praising him for being a great negotiator and holding out for more. After the $500 mark, I got an email back saying I would not be allowed to swim with the penguins, I was banned from the zoo for a year, but I could donate the $500 towards his reelection.


I asked a question on Yahoo! Answers and a guy replied with a 1-800 phone number to call for technical support. I quickly realized it was a tech support scam, googled the number and confirmed it. Then went after every answer of that guy to warn people about the scam. After about 10 messages my account was blocked. I tried to dispute the ban twice, but no luck. Can't believe they sided with the scammer.


The taco bell in my home town because I've mastered the coin drop game they have on the counter. I would literally go every day and get bean burritos for a quarter. People would just start handing me quarters until I got told to leave and finally they took my picture and I was permanently banned.


I'm banned from my local buy and sell group on Facebook because I called a lady out for selling knock off makeup. 


The main casino in Amsterdam. Got in a fight with the casino staff because I mistakenly thought that they had shortchanged me.


My friend got banned from a grocery store because they forgot to pay for one mango.


My local CVS. I thought it was weird how slow the automatic doors opened and wanted to test them out. I took a couple steps backward and sprinted full speed towards the doors (which did not open in time). They were not too happy with that.


About 200 Garry's Mod servers because the kids running the servers can't accept when they're wrong.


The TGI Fridays in Penn Station in NYC. I was with a group of friends waiting for my train at about 11 pm and I decided I wanted to drink more. So I walk in there and ask for a jaeger bomb (my first mistake). They told me they are not allowed to sell jaeger bombs. So I ask for a shot of Jaeger and a pint and they specifically told me not to bomb it. Well, I thought I was being slick and bombed it anyway. The manager came up to me and asked me not to do it again. I agreed. 10 min later I went up to a different bartender and ask for a shot of Jaeger and a pint. No issues. I was about to bomb it and the manager swoops in telling me if I bomb it I am banned. My drunken self does it and I got permanently banned from there. I haven't tried to go back to see if my ban still stands.


I got banned from a lesbian bar for life. I was there with a group of friends celebrating someone's birthday. A bit inebriated when I left, I turned in my ticket to get my jacket. The person in charge handed me the wrong jacket. I was half a block away from the bar when I realized it. I had just turned around to return it when the actual owner of the coat (it was a really nice jacket, black leather with fur trim, obviously expensive) and the manager of the bar accosted me and accused me of stealing the coat. The owner of the coat was quite loud and aggressive in her accusations. 

I explained that I had been mistakenly handed the coat by the coat check person and was coming back to return it. The original owner refused to believe me, calling me a thief and other pejorative names. When I pointed out I could hardly steal a coat that was in their checked coat section, the manager relented somewhat but the original owner wanted the police called. So that's when the manager came up with the idea to ban me from the bar. It wasn't a big deal because I was only at the bar because I was celebrating a friend's birthday. It's not that great of a story but I do like being able to truthfully say that I was banned from a lesbian bar for life. It makes me sound more interesting than I am.



Set off every Tickle Me Elmo in a 2.5 meter by 5 meter display. It was bad, the carnage, the giggling and the entire display toppling to the ground.


When I was 12 I was banned from a writing forum for participating in a revolt to overthrow the then current admins. I tried to argue my way back in because of my youth but was quickly shut down with the whole 'this side is thirteen and over' side of things. I was a politically charged but altogether not so smart child.


I was banned from a forum centered around lawn mower racing for not taking the sport seriously.

I wish I were making that up.

I wasn't even being flippant or trying to be funny. I asked a question about the transaxle I had considered using. (yes, I searched the site first. )

The ban hammer came down a couple hours later.


I'm banned from a small grocery store in rural Kentucky after I tried to snowboard down the parking lot and into the store while drunk. I missed the door, broke a window and tipped over a shelf of items.

This was two years ago. I'm 29.


The L. Ron Hubbard museum. It was years ago. We pulled a stunt pretending to be one set of religious set of people condemning another set. It involved pamphlets and a fake demon possession. It was kind of silly, but when they realized we were probably faking it all they took our pictures and banned us for life. I regret it now, the museum did look like cheesy fun.


I am banned from bouncy castles and trampoline parks. This is because not just once but twice I have managed to severely hurt myself on them. The last time I ended up in the hospital on a spine board. It was my son's birthday and I was 33 at the time.


Ever eating Taco Mayo again. I ate there every day for lunch in college it was the cheapest place to eat on campus, you could get a beef super burrito and potato locos combo for like $3 or $4. I started dating a girl that lived in the dorms (my now wife) and she liked to eat it for dinner so I ended up eating it almost twice a day for a week. Friday rolls around and the dorms are having a movie night in a lounge. Midway through the movie as she is snuggling up to me holding onto my arm in the dark. I realize that I need to fart in a bad way I can't make it out of a packed room without making a scene so I decided to try and sneak it out. 

I released the largest "silent but deadly" fart of my entire life it felt like it lasted 30 seconds. I could track the toxic event "horizon" as it expanded into the room by people's reactions. Within a minute it had permeated the room and people weren't watching the movie anymore they were talking about the toxic smell. It was decided that the room smelt to bad to finish the movie and movie night was canceled. Once back in my wife's dorm room she asked if it was me I admitted to how much Taco Mayo I had eaten in the last week and she banned me from ever eating there again.


I got a DUI at a go-kart place...


Not me, but my brother banned from our local mall and the McDonalds in front of it for life. The mall because his buddy pissed against the mirror and he just stood there laughing about it, and Mc D's for complaining about waiting for their food, threatening to go to Burger King, yelling that the food will be cold anyway and BK is way better, and trying to convince the other guests to follow them to BK.

He still goes to both the mall and the McD's though.


I'm banned from editing Wikipedia pages for 86 years apparently because I put one of Helen Keller's quotes as some gibberish like this: wldkgkansjcas.


Well, my friends and I got Cards Against Humanity banned from our local game store because someone loudly read the card "Three dicks at the same time" while a new customer was standing right next to us scanning the shelves and caused her to immediately leave with a beet red face.



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